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Think you know a way to improve the current meta? Are there skills that you want to add to make the game more dynamic and interesting? Or perhaps there's a hero concept, complete with lore, just floating around in your head. Here's the place for it! Your hero can be as free-form or tightly-knit as you want, just as long as there's a basic gist.

I'm gonna go ahead and post up a hero I thought up in the shower this morning as a template, but keep in mind that not all creations have to be as specific -- or serious.

Hero: Pulsar

Strength: 16 (+ 1.8) Agility: 14 (+ 1.6) Intelligence: 20 (+ 2.1)

AffiliationRadiantAttack Animation0.3 / 0.5
Damage44-48Casting Animation0.2 / 0.85
Armor4.45Base Attack Time1.7
Movespeed310Missile Speed1125
Attack Range550Sight Range1800 / 800

Irradiating Beam

Ability Type: Active / Targeting Type: Point / Ability Hotkey: Q

Fires a beam of irradiating light in front of Pulsar after a 0.5s delay. Any enemy heroes or enemy-controlled units hit within the 1200 range are slowed and have temporarily reduced vision.

LevelManaCooldownCasting RangeArea of EffectDurationEffects
1803012001601.5Slows by 50% and reduces vision range to 300. Removes shared team vision.
2952612001602Slows by 50% and reduces vision range to 300. Removes shared team vision.
31102212001602.5Slows by 50% and reduces vision range to 300. Removes shared team vision.
41251812001603Slows by 50% and reduces vision range to 300. Removes shared team vision.


Ability Type: Active / Targeting Type: Enemy unit / Ability Hotkey: W

Places a debuff on an enemy unit that causes it to receive a percentage of the damage done to all units around it.

LevelManaCooldownCasting RangeEffect RadiusDurationEffects
1120208008006Target unit receives 5% of all damage dealt to all units within a certain radius
2120208008006Target unit receives 6% of all damage dealt to all units within a certain radius
3120208008006Target unit receives 7% of all damage dealt to all units within a certain radius
4120208008006Target unit receives 8% of all damage dealt to all units within a certain radius


Ability Type: Active / Targeting Type: Allied unit or tower / Ability Hotkey: E

Provides a buff to damage, attack speed, and armor for an allied unit or tower, while also increasing Pulsar's armor. This skill must be channeled.

LevelManaCooldownCasting RangeBreak RangeDurationEffects
1604040012006Increases damage by 10, attack speed by 20, and armor by 5 for the target unit or tower. Increases Pulsar's armor by 8 while channeling.
2704050012008Increases damage by 20, attack speed by 30, and armor by 10 for the target unit or tower. Increases Pulsar's armor by 12 while channeling.
38040600120010Increases damage by 30, attack speed by 40, and armor by 15 for the target unit or tower. Increases Pulsar's armor by 14 while channeling.
49040700120012Increases damage by 40, attack speed by 50, and armor by 20 for the target unit or tower. Increases Pulsar's armor by 16 while channeling.

Repulsion Field

Ability Type: Active / Targeting Type: Point / Ability Hotkey: R

Creates an area of magnetic influence which slowly pushes enemy units away from the center. If an enemy unit crosses the edge of the repulsion field, they are slowed, silenced, and disarmed temporarily. This effect can only be triggered once per unit.

LevelManaCooldownCasting RangeArea of EffectDurationPush MagnitudeEffects
12001008005003150 units/secBreaching units are slowed by 60%, silenced, and disarmed for 3 seconds.
22501008005004175 units/secBreaching units are slowed by 80%, silenced, and disarmed for 3 seconds.
33001008005005200 units/secBreaching units are slowed by 100%, silenced, and disarmed for 3 seconds.


Pulsar is a hero designed primarily to counter "Death-Ball" push strategies. He has little to no damage output on his own, but focuses instead on disrupting coordinated positioning. His Irradiating Beam can be used to discourage enemies from pushing or diving towers via lack of vision. Magnetize can be used to coax a key hero/unit away from a team-fight temporarily. Towers actively being pushed can be buffed with Supercharge to buy more time for reinforcements; this can also be used to punish early tower dives and reckless play. Repulsion Field acts to counter strategies that revolve around concentrated pushes, and can also be used to zone enemies out when pushing.

In terms of laning, Pulsar can be played as a defensive support hero. Irradiating Beam can thwart coordinated kill attempts, and the armor given by Supercharge is substantial. A combination of his three main skills can be used to heavily dissuade tower diving. Ultimately, he's a hero that can be picked to assuage the aggression of the current roaming and pushing meta.

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I've often thought it would be cool to get a hero based around the vision mechanic. Have him be like a giant eye, or a beholder or something. Have one of his skills just be wards basically, but they last half as long as store boughts. And maybe he could tele to them, with anther skill. It seems a waste to just have nightstalker be the only guy that really takes advantage of the daynight cycle. So maybe give him a nightvision skill as well.

As you can see I've clearly put as much thought into this as Crispy has... so I look forward to seeing Eyeball McEyeballstien in TI4.

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This is all so you can shout REPULSIIIIIOOOONNNNNNN isn't it?

I like the thread idea though @crispy.

EDIT: Having played Phoenix recently I feel like there should be more experimenting with the movement of heroes. Not blink or force-staff style movement but maybe more things like IO's tether and Phoenix's dive. Maybe I'll think about it more and come up with a hero.

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@moondogg: Eyeball McEyeballstien sounds a little too powerful for my tastes... I'd be too freaked out by a giant eyeball to play properly.


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Agi hero. Melee. High overall stat gain. Weaker on the INT side.

LEGS: Leveling the legs will give you passive movement speed and allow you to do a moderately ranged rocket jump, stunning and doing damage on impact. Can target ground and will jump over cliffs or trees.

LEFT ARM: Leveling the left arm will allow you access to the flamethrower. It burns things at a short range for heavy damage, slow and minus armor. Can be kept going as long as you have mana.. Short cooldown when you turn it off. Running out of mana midflame will stun yourself.

RIGHT ARM: Power Sword. Your auto attacks steals from the enemy mana reserves, adding to your own. Activating it gives you a temporary attack speed increase.

FACE "Ultimate": Mind Control. You choose a target to create a mental link with. He will for a brief few seconds tank 80% of the damage directed at you while also being temporarily immobile and otherwise untargetable. Can be used on both allies and enemies. If the target dies, the mind link breaks. You can not attack the one you link with directly. Longish cast animation.

Just a strong carry/semi carry with some good damage potential and an important teamfight ultimate. I think the stats and spell values could potentially be pretty high since he has some obvious weaknesess, including BKB reliance, kitable and mana starvation. I want him to be more of a midgame carry along the lines CK rather than a farm dependant one. The BKB timing and early game should be one of fear for the enemy. While late game might be more of a struggle for poor mech man.

Sidenote: Also damn crisp, supercharge looks broken as fuck. Maybe make it slowly increasing like dazzle ult or take some damage off it. 20 armor is no joke.

And if I learned anything from league, it's to not fuck with vision range. Irradiating beam would have to be ult tier cooldown or smaller aoe/range to not be hilarious overpowered. You don't know how much damage it does to remove team vision until nocturne is coming for you. XD

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@tobbrobb: Supercharge is definitely pretty powerful, the reason being that Pulsar doesn't really contribute any damage on his own. 20 armor is pretty redonkydonk, but keep in mind that Dazzle's ult goes up to 30 armor (and lasts 24 seconds), and Sven's Warcry is 16 aoe armor. As for the vision stuff, reducing the aoe might be the prudent thing to do. It's certainly strong, but again, it does no damage.

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@kidavenger: The prospect of having a skill named "angry" thrills me to no end. Also, great drawing.

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Robot Gun Lord

I don't know if DOTA has any cyborg type characters but I think this guy would be cool. He uses guns which you may think don't fit with DOTA but it would just be like ranged attacks.

Hero: Robot Gun Lord

Strength: 20 (+ 1.7) Agility: 6 (+ 1.0) Intelligence: 35 (+ 3.2)

AffiliationKilla Mega BotsAttack Animation0.4 / 0.5
Damage44-80Casting Animation0.3 / 0.85
Armor6.93Base Attack Time2.0
Movespeed235Missile Speed1450
Attack Range300Sight Range1689 / 600

Gun Blast

Ability Type: Active / Targeting Type: Aim / Ability Hotkey: LMB

Robot Gun Lord fires his gun at an enemy with a shiny orange effect. The projectile does damage but is a close quarters ranged attack. Mana has been replaced with an Ammo bar.

LevelAmmoCooldownFiring RangeArea of EffectDurationEffects
11540002Damages enemy player if they get hit by the bullet.
21640003Damages enemy player if they get hit by the bullet.
31740004Damages enemy player if they get hit by the bullet.
41840004.5Damages enemy player if they get hit by the bullet.

Aim Focus

Ability Type: Active / Targeting Type: Manual / Ability Hotkey: RMB

Holding the hotkey allows Robot Gun Lord to go into a unique aiming mode in which the view is changed to first person and aiming can be achieved by moving the mouse around to look at the surroundings.

LevelAmmoCooldownCasting RangeDurationEffects
100anyRMB hold timeAim at enemies with a gun
200anyRMB hold timeAim at enemies with a gun
300anyRMB hold timeAim at enemies with a gun
400anyRMB hold timeAim at enemies with a gun

Active Reload

Ability Type: Passive / Targeting Type: n/a / Ability Hotkey: R

Allows ammo to be replenished more quickly by timing a button press at the correct time that an icon moves across the ammo bar.

LevelManaCooldownCasting RangeBreak RangeDurationEffects
1604040012006Destroy all DOTAs beep boop
2704050012008Destroy all DOTAs beep boop
38040600120010Destroy all DOTAs beep boop
49040700120012Destroy all DOTAs beep boop


Robot Gun Lord is a character designed for aggressive play. He has fairly simple abilities, but combined with a competent team, RGL (Robot Gun Lord) can output a high amount of damage at range. His Aim Focus ability adds a new mechanic to the game and allows for different play styles according to the users preference. Players can either hide in the jungle and gank enemies, or prevent people from feeding by going into the field and destroying creeps. His guns damages enemies.

Concept Art

In game

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I think it would be interesting to see them do a hero with an alternate resource, like energy or fury from League. You can see a little of that with phoenix's use of health as well as mana.

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@49th: Target acquired. Target designated as DOTA. Target ELIMINATED. BEEP BOOP.

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You must take really long showers.

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Hero name... Woodguy I don't know... someone else think of one. Intelligence melee hero.

1st skill. AOE, Sucks surrounding trees to his position silencing, and slightly damaging enemies hit. trees collect around Woodguy for a short period of time, slowing his move speed but adding to his armour

2nd skill. Collected trees can be expelled with great force AOE, damaging all enemies surrounding Woodguy

3rd skill. collected trees can be thrown one at a time at an enemy. Dealing damage and with a chance to stun

Ultimate. 'Image swap', or 'Guise steal', or something. But he takes the shape of a neutral creep or a tree, killing that creature or tree and then taking its position on the map. You get bonus exp for the kill if its a creep, or life regen if its a tree. But then you wait until a enemy hero comes a long and then boosh, its not a tree! Unleash any selection of skill one two or three you like.

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Hero Name: Alvona the Holy Magister

Strength: 18* (+ 3.2) Agility: 16 (+1.2) Intelligence: 21 (+ 1.6)

AffiliationRadiantAttack AnimationSomething
Damage48-52Casting AnimationNo Idea
Armor3.5Base Attack Time1.8
Movespeed300Missile SpeedMelee
Attack RangeMeleeSight Range1800 / 800

Faith's Path

Ability Type: Toggle / Targeting Type: None / Ability Hotkey: Q

Allows the Holy Magister to toggle between the Protector and Destroyer paths. While following the Destoryer's Path, Alvona gains bonus damage, attack speed and movement speed but also loses base health and armor. Faith's Path also changes most of Alvona's abilities.

LevelBonus DamageBonus Movement SpeedBase Attack TimeBase Health ReductionBase Armor Reduction

Lay on Hands (Protector Path)

Ability Type: Active / Targeting Type: Allies / Ability Hotkey: W

Heals a friendly unit based on half Alvona's base Srrength and the target's base Intelligence.

LevelHealing DoneCooldownMana Cost
11 x 1/2 (base Strength + base Intelligence)20200
22 x 1/2 (base Strength + base Intelligence)18200
33 x 1/2 (base Strength + base Intelligence)16200
44 x 1/2 (base Strength + base Intelligence)14200

Righteous Vengeance (Destroyer Path)

Ability Type: Active / Targeting Type: Enemies / Ability Hotkey: W

Damages an enemy unit based on half Alvona's base Intelligence and the target's base Strength.

LevelDamage DoneCooldownMana Cost
11 x 1/2 (base Intelligence + base Strength)2575
22 x 1/2 (base Intelligence + base Strength)25100
33 x 1/2 (base Intelligence + base Strength)25125
44 x 1/2 (base Intelligence + base Strength)25150

Spiritual Aura (Protector Path)

Ability Type: Aura / Targeting Type: Allies / Ability Hotkey: E

Increases base physical damage resistance of nearby allied heroes and can be activated to effect allied creeps. This aura does not affect yourself.

LevelRangeBonus ArmorActive DurationActive Cooldown

Blessed Mace (Destroyer Path)

Ability Type: Passive / Targeting Type: Enemies / Ability Hotkey: E

Alvona's mace has a chance to deal bonus pure damage, cleave all nearby enemy units and lifesteals. The cleave and lifesteal only triggers when the pure damage does.

If this passive triggers it'll do half damage as physical and the other as pure, ie you'll damage the main target enemy with 100 physical and 100 pure.

LevelBonus Pure Damage ChanceCleave RadiusCleave DamageLifesteal Percentage

Embodiment of the Gods

Ability Type: No Target / Targeting Type: Self / Ability Hotkey: R

Become the living embodiment of the Gods and use this power to protect your allies and destroy your foes. Heals all nearby friendly units over the duration of the ability while damaging enemies and healing you for a percentage of the heal. While this ability is active you are completely immobile and take 33% less damage from all sources.

LevelRangeDurationHealing to AlliesHealing Percentage to SelfDamage Percentage to EnemiesAghanim's RangeAghanim's Invincibility DurationCooldownMana Cost
1800670 HP Per Second (420 Total)60% (252 Total)80% (336 Total)Global.5250300
2800870 HP Per Second (560 Total)60% (336 Total)80% (448 Total)Global1200325
38001070 HP Per Second (700 Total)60% (420 Total)80% (560 Total)Global1.5150350

By no means did I design a balanced hero, but I wanted to make an interesting one. Tell me what you all think! EDIT: I've edited my original numbers to be more reasonable.

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@thebeastwithtwobacks: Honestly, I was mostly thinking of strong drafts in the current meta, and how to break them. Then, I started thinking about a hero designed for that specific purpose; Repulsion Field and Supercharge were the first skills to come to mind. I fleshed the rest of it out as I was creating this topic.

@moondogg: I like the idea of utilizing the environment more, especially seeing as how tree deformation can significantly impact gameflow (more vision, less obstruction). The problem is that, like Timbersaw, "Woodguy" would be much less effective in a treeless area -- and unlike Timbersaw, he doesn't have much utility or damage without them. He could carry some around, I suppose, but you proposed he moves slower with them, so it'd be tedious to have your mobility constantly hampered. The trees-as-ammunition could also be interesting; it gives him resource management, but also serves as tactical information for the opponent (assuming they can see the trees surrounding you), which is good. I would get rid of the chance to stun, though. The ult is pretty similar to Infest, conceptually, but feels way more passive. I don't think it would be fun to be disguised as something for very long -- and it's very inefficient, in terms of farm.

@smashecontrollers: As you said, the hero does seem very overpowered, but the toggleable nature of the concept could be fun -- there are similar heroes in HoN. The heal/nuke is unbelievably strong. o__o Assuming a base stat average around 50 (which isn't uncommon by level 11), that's 1000 damage on a 12 sec cd for 100 mana -- it's basically a one-shot. ;p The Blessed Mace, on the other hand, seems a bit underwhelming; 10% is a very low chance. Also, a global 595 heal that also damages enemies is pretty obscene. I'm a little intrigued by the concept of a flat physical damage reduction percent, though, seeing as how that can't be removed, unlike armor.

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Ok here goes.


Every spell has a 25 second global stun on it.

Every spell also has a global teleport.

Every spell is a 100% execute.

I made every DOTA champ I am great.

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@crispy: Yeah I added the slow because it would have to be balanced somehow you'd think. Without numbers I'm talking a huge armour buff... like, really huge. And the ult is me wanting a spy from tf2 type ability. Even though it would be super easy to see through. Could work in pubs though... :D

Maybe change the ulti to free pathing through trees with a heft amount of regen for a period of time. Nope better idea. see below.

Lets have another crack at him. He's now some sort of giant turtle quadruped creature called 'Forest Leviathan'. Although woodguy does have some serious zing to it.

1st skill. Collect trees. hero dashes forward collecting enemy heros and trees in path, silencing enemies hit and knocks them too the side. Trees are stored on heros back. 2 trees at level one, 3, at level 2. 4, at three. 5, at four. Silence lasts 1,2,2,3 seconds.

2nd skill. Collected trees can be launched at enemies stunning and dealing damage.

3rd skill, Passive. whilst carrying trees 'Forest Leviathan' moves quicker (either that or it gives an armour buff), and has a chance to automatically replenish his tree supply as he fires trees. Auto tree supply replenishment by level, 1,1,2,3. (maybe the more trees he has the more armour he gets. Or as he fires trees he gets a short speed boost... or each tree turns into a dog that can fire bees from its mouth)

Ultimate. Forest leviathan is one with the trees, upon activating it he can move unencumbered through trees automatically collecting trees and vastly reducing the cooldown and increasing the effectivness of his other skills.

Yep op, I like it.

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Holy shit, Crispy is IceFrog!

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This thread is preeeetty dumb so far. I like it.

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What have I stumbled in to here? There's a serious amount of number slinging going on in this thread.

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I feel like this is some dirty Dota2 fan fiction goin on here.

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@crispy: Interesting idea. Is it a Int hero, btw, can't seem to find that anywhere? As a support Pulsar seems to be a bit situational though. And pretty weak early on. What skill is best at lvl 1? The Beam is great in later team fights, Magnetize doesn't do much with early game damage. Supercharge give +10 damage at a 40 sec cooldown at lvl 1.

Please explain how to build and play this hero to do anything early on.

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@crispy: I've change up the numbers a bit and tried to make the text a bit more understandable.

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@christoffer: Yup, it's Int. I italicized the "Intelligence", but I guess it didn't stand out enough. Pulsar is definitely more suited for going against push lineups and aggressive trilanes, so he is very situational. As for early weakness, I agree, although that was mostly intentional. He's very strong as a defensive support to discourage diving; I didn't want to also give him many early aggressive options. He has decent base armor and range, as well as a strong projectile speed, so he lanes decently as a harasser. As for skill build, the most common skill build would probably be a level 1 Irradiating Beam, followed by a Supercharge rush, seeing as how it gives the most bang-for-buck when leveling.

Here's a situation with the assumption that you're level 3 or so:

- Mid lane comes out of woods to gank your carry; decides to dive tower along with other people in lane

- You Irradiating Beam the ganker and perhaps one of his teammates

- They have to make a choice here: do they stumble around, slowed, for 1.5 seconds, or do they call off the gank immediately?

- If they continue with the dive, you can either Supercharge your carry to give him some more survivability while your other support tries to fend off the aggressors, or you Supercharge your tower, in hopes that it'll rip them to shreds during the dive.

Again, he's very strong as a defensive support, so I didn't want to also give him damage output options.

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