Daily dota

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Anyone else miss it? =(

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It will be back when Brad feels up to it

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I miss it :-( and I miss Rorie's Dark Souls play-through too :-(.

I'm confident these will come back in time but it sucks for now! I can't blame them though, I wouldn't be running those things now if I were them.

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@theodacourt: Rorie's streaming / recording a Dark souls play through?

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I miss it a bunch too.

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I enjoyed it, but it kind of ran it's course. Though yes I assume the hiatus has more to do with Ryan passing away. They did make that new graphic for it.

#10 Posted by Christoffer (1954 posts) -

It'll come back. No worries. Give it some time

#11 Posted by Vuud (2035 posts) -

'Will he ever go back to Starcraft?' is my quesiton.

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Well, Crispy still does his "Dota Daily" streams as well if you guys want some DOTA 2 goodness.


Recently he's been doing a Civ V stream though.

#13 Posted by Finalcell (28 posts) -

Seen Brad and Crispy play a lot of dota recently, so atleast they are back playing. Just hope they do some streaming soon!

#14 Posted by chiablo (1009 posts) -

@freshbandito: Yep! He doesn't record every time he plays and he was already a bit of a way through before starting.


Just go to previous broadcasts and you can see what he's done up to now!

Now that he's part of GiantBomb, I wonder if they'd ever post this as site content.

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i miss it

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Hmm, I dunno. Some daily content could be nice but I'm not so sure about the Dota. I'd be more interested in seeing Brad jump back into DMC to be honest.

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@chiablo: He started doing it after he came to the site. So I'm not sure why it's not up. Maybe it never will be? :c

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I don't think you can build much daily content on a game like DMC though. The nice thing about Dota 2 is the combination of match ups is pretty very high and outcomes are chaotic.

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@extomar said:

I don't think you can build much daily content on a game like DMC though. The nice thing about Dota 2 is the combination of match ups is pretty very high and outcomes are chaotic.

Not to mention Brad playing DMC doesn't have Crispy in it =D

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@freakin9: that splash image was made by a fan.

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@brad Is Daily Dota Dead? I miss

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Brad quit dota.

#23 Posted by Do_The_Manta_Ray (769 posts) -

I've spoken to Crispy on the subject matter, and Daily(Weekly) DOTA will resume once Brad gets back from his current vacation, which I believe is to be next week. That said, Imma' go ahead and claim that as a weekly show, it's been better than it ever was as a Daily, what with the big names appearing in the mix, as well as the recent tournament grudge match we held.

#24 Posted by Aviar (458 posts) -

I'd be happy if it came back as a regular weekly show with some of the regular players and maybe one "guest" player. I think trying to do a daily show like this for an extended period of time is just a bit much for the guys.

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Truth: brad got broken. We ...win?

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