Does anyone else find this game boring?

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Are there going to be any new maps or an SDK or something? Played 8 games so far and I'm bored of this map already. Like Come on only one map? If this was an FPS people would be complaining and wanting more maps! This is the first game of this type that I've played and I'm only playing cause it's from Valve, however so far I'm not impressed.

There is this stupid over long tutorial that you HAVE to do, I tried getting my friends into playing, we just wanted to group up and have a match. However no do the tutorial first......... who the fuck does these? Instead all that happened is my friends said fuck this and uninstalled because they don't have the time to waste on that shit and we just all played Dayz instead. When I finally passed the tutorial (a day later and on my own) it was like you have to play with bots now.......... NO THANX.. again we have online play and suddenly we've reverted to bots? Yeah maybe if I was in the 90s and didn't have the net, I'd play with bots like I did with Quake.

Played 8 games now, won them all, players are kindly teaching me the mechanics by shouting and calling me a noob.... like yeah this is the noob bracket right? Oh look I have the most kills at the end, you're all worse than me. What is hard about this game? There are like two skills you can use, all I do is purchase some stealth item I found and sneak behind the enemy and kill them over and over. For some reason everyone is sticking to the 3 paths... like you know you can just sneak behind them right?

Anyways bored of it, needs more maps and gameplay modes, right now it's like a newly released mod, not like a AAA developer made it, lacking so much content.

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Wow what a terrible troll thread.

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You sound too smart and too awesome for this game since you have clearly mastered it with only 8 games.

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0/10 try harder next time

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For instance you should have included something like "I beat the boss a few minutes in! I don't see why anyone thinks this game is hard."

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No, everybody else in the entire world loves this game.

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Oh its the typical "LOLZ THIS GAME BORING" Thread. its like when people complain about demon or dark souls "LOLZ THIS GAME BROKEN" /sigh

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Seems like you beat the game.

Probably should never play again. then.

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Man, this guy gets to play DOTA 2 and bitch like a..... whiny bitch. Meanwhile being stupid enough to own a mac I'm stuck with a client which is presently buggy as shit and am patiently waiting for the superb game I got FOR FREE to become truly playable. Surely the free-ness of DOTA and it's as yet perm-Beta state negate most complaining?

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Honestly I don't often reply to troll threads, but this one was just so lacking in effort. Come on duder, if you're gonna do it you can't half-ass it.

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Nope, most exciting thing in years.

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Dawger, i n33d u 2 t34ch m3 ur sk1llZ. u r cl34rly teh D0T4 m45t3r!!! lik3 1'v3 b33n pl4y1n 4 2 w33kz n0w nd n0t az gewd az u. u r0x0r nd r teh 1337 h4x0r!!!

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Yes, please never play the game again. You've basically proved your dominance.

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If you are bitching about a new map you didn't get the game. Try again.

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No you are the only one in the world. Congratulations!!!!!

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No just you. That said, DOTA and all other MOBA games seems dumb and boring to me from the get go regardless of how many maps/characters there are so yeah. If you don't like it, don't play it. That simple.

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Yes, the 3,000 hours I spent on the game was the most boring time in my life.

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You have mastered the game. Teach me, scaramoosh-sensei.

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Football must be boring then because there's only one field?

The singular map is part of the game. Dota is as close to an actual sport as games can get IMO.

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Watch out Dendi, cuz this guy, this guy right here!...

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Well, I don't know if you're trolling so I'm going to respond like you're legit.

No. I think this game is a lot of fun.

There's only one map... but I don't know why that is. I was thinking it would be cool if they let you reskin the map, it doesn't necessarily have to be different as the game requires a specific layout so just changing would be super complicated and maybe impossible (I'm not sure).

They make you play the tutorial because the game is more complicated then it looks. Just because you kill the enemy a lot doesn't mean you're playing right. Staying in your lane early is super important and something a lot of new players don't understand (i'm not being mean, it's just how it is). I don't think the tutorial goes deep enough myself. It doesn't teach you denies (I figured it out on my own), map control, or any advanced tactics (which I guess you can just figure out). So, ya, the tutorial could be better but it's fine for what it's intended for.

Playing against bots first is important. For one it doesn't count against your stats (for anyone that cares about that), but also playing against bots is a good way to practice because bots are pretty predictable. They don't tend to back off when a human player would, just for example. I'm new myself and I played a ton of bot matches so I could get a feel for the game (or at least the basics).

I have played a lot and not had to many rude players. There have been a few (one guy was complaining the whole time but wasnt even playing he was just standing in the jungle not doing anything- it was weird) but more often I have found it more common for people to just quit which ruins the game. Even when playing with peeps from the giantbomb chat this still happens from time to time although its less likely.

The last part is nonsense. You cant just keep sneaking behind people or stealthing. For one you'd never have any money, and for two you'd never kill anyone this way. They don't die or stop just because you snuck up behind them. If anything was saying you're trolling it's the second to last bit about the stealth which is just nonsense haha

I probably wasted my time writing this, but whatever. The game is fun but every one has different tastes.

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Try again, and say it like you mean it this time.

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