Dota 2 Client leaked and datamined - Half-Life Ep 3 and more!

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The update to the following article hints that we should be careful about the Ep3 info for a moment, but the Dota 2 part of the leak is certainly real!

Spell icons:

Speech files:

Character backstories:

Caption... strings...?

Game models:


Lastly, here is the supposed HL2E3 leak:

"/src/game/server/ep3/weapon_icegun.cpp /src/game/server/ep3/weaponizer_concrete.cpp /src/game/server/ep3/weaponizer_liquid.cpp /src/game/server/ep3/weaponizer_metal.cpp /src/game/server/ep3/weapon_flamethrower.cpp" If it is real we could see an ice gun, flame thrower, and a... weaponizer in Episode 3. The big news here seems to be evidence of Dota 2's hats and Ep3 info. Shitty wizards...
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Shitty Wizards...leaking everything.

#3 Posted by TheHT (11389 posts) -

Ohhh man, that sucks. Well, sort of. Nowhere near as sucky as the HL2 leak.
Weaponizing liquid/concrete/metal sounds pretty cool though.

#4 Posted by k4el (120 posts) -

In before the ARG is discovered.

#5 Posted by agemyth (92 posts) -

Shitty wizards

#6 Posted by Tebbit (4465 posts) -

Oh leaks... Valve loves their cataclysmic leaks.

#7 Posted by Shookems (474 posts) -

At this point any scrap of episode 3 information is a godsend.

#8 Posted by BoG (5191 posts) -

Now, I'm not a DotA player, but... them icons be UGLY.
#9 Posted by cstrang (2381 posts) -

Guys, guys. Come on now, we all know Episode 3 is vaporware.

#10 Posted by Animasta (14698 posts) -

honestly the most surprising thing THE VALVE HEAD MOVED.

#11 Posted by PufferFiz (1379 posts) -

I hate hats FUCK

#12 Posted by BabyChooChoo (4542 posts) -

As much as I would like to believe Episode 3 exists, I would not be surprised if this was Valve's way of trolling everyone because they knew someone would find it.

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@Laketown said:

honestly the most surprising thing THE VALVE HEAD MOVED.

When I saw that it pretty much guaranteed me getting no sleep tonight.

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@k4el said:

In before the ARG is discovered.

I could go for another Valve ARG.

#15 Posted by Doctorchimp (4076 posts) -

Valve is laughing. This is exactly what they want.

Goddamn them I can't resist.

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Episode 3 is actually just a collection of TF2 hats.

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Oh wow some of those placeholder icons are hilarious :3

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@isnipeyoudie said:

@k4el said:

In before the ARG is discovered.

I could go for another Valve ARG.

Willing to bet you just got one.

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Those are just leftover parts form the canceled Episode 3, they just didn't know where to put it to they swept them under DOTA 2.

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I bet Gaben hand picked what to put in that totally innocent folder called ''ep3''

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#22 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5145 posts) -

When will people realize that Half Life 2 Episode 3 is not a real game.

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After Portal 2, that absolutely sounds like some HL3 shit right there. Makes me think they looked at Bioshock a little bit as well. Changing the matter state or composition of surfaces? Yes please!
"You got your plasmids in my zero point energy manipulator!"

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