Dota 2 Community Spotlight

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So there are a lot of things going on right now with Dota 2 and our little community of Dota 2 bombers is growing rapidly so here are some of the exciting things that going on.

First of all if you still somehow still haven't got invited to Dota 2 head over to this thread where we share the tens of thousands invites Gabe keeps sending us.

For the past month we played some inhouse games every week and you are welcomed to join us, just join the Dota 2 Giant Bomb group, and the in-game chat room named Giantbomb.

This week we also got two of our games casted one by and the other by and friends.

You can either watch them on Twitch or through the game client (with in-game commentary!) by using the game ID on the watch section.

Game 1 (ID: 109185106)

Game 2 (ID: 109247817)

Game 3 (there are some audio problems but it's over after a few minutes) (ID: 109294265)

Also the Dota2 GB house league is just about to start, keep up with all the games with the with the event list.

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Hahaha, oh man it's embarrassing watching myself again. I think it's worth mentioning that in the last game we were all playing random draw, and in the case of Hungry he was using some kind of random item build generator. This led to an... Interesting game, but a blast nonetheless with some of us playing new heroes. The guys on the stream weren't in our mumble channel so they seemed a little confused. :)

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This was great fun

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Thanks for casting these games everyone, they're fun to watch.

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fresh start, sounds cool.

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