Dota 2 has white lines everywhere when starting up?

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I finished downloading/installing Dota 2 recently. When I go to run the game, the resolution first changes to 1080x720, then there is white grid lines everywhere. The grid lines themselves go above the mouse cursor and when I went to take a screen shot of this, the picture had no grid lines on it.

I attempted changing the resolution within the game but I'm unable to read a thing, so I wasn't able to reach the settings.

Any help to solve this issue is appreciated!

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Try updating your the driver of your GPU.

Anyway this is how the options should look

The options button is the cog at the top left of the screen.

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@mr_skeleton: Thanks! I didn't "remove" the lines, but I was able to navigate to the settings and change it to 1920x1080. Which got rid of the lines.

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something like a phenomenon

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