Dota 2 issues

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Hey guys, so I got an invite to Dota 2 but I can't play it it just keeps telling me that I can only spectate matches and that I'll have to buy the game on steam in order to play it? Anybody know what this is about?

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How did you get the invite? Did someone gift it to you? If so did you activate it? Or is it still in your Steam gifts?

You may also have to reinstall since if you had the game installed prior to getting a key, it would be a spectator-only version of the game.

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I think you downloaded the spectator client.

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The client is available for anyone to download but without the key you only have access to the spectator/match viewer.

First off make sure it isn't a scam. Do not reply to any message or email saying "We need your Steam account details". If you really got an invite, you will receive a notice by the email in your account on Steam where the key is already delivered to you through Steam found in the Steam client. Don't do anything that is outside of Steam.

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@cheishxc: Make sure you have the invite in your Steam Inventory - and then add to your account from there

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It was gifted to me through steam, I had some problems activating it steam kept getting stuck on a window that said it's updating licenses. But, it's not in my gifts anymore and when I go to the Dota 2 steam page it says I own the game. I'll try deleting, and reinstalling it. Thanks for all the help guys.

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