Dota 2 new players thread!

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@deathtrap: Play real matches, man! Bots are terribad and aren't good for anything other than last-hitting practice. Dota is most fun when played against other people.

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@deathtrap: Play real matches, man! Bots are terribad and aren't good for anything other than last-hitting practice. Dota is most fun when played against other people.

Well, I do want to eventually play against humans. But I really don't know what I'm doing and more last hit practice might help as well. Playing against humans is a bit intimidating - I don't want to ruin the fun of others because I don't know what hero to pick, what gear to buy, etc. I've basically just been picking characters that look cool and can do support (which I enjoy) - like Abaddon.

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@deathtrap: That's easy to fix. Just hop in the Giantbomb channel and play some games with/against some duders. The best way to learn the ins and outs of the game is to actually experience it. A lot of new players are too timid about playing with/against other people because of the negative rep the community gets, which I find to be super exaggerated. Just dive in and go. The matchmaking service is decently smart about pairing you against people with similar experience.

I would almost recommend against playing bot games for new players. It can lead to picking up really unhealthy habits that actually hurt your map awareness and risk assessment abilities due to how predictable and scripted bot behaviour is (never ganking during the laning phase, 5-manning down mid, bad at defending split pushes, never being able to gank a farming carry because bots have maphack, fail warding, etc.,).

If you want to practice hero mechanics and last hitting, by all means play some bot games. But the sooner you start playing real games against people, the quicker you're going to learn the metagame and perform. Don't worry about "ruining" the experience of others. If it's random matchmaking, they have no right to complain about that, especially at your level. Report the douchenozzles when you come across them.

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New to Dota 2 but used to play LoL alot about a year ago. Looking for some duders to game with.

Steam ID: thevamp25

hit me up if you see im online.

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Managed to play a couple bot matches now - starting to get a much better understanding of the mechanics. I've learned that, although I really like Rubick, I shouldn't play him because I can't use his ult effectively (since I have no idea what others' abilities do). And that Abaddon is pretty fun to play as support.

EDIT: My Steam ID is DeathTrap82, for those that want to watch me flail around.

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Saw this thread and thought I might as well throw my hat in for helping anyone who needs it. Send me a DM and ill try to make sure we can play some rounds.

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I would love to get into this game but it seems like so much to take in with not knowing anything about it.

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@shhadoww: if you need a coach let me know, if not the 'Welcome to Dota 2, you suck.' guide by purge is great. It's mostly comprehensive and helps you learn a ton.

Also humbles ya, which is always good.

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@shhadoww said:

I would love to get into this game but it seems like so much to take in with not noting anything about it.

If you end up wanting to try and get into it, I'd be happy to help you out in-game (= Feel free to add me on Steam.

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I'm still fairly newish at about 50 games and would always be happy to play with other newbies. Steam name is my username and I am in oceanic time zone.

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Just now making the transition from LoL to Dota 2. Feel free to add me on steam! I'm not a complete beginner with mobas, though I've never played dota specifically.

Add me at


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add me at f00lkiller

I'm completely new to this. never played before.

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Hey, I've been trying to get into it for a while now (I have about 6 hours logged, but it's intermittent and I'm just full-on inexperienced with damn near everyone) and just can't seem to crack it, this seems like the perfect place to help me get good and see what this whole thing's about... SteamID is there.

I'd love to have a coach or something that could really get me into it... It took me a while to get into Team Fortress 2, but when I did I loved it, I bet this would be much the same thing. Except, you know. Not shooty-shooty.

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I'm jumping on the DOTA grenade too. 1 hr logged. Message me if you want another noob to play with.


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Again, if anyone is looking for a coach let me know. I usually only play with a 5 stack, so when I don't have 4 others available I'm coaching.

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I just started playing again recently and remembered that I suck. Anyone in UK or Europe wanna get together and make lots of Dota love? Steam name is BM Panda

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Ok, I'm ready to ruin my life. Teach me, duders. Teach me the ways of the Dotas! Hopping in the Giant Bomb channel now. Go easy, I'm super new to all this.

Edit: Oh, steam name is Dourin

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Just wanted to spread the news I saw today. Valve is going to be running a separate stream during the International for people who are new to Dota. They'll be casting the matches while explaining just exactly what in the world is going on. Half the fun is trying to figure out just what a BKB is and why you'd want it, but its a really neat idea. Might help us all get a little more into the action.

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Just getting into the Dota now, very tentatively! Going to watch as many matches as possible listening to the noob stream and hope to learn as much as I can as well. Looking for chill people to play with because I'm most likely terribad! Steam name is gnu_stylo

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Hey guys. I feel like I posted in this thread a year ago, but with minimal free time these days my commitment to learn Dota fell off hard.

With TI4 upon us, my excitement is back at peak level so it'd be fun to play with some other novices and share some TI4 hype.

I'm in Australia, so the latency and time zone aren't ideal for most of you. But anyway, I'm Gutterkisser on Steam.

Is there a thread dedicated to TI4 discussion/hype that I missed?

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lol ive still only played like 1 match of dotes in all this time

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lol ive still only played like 1 match of dotes in all this time

What time are you on normally? I'd like to find some actually new players to play with. When I tried playing it was all 600-1000 win duders dealing with me or screaming at me.

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Dipping my toes into Dota again. I've dabbled before but never really gone all-in. The International has me excited -- I'd love the chance to learn the game alongside some other new players.

Steam name is CitizenArcane and I'll usually be on in the evenings EST. Add me and let's give this a shot!

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Trying to really get in for doto since TI started.

My steam:

I'm east-cost based, work a 9-5 job, but otherwise down to game. Add me!

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I was planning to get back in to it as well, it's been a while since I last played.

Feel free to add me if you're in for some games. My Steam id is Ravelle.

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I have been trying to find some new players to play. I just recently got into dota and kinda want to have some friends playing rather than just random pug matches. So if you are new, feel free to add me!

My steam id is NekoKyoro

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I'm gonna start playing soon. I'll be terrible but I'm fun at least.

Steam id is kenny_mccormick

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@darkstalker: I will add you then if you are going to start playing soon. And we could just do bots if this is your first time playing~

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Just wanted to shout out to the GiantBomb in-game chat channel, which has made my noob life so much easier. Just jump into the channel and see if anyone is up for MM with a newbie. Queueing up with duders, I feel a lot more comfortable communicating, asking for help and advice, and when I'm fucking up I know I won't get raged at by some 14 year old. It's made this all so much more enjoyable.

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Hi, I'm brand new to MOBA games but I've heard good things about them in the past and want to give them a try. I've heard about the terribad community so I wanted to see if I could get some people who could teach me a thing or two before I jump right into the game and have to ready my flame shield and everything > >. I don't have any friends who really play so I figured I'd find some online before I started, my steam is SupahX (cause my regular handle was taken already ^^')

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@supah: Hey! If you haven't played any MOBAs before, I recommend doing all the tutorials first. Following that, read a guide tailored for beginners (e.g., this one). Those were great starting points for me. Definitely look over the section about recommended heroes and play a few bot games before you wander off into group matchmaking — that will eliminate 80% of the headaches associated with getting into DOTA. You definitely don't want to be playing something like Anti-Mage/Enchantress/Meepo/Chen in your first dozen games, nor do you really want to play a real game without knowing anything.

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Posted in the other thread too -

I'm relatively new to DOTA, but played a lot of LoL. Working on understanding the heroes/etc - so far leaning towards Ranged Support, really like Vengeful Spirit and Jakiro.

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I was wondering if anyone had some tips for someone feeling overwhelmed by all the information in the game. All the action and not knowing where I should be and what I should be doing really stresses me out but I really want to learn and become better. I have played through the tutorial and played 5 or 6 bot matches solo, but I am a little apprehensive about joining real people.. Should I keep doing bot matches until I am more comfortable? I'm not sure how much use I am getting out of them. Thanks for any advice!

steam name is ZGoon

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@zgoon: Use limited hero's matchmaking and you should be with similar skill levels.

#286 Posted by FuriousJodo (135 posts) -

@zgoon: I've just been playing Normal and it's been going OK - it only gives you three heroes to choose from and generally everyone else in the queue is similar skill to me.

I've also found that Purge's videos ( are helpful, though they are pretty long. Really just playing is probably the best way to go, though I think just jumping in to play against real people is the best way to learn.

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@zgoon: Something I did when I started playing was I tried to assign mental tags for heroes I encountered. After an encounter try and go through what happened. Did the blue knight-looking guy with a big sword stun you? Then try and put the "blue knight" in the "can stun" folder in your brain. It's not super important to remember exactly what the heroes are called or exactly what their abilities do. Lion's stun and Rubick's stun work way different but that is not important for you at this stage, all you need to remember is that both the "lazer finger guy" and the "green wizard" can stun you in some way. Hopefully you will remember this the next time you see that hero and you have a better chance of fighting him/her on your terms.

And a broader approach to learning the game that ties in to this is *never* blame your team for a loss, even if it might technically be their fault that single one time. Try and accept the fact that matchmaking works and it is *your* responsibility to get better and get matched with better teammates and opponents. Always look back at a match and try and figure out what you did right and what you need to work on, and remember that for next time. Something I wished someone taught me when I started playing was the approach and mindset that your goal in the long run isn't to win matches but to get better at playing Dota. You will have a 50% winrate, more or less, so remember to always play to get better. This will make losses hurt less since you will most likely be able to look back and say "hey at least I learned something from this match, and that is the point of it all in the end." Your enemy isn't the other team, your enemy is Dota.

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Been playing some more Dota 2 and tried some League of Legends. My biggest issue now is just how toxic people can be toward new players in both, although I've run across far more cursing, blaming, etc in Dota 2 than I have in League of Legends. I'm having a hard time mustering up the interest to play when I know I'm just going to be getting yelled at for being new, even in a bot match.

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@deathtrap: I can appreciate that the players are shit, but either get into parties in the giantbomb chat and let people know you are learning or keep soloing and mute. Eventually you won't get so much shit.

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I've been playing a bit and trained by some very experienced friends. Not terrible, though my win-loss, does not reflect that. I genuinely blame early mmr pub games for that, though I do feed just a tad on melee heroes still. All my friends say I am as solid as scrub can be, for what that's worth.

Please PM if you'd like to play. On the east coast of North America.

EDIT: Could someone let me know how to join the Giant Bomb guild. I wouldn't mind playing with more experienced players in safe lanes, so I can go up against stiffer opposition. It's the best way to learn.

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drunken_irishman on Steam here... Kinda got into DOTA2 during TI3 but found it too confusing... Got into the HYPE during this year's TI4 and started playing like mad. I've been mostly solo queueing or grouping up with some of you cool cats in the GiantBomb chat in-game. I don't get to play too much due to the wife and kid, but if I'm around I'd sure like to play and learn more from you more experienced guys.

Had a match tonight that we almost came back and won. It was down to the wire. I supported my ass off as Earthshaker and was able to get off some monster Echo Slams. Even though we lost, it still felt good that we came back as good as we did!

#292 Posted by Daveyo520 (7330 posts) -

I have over 1.5k hours in the game. So if anyone needs, help, advice, etc. with the game I am here.

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Quite opposite to the norm, I have had a fantastic introduction to playing Dota 2. I started playing 3 days ago going through the tutorial and bot matches - I played around 3 games with the AI before going into 'limited draft'

I have now played 12 matches and won 11 with numerous 'GODLIKES, UNSTOPPABLES, SOMEONE KILL EM's'

I'm really enjoying myself - it seems there are alot of new people playing Dota which has helped me get into playing.

Anyway, I'm still a noob but would most defo be up for some co-ordinated games with duders. I'm usually on EU west as it offers the best latency for me.

SteamID: walletdipper

#294 Posted by MisterZ (43 posts) -

I have had a blast playing so far and that is only in random pub matches. I have played a few games with some fellow duders from the Giantbomb chat in the game client and had a nice time. The problem I have found is that everyone on the chat has a lot more experience than I and therefore I get my ass kicked while playing with them. My main concern is ruining a game because I don't know to do something or mess something up. I am level 8-9 with 41 games right now. If anyone is around the same level and feels like having a good time and learning the game add me on steam.

SteamID: DiveBomb

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Has there been a lot of lag and disconnects in Dota 2 lately? Been having trouble staying connected today and had some pretty bad lag yesterday - but only in Dota 2 (none in League of Legends or various MMOs)

#296 Posted by aperfecttool72 (36 posts) -

@deathtrap: Steam had been going down all day and then there was a DOTA2 update... then they kind unupdated it because it apparently broke everything.

#297 Edited by DeathTrap (337 posts) -

@aperfecttool72 said:

@deathtrap: Steam had been going down all day and then there was a DOTA2 update... then they kind unupdated it because it apparently broke everything.

That would explain things. At least I finally got in a bot match as Faceless Void - I really liked him.

EDIT: Name changed to DeathTrap instead of DeathTrap82.

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I've managed to get a few games in with GB folks and I highly recommend anyone new just jump into the giantbomb chat channel in DOTA. There will almost certainly be someone pretty much any time of day that will help you out.

#299 Posted by PistolPackinPoet (219 posts) -

Hey everyone. I've been interested in DOTA since Brad streamed the daily DOTA. The Invitational got me hooked even more so I tried out the tutorials. Man, it is pretty boring. I feel like I'm not really learning much other than learning the barebone basics. I need a crash course on warding, when to buy items, and a bunch of other advance lessons on how not to suck at DOTA2. I've been trying to read up on Purge Gamers' "Welcome to Dota, You Suck" article which has a lot of great tips, but I feel like the best way to learn how to play is to play with a posse.

If you have the time and patience to help me not suck at DOTA as bad as I do today, hit me up on steam! My steam ID is Yeah! PCE PCE or you can just add me from my steam profile:

#300 Posted by forkboy (1318 posts) -

I finally installed DOTA 2 yesterday after trying to watch the first LOL game in the Rektreational and ending up giving up because the shit is bewildering. Futzed around with the training last night, about to go finish it. Holy shit when people say this thing has a high learning curve they aren't kidding. I opened up the Welcome to Dota guide and few things are quite as intimidating as the line "You need to play each of the 110 heroes at least once each to have basic understanding of the power levels of each hero." But it's not even that which is daunting, there's a whole lexicon around MOBAs which makes absolutely zero sense to me. What the fuck is a hard carry? Ganking? Good god I feel like an old man mumbling that he can't understand what the kids are saying. I have some learnin' to do.

It's like the first time I played an MMO but somehow even more bewildering. But I'm going to stick with it and maybe even brave a game with actual human beings tomorrow. I am prepared to be called an idiot and worse. So I guess I'll maybe see some of you in game. My Steam ID is forkboy

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