Dota 2 Noob Hate

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#101 Posted by clush (409 posts) -

I've been playing dota for like 1-2 weeks now and i'm on a little more than 30 wins. Given that i've played 25-50% of those games with duders from the GB channel, I have to say I've experienced a surprisingly little amount of hate and rage. In fact i can only recall one instance. Either I'm very lucky in my matchmaking, or it isn't half as bad as people make it out to be.

#102 Posted by IndieFinch (242 posts) -

@clush: That is generally the experience for most. When you get 10 people together, it increases the chance that 1 of them will be an idiot. You can play 5 games a night and maybe get 1 bad experience out of those 5, except people tend to only remember the bad experiences. It is always a shame when someone dwells one that one troll / bad person and lets them ruin the whole game for them. Just make sure to use the ignore button / report system whenever you come across someone nasty and just keep playing with the cool people.

#103 Posted by MAGZine (435 posts) -

@clush: In my solo MMR experience, I don't see a lot of ragers. And if they're raging in my direction, they get muted.

DotA 2 gets a bad rap from Dota 1 and especially HoN, but I find DotA 2 to be VERY tame compared to HoN.

#104 Edited by SirPsychoSexy (1327 posts) -

Of course in an online multiplayer game you are going to run into some ass holes, but it takes literally half a second to mute someone and then move on. Being afraid of people being dicks is a dumb reason to not give dota a chance.

#105 Posted by SUPER_AIDS (20 posts) -

The one thing I seemed to hear the most about dota 2 was that people give new players an endless amount of shit, and I have to admit it can be a little intimidating. I just got the game downloaded a few minutes a go and give it a chance, but I can understand how some people not want to give the game a shot when there is a perception that most of the player base is just made up of assholes. Regardless of whether its true or not, its a perception that some people may have.

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