DOTA 2 scrub guild?

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I was thinking about this and gonna throw it out there.

I've been playing DOTA 2 a lot, which is something I never thought I'd say but turns out DOTA 2 is a ton of fun when you play with fun people.

I wanted to start some kind of league or something (guild? so dumb to call it that in this game haha). A guild that never takes the game to seriously and is always about having fun with the game first and foremost. Or something.

It seems like a lot people take this game really serious, and that's cool if that's your bag. You should know, though, I don't play games to be regimented and I don't care what the "best" build is for our team I care what the most fun I'm going to have playing with build is. I do try to do my best to compliment the team (I try to pick something for the team even if that doesn't always work out) but I like having fun when I play games so having a laugh at the expense of a tower is ok with me. As long as its all in fun... and I don't mean griefing the other team or being mean to others, fun. Just having fun- which as I say it I realize is different to different people.

Does is it even make sense what I'm getting at here?

Anyway, if there are other like minded DOTA players out there we should start a regular group or something. Although, I have found its rough finding a good time for everybody to play so this will probably never pan out, but at least I got the stupid thought out there into the ethos where everyone can tell me what a bad idea it is =P

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@slag: I did, no one ever plays in that group

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I do think it makes more sense to have an actual dota 2 guild rather than a general steam group. And you're right that hardly anyone ever plays from that Shoemaker's Army group.

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No one is ever in the Client Chat. I feel bad that when someone does show up and invites me, I'm getting off after playing a couple of games.

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