doting on DOTA - n00b adventures

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I consider myself to be a former hardcore gamer.

Why former? Well my gaming history is lush with just about every system and genre of game you can imagine. I used to enjoy hours and hours of gaming on a daily basis and consider myself to be pretty good at games probably due to the excessive amount of hours I have spent on them through my life. I bought a BETA key to WoW before it came out.

I'm sure anyone reading THIS right now is exactly the same.

So why former? Well now I have a family. I have a wife, a daughter and a hyper Labrador waiting for me every day when I get home and that's amazing! But it makes me a former hardcore gamer.

So why the hell have I began to play DOTA? That is a FUCKING good question.

Honestly I have no idea... all I know is that I've played about 10 bot games and around 5 games with the GB crew and I can't stop wanting to play it.

It's similar to how I felt about WoW.

So this blog/thread/post will be about my adventures with the game... small reviews on games I play and maybe thoughts of someone just entering the fray of a social clusterfuck of a game filled with newbie stigma.

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Good luck out there buddy, you're gunna need it.

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