Equivalent-ish Hero?

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Hey everyone I am new to DOTA 2 from a brief stint in LoL. I was wondering if a veteran of both could help me out. In LoL my favorite hero by far was Galio and was wondering if there was someone in DOTA 2 similar. There are so many heroes I don't know where to start! Thanks for any help!

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Having just looked at what he does, he seems to be a bit of a mix of Omniknight and Axe, since he has the taunt and the healing. Or some other caster with a slow, so he could also be part Lich.

In short, there's not really any straight swap to another character from that one.

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You might enjoy Magnus, while it isn't 1:1 they have similar jobs and playstyles, Earthshaker or Tidehunter could be a fair bet as well.

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Try Treant Protector, he's probably the closest i terms of playstyle. At least, that i can think of anyway.

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Tidehunter would be my suggestion, going purely on what their job is and what their spells do. His Q has a slow, his W makes him tankier, his E is a small AOE with a low cooldown and his ult is godlike in terms of CC and initiation capability. He's more of a supporty character though, but has a decent kit. Try him out in a custom and see if he sticks.

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Just before I give my opinion, Ive got almost 100 hours in Dota 2 and put a decent amount of time into LoL before that. The basic changes in gameplay and match flow I experienced going from LoL to Dota made me completely change my outlook on hero playstyle. I played a TON of Nautilus in League, but when i started to learn Dota I found that the playstyle I had picked up in LoL didnt really transfer to Dota. That then forced me to learn the game as a whole and then not get stuck on one hero.

My advice to you would be this, play Dota from the ground up. Learn the basics again. Learn basic team structure again. Force yourself to play heroes you have never played before. Your skill will SKYROCKET. If you get stuck in the same rut of playing the same hero over, and over, and over, you're not going to get better and will eventually be a detriment to any team you get matched with.

Remember, League isnt going anywhere. If you want to play Galio again, go play galio again. Have fun!

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