"Evil Dreams Await" - Test Build implemented, Bane added

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Valve finally added the test build, which should be in your steam library if you have Dota. It's a weird concept, given that it's essentially a beta within the beta. I'm not entirely sure what Valve's logic here is.

Anyway, new updates will start in the test build and be added to the regular game a week later. This week we get Bane!

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Seems like normal updates will just be delayed by a week with the test build, whatever. Maybe it means valve wants to turn this beta into a "beta", open it up wider.

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@Jokers_Wild said:

It's a weird concept, given that it's essentially a beta within the beta.


I'll give this testbuild thing a try tonight.

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I think it's because they consider the beta as tournament worthy? So they want to test the patches before implementing them for balance reasons.

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but there was already a tournament option in custom games for that reason

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I have never bitched about the character modes( unlike the idiots at dotacinema) but Bane's model... those back legs! And why does he leave a trail? If enemies can see it you can't juke people.

Also when did they change his first skill to be a flat number instead of % based? Boo!

Anyways where's my god-damn mortred!

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Valve hates my wallet.

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Hopefully Valve is that much closer now to blow the doors off then thing and let everyone in. I doubt the current population will be able to support quality matchmaking on both the test client and live client. I bet they did it so now we have a complete stable version, there won't be any bugs that ruin peoples experience (when Alchemist game out with no cool downs and crushed people for a day). Plus it is way easier for tournaments to rely on the stable client being up because everything on it will be thoroughly tested before hand.

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