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Hi guys,

When looking at open parties they often go without description. When opening one it would be nice if people could briefly mention what they want from their game. Something like "Low-Mid MM, SD/RD", "High Level", "All welcome, AP" etc.?

Sometimes I see a group open and being less than EPIX I sometimes decide to solo queue instead so I don't make too much of a chump of myself with people I don't want to ruin things for. If I know you don't mind low level dudes in there I feel more comfortable that my noobness won't be unwelcome.

Much love!

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People definitely need to put things in the description; or hell, just use the guild party finder period.

If there's no description, you can always just join the party and talk to the people there. Most of the people in the guild are really cool, so they'll either let you come along for a ride or tell you that they'd rather play with people with more experience, either of which is preferable to facing the horrors of the solo queue alone.

I can't stress that enough, do not play Dota alone. You will only be miserable.

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