I finally got insulted!

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You hear these horror stories about moba communities being mean as hell, but I must say that that was not my experience at all until just now.

I had never played a game of LoL, HoN, DotA or anything in the genre ever before; I got into the Dota 2 beta the other day and decided to jump in and start learning the game by playing it right away so that I could put the getting-insulted fase behind me as fast as possible, but guess what? Nobody gave me shit.

I have some basic understanding of the way the game works but Im sure I was the worst player on my team every time, still no one shouted at me or said anything bad. This went on for several games until a few minutes ago, but even though the guy was trying to get to me I must say he wasnt doing a very good job at it. After 10 mins or so of sporadic half-assed attempts at insulting me (cause I got killed a bunch of times at the start of the game) he just got quiet and we finished the game.

Even without the insults this game can be pretty daunting though, so I´ll stick to it for a while longer but I dont know if it will become one of my go-to games.

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Congratulations, about time! :P

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I have to admit, I love the fact that your thread title sounds so excited that you were insulted. I'm sure it's the people you run into in that community though, some people are probably pretty rude and others not

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I got insulted! That is awesome!

I wish everyone would respond like that. The bewildered expressions from the people throwing the insults might shut them the fuck up.

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I think when its comes to dota people tend to get worked up more because one bad person can wreck the whole game.

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OP suck eggs!!!!

Eggs I tell you!

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@blueduck said:

I think when its comes to dota people tend to get worked up more because one bad person can wreck the whole game.

One person can ruin an hour+ game. So many times I have been in games that have gone past an hour then all it takes is one guy to wonder into the woods without sight...dies...then we lose the game. If you ask questions / be willing to learn / play safe, most of the time people wont give you crap.

The community in Dota 2 has actually been really good so far, once it is open beta I bet it will get worse. But for the most part I only find a rager every 5 or 10 games.

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@IndieFinch: @Olu: I get that it sucks for one guy to ruin the hole thing for everyone else, but it´s not like I (or any other noob for that matter) suck on purpose. I give it my best, read some guides and try hard not to fuck it up cause I don´t enjoy loosing any more than the rest of my team.

I do think that people need to keep things in perspective though, and not expect new players to go through a semester of theory of MOBA 101 before I get to play a game. After all it´s not like there aren´t private games and all that stuff for people that don´t feel like suffering the presence of lowly beings such as myself.

For the record: I think Im getting a bit better and nobody else has given me shit so far.

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@Rattle618: I think that Dota 2 will be better then Dota 1 because the matchmaking system. Because like you said it is unreasonable for everyone to get into the deep complex stuff Dota has to offer. In Dota 1 you had people who were die-hard players playing it for years and years being match with guys who played a week. With Dota 2 people of similar skill are put together so you have less of the "I have spent 1000+ hours on this game are you spent 50...get out noobie!"

People really won't give you shit unless you really go out of your way to ruin the game. Most people are reasonable and will offer advice if you ask for it.

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If you live in europe you probably avoided insults BECAUSE NO ONE SPEAKS ENGLISH.

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I - like you - had never touched a DOTA type game in my life, however I am more self aware of the result of coming into competitive gamings scene and fucking up someone's game. So please,


Feel at home when you see that both DOTA and DOTA2 images are used for the labeling, back in my day (4 months ago) they were just DOTA icons and I had to play the old match the pictures in the dota item dictionary.

That link is the holy bible for new DOTA 2 players coming into the universe as babies and graduating after reading the elementary Why you suck by purge, middle school of character guides and becoming a senior by reading item stats, character stats. During these excruciating readings and DOTA enlightenment, one must become self aware and practice strategy in bot matches. When you're old enough you may find yourself a nice mate or four and begin your journey treading through the frightening world of match making. It is when the DOTA ancients pits you mates and someone else's mates to do battle and only then you may see yourself as a true Jedi DOTA 2 player.

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Ghee, you should see people at LoL and DotA on W3 , they would rape and report you alive!

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