i have an extra beta key

#1 Posted by tunaburn (2016 posts) -

and i will give it away. I am going to go play a game of dota 2 right now. and when i finish it i will come back here and pick someone to give it to.

if you want it just post in this thread and ill pick someone after i finish this match.

also would help if youre good at dota and can play some with me to help me improve.... im a poor little league of legends player trying to convert to dota 2....

be back in a bit to pick who gets it!

#2 Posted by Slaker117 (4857 posts) -

I would like one.

#3 Posted by Hitchenson (4708 posts) -

Yes, please.

#4 Edited by david3cm (677 posts) -

That would be awesome man!

#5 Edited by FavoritoBandito (171 posts) -

I would love one, but hate to ask also being a poor little league of legends player. But I would like to learn with you!

#6 Posted by lemontron (20 posts) -

I'd love to have one :D

#7 Edited by NekuSakuraba (7802 posts) -

I would frikin' love one!

#8 Posted by HaltIamReptar (2038 posts) -

I am interested, Mr. Man!

#9 Posted by chocomuffling (34 posts) -

Me too!! You are sooo awesome! :P

#10 Edited by Wipeout (291 posts) -

I'll throw my name into the hat. I've played a lot of LoL and I'm curious...

#11 Edited by envoy12 (5 posts) -

Me Plzzz...have been trying to get 1 since last 3 months...thanks buddy...also i can help you with Dota :)

#12 Edited by face15 (1371 posts) -

I would love to get it, although I've never played Dota so I wouldn't be much help to you.

#13 Edited by OroJackson (688 posts) -

oh god, I'm too late!

I would like one if I'm not, though

#14 Posted by tunaburn (2016 posts) -

oh lord a lot of responses... i feel bad that i cant give everyone it :(

after looking at the responses and then looking at your profiles it seems like orojackson is the one ill go with. He has been asking on these forums for a beta key for a little while now.

im really sorry everyone. id give you all a key if i had one!

#15 Posted by envoy12 (5 posts) -

@tunaburn: :( thanks though

#16 Posted by tunaburn (2016 posts) -

@envoy12: im sorry man! if he doesnt respond in a little ill give it to you. but it does say hes online....

#17 Posted by chocomuffling (34 posts) -

Why him? envoiy12 is clearly a key-bot. His only 2 posts are both inside this very topic about a key.

Whatever... Merry Christmas!

#18 Posted by tunaburn (2016 posts) -

@chocomuffling said:

Why him? envoiy12 is clearly a key-bot. His only 2 posts are both inside this very topic about a key.

Whatever... Merry Christmas!

you are right...... i just feel bad not having one for all of you! well maybe ill give it to you then... im giving him 6 minutes to respond!

#19 Edited by OroJackson (688 posts) -

@tunaburn: I responded! I really do appreciate the key

#20 Edited by NekuSakuraba (7802 posts) -

Oh well, thanks for the gesture! I've played around 150 hours of HoN but stopped playing once it went free to play and was just waiting for DotA 2 rather than playing LoL or getting back into HoN.

But still, really nice thing you are doing since people are selling these rather than giving them away!

#21 Edited by envoy12 (5 posts) -

well i guess he respopnded so its his....thanks a lot anyways...merry christmas :)

#22 Posted by Diablos1125 (188 posts) -

Would love to get one. My brother and I are hardcore Dota/HoN players so getting a key in time for Xmas would be sweet. Also, since they allow you to mentor, I wouldnt mind helping you understand the heroes etc. My brother and I are dying to mentor people when we get a copy. Good luck to everyone! :)

#23 Posted by chocomuffling (34 posts) -

Christmas is saved!

The hero got the key and the evil keybot failed!

#24 Posted by envoy12 (5 posts) -

thanks a lot for the chance....merry christmas :)

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