I have an extra DOTA 2 key.

#1 Posted by mzuckerm (442 posts) -

Let me know if you want it. Assholes need not apply (there's too damn many of those playing this game as it is).

#2 Edited by Randdalf (7 posts) -

Well if you're giving it away... what determines who gets it (I'd like it!). Never played the original but I'm a huge fan of Valve made games and I've been playing LoL to learn the basic concepts of it.

#3 Posted by Wolfrum_920 (111 posts) -

Ill take it :p If u want :)

#4 Posted by Olu (97 posts) -

I really want it, will be happy if you give it to me. Here is my steam if you need it http://steamcommunity.com/id/Olukard

#5 Posted by Elerigo (116 posts) -

Does it work on mac?

#6 Posted by Randdalf (7 posts) -

@Elerigo: They said they're adding mac support in the next few weeks

#7 Posted by mzuckerm (442 posts) -

The key is now spoken for.

#8 Posted by WinkLynx (15 posts) -

I have an extra key as well if anyone is interested.

#9 Posted by BabyChooChoo (5398 posts) -

@WinkLynx said:

I have an extra key as well if anyone is interested.

Can I have it?

#10 Edited by TobbRobb (5214 posts) -

@WinkLynx: Could I get it for a friend? He is very much into the game. I already have one of my own though.

Oh and btw. If anyone in europe wants to play "Preferably new to the game, like me", call me up on Steam: TobbRobb

#11 Posted by WinkLynx (15 posts) -

Keys spoken for.

#12 Posted by WinkLynx (15 posts) -

@BabyChooChoo @TobbRobb Check you PM box.

#13 Posted by OverLord00 (173 posts) -

I would love a key if anybody else has one that they don't want. Would give u big <3's

#14 Posted by Tordah (2559 posts) -

Damn, I was too late. :(

#15 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

You guys giving away keys are cool dudes. Hooray for the GB community!

#16 Posted by Mariusfo (2 posts) -

I really want a key, Steam id : Mariusfo

:) Plz

#17 Posted by FirePrince (1772 posts) -

I want one. I really want one. I've played god knows how many hours of DoTA and LoL with my friends.

Pretty please?

#18 Edited by JoeMarsden (335 posts) -

Big fan of the original DotA, I'd really appreciate a key! (id: superjoeuk)

I heard they're adding Chaos Knight very soon/have done already? Super psyched about that, he was my go-to in WC3 DotA.

EDIT: Ah, they're all gone. Shazbot!

#19 Posted by wilsouk (62 posts) -

I'll add I would love one too if there are any going!

#20 Posted by nehc (3 posts) -

I would love key too, id: gnopnehc

have been playing dota and hon for 6-7 years, It still amazes me that it still as interesting as when I played the custom games in WC3.

#21 Posted by ds8k (427 posts) -

Maaan, I'm always too late.

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