I have six keys. You want keys.

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I don't know why Steam keeps making me their bitch brand ambassador, but they keep giving me keys, and I've run out of people to give them to.

Someone, please, take these keys off my hands - first come, first serve. Look for Spessman, and be sure to say where you saw this. I'll update this thead when I'm out, just so you don't look in vain.


Super-duper important edit: Alright folks, I'm sorry - it seems there are imposters and impersonators on Steam. So that sucks. Anyway, you're looking for http://steamcommunity.com/id/Lehmann/ this particular one. I even changed the name to avoid confusion. Now please try again.

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*Looks out window* I don't see anyone, let alone someone who might be named Spessman.

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I'd like to give it a go :) I have no idea where to look though...

#4 Posted by Panpipe (482 posts) -

I want to play it. A lot.

I mostly play stuff on my mac though so it's kinda sad they haven't made the mac version of the beta yet.

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@Incapability said:

I don't know why Steam keeps making me their bitch brand ambassador, but they keep giving me keys, and I've run out of people to give them to.

When you stop giving them away, they'll stop giving them to you.

It's really an insidiously genius marketing strategy to get that microtransaction cash flowing, and I think it's working.

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@MB: No doubt you're right, the worst thing is, I didn't even pay for it - I got it during one of those sales where they gave stuff away, and I was like "Oh, cool, Dota 2! My friends are way into Dota 2! I... I have no strong feelings about this game."

So I've... never really gotten into it, but I sure have given away a lot of keys. And probably generated a lot of that microtransaction dough.

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I also got keys flowing through me like a motherfucker. HIT ME UP IF YOU WANT KEYS.

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@Incapability: I got a "beta" invite which was converted into the full game for free at some point, then was given a bunch of keys as well. I don't think many people have actually paid for Dota 2...it's really a basic F2P microtransaction model but I think they keep the price high on it to encourage people to play it when they're given the chance with free keys, counting on future income from the microtransaction store from a small percentage of players who get hooked on it.

I could be reading a little too much into this, but that's the way it seems to me.

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want to play it so much,keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey

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