In need of a Mentor

#1 Posted by EpicVandal (78 posts) -

Hey all. I'm tired of being the worst one of my friends when we play together. I have watched videos online and they help a bit but I think i'm just lacking in having a mentor teach me some of the application of the stuff I've watched and attempted to learn.

If someone is willing to undertake the task hit me up on steam, my steam name is epicAbuse and I'm also part of the Giant Bomb Dota2 steam group page. Hit me up sometime if you can help forge me into a stronger player.


#2 Posted by Deusx (1911 posts) -

I wish I had a key :( I would get my ass handed to me though. Good luck on finding someone to help you with the game.

#3 Edited by IndieFinch (242 posts) -

Hit me up in game, name should be Finch in game. I am usually always in the GiantBomb channel as well as in the Steam group. Also in the DotaInsight chat channel (dota podcast I do). I can answer any questions you have and break down the game. I pretty regularly give lessons and am always around to answer questions.

#4 Posted by Stepside (513 posts) -

@IndieFinch: Hey Indie, I'll see if I can contact you as well - I'm regularly getting my ass handed to me. What's the "GiantBomb" channel?

#5 Posted by Vision (797 posts) -

@Stepside: In the chat window, press the + button and find the GiantBomb chat channel on the list. :)

#6 Posted by Grand (52 posts) -

Tad bit of a late post, but sure. If anyone wants to be mentored my steam name is "GrandBreaker" and I have generally played every single AoS game that has ever existed, excluding the original Dota itself. Played that on my friend Justin's computer a little. The biggest problem the community has is people who are completely unwilling to learn and it drives me absolutely INSANE.

#7 Edited by rolanthas (256 posts) -

@Grand: I may be bugging you for some tips soon. I've around 40 hours of just trying heroes, trying builds, familiarizing myself with map in general, and I'm utterly sick of playing with bots.

#8 Posted by Grand (52 posts) -

Shout whenever. The biggest problem for Dota 2 right now is the sheer toxicity of the community. Getting some mentoring going is the best thing we can do besides setting up legitimate 5v5 matches or premade teams. My steam name is "GrandBreaker" add me whenever and shout. Be sure to let me know your from GiantBomb, I stopped adding people who just friend invite me a while back.

#9 Posted by Grand (52 posts) -

Yall ever going to shout? My college classes don't start up for another few weeks then I will be semi busy.

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