Is the GB Guild Full?

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Like the title says, is the guild full? I thought I saw somewhere that it was, but I couldn't find it again. If it sn't, should I just ask in chat for an invite?

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I think it filled up a week ago, I saw the last five invites go out. That being say, I don't know how fast the drop off rate is. Can't hurt to ask once in a while. I think I was just in the chat channel 'giantbomb' and someone was handing out invites there.

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Aww okay, guess I'll try asking in chat every now and again.

But now I actually have another question. I accidentally pressed the 'x' on the GiantBomb chat tab, and closed it. But now I can't find it anymore. There's one channel, but I think it's literally called '[138] GiantBomb', instead of just 'GiantBomb'. Anyone know why I can't find the real one anymore?

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I think that's the amount of people in it.

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@tomorrowman: I don't think so. Because whereas the channel tab previously said 'GiantBomb', this one says '[138] GiantBomb'. And on the right hand side, it lists all of the people in the chat right? Because before, there was a gigantic list of usually a hundred+ people. And on this channel, it's just me.

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@masterlink43: they're bugged right now for some reason, in the quick look, Vinny clicked "Create channel" and called it Giantbomb and that worked.

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@benny: Yeah, I just saw a post about it on the dev forum. I got it working by joining through the console. Thanks man.

I think the problem is that they prepend the number of players not just to the displayed channel name but to the name of the channel you connect to. So you actually create an entirely new channel. So joining the GiantBomb chat with 100 people creates a new channel '[100] GiantBomb'. And joining that one creates another one: '[1] [100] GiantBomb'.

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the main giantbomb guild is all full, there is a second one filling up though! it's called GianBombOverflow i've been making all members officers so if you speak up in the chat anyone that's a member can send an invite

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