Kid just rages for a while

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And for the first time people were actually happy about it.

It seems we are going to get a Bastion announcer pack for Dota!

Can't wait for Logan Cunningham to make sweet love to my ears again.

Also I got 9 invites if anyone wants to play Dota if somehow you didn't manage to get one yet.

Edit: to all the new players, don't forget to join the Giant Bomb chat room ingame.

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Well, that does it. I will have to start playing Dota 2.

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Can I have one of those codes? Never played a DOTA game before and got intrigued by the LOTR quick look.

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I'll take an invite if you still have any left.

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@Bourbon_Warrior: Give me your mail or add me on steam i can send you one :)

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Misleading title! I thought this was going to be about kids rage quitting.

In all seriousness, this is really awesome.

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Also added you, ID is Foodcricket. If you have any left.

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@Mr_Skeleton: I'd love to give it a shot! I've never played a MOBA, however, so know in advance that you may be donating to a lost cause. Should I send you a request on steam? (User name is The Internet!)

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@GilbertMordinAndSullivan: Yeah add me on Steam, there is a link a few posts above.

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I swore not to pay money in dota until I got good enough.... But I'm so getting this.

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holy gosh dang!

This voice acting man can have his way with my ears.

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Shit, this makes me want to quit League of Legends and start playing DOTA2 instead.

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Anyone got a spare key I can grab? Desperate to play this game!

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This might just be one the best things I can think of you can possibly add to a video game.

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Holy fuckballs, this is incredible news!

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Well, I guess I have to buy an announcer pack. This is amazing. 

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I barely ever play Dota 2 and I'll probably buy that announcer pack.

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I hope to god the announce pack works in bot matches. Because that's all I play. I'm not cruel enough to subject real human teammates to my terrible, terrible feeding.

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Anyone still with an invite to Dota 2 they could send me? If so just PM me and that would be awesome. I feel i've watched enough videos now that I could at least check it out.

Edit: Received a key from a very kind user

Kid begins installing the game, knowing full well he will totally suck at it for weeks before making any progress.
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Seeing as there are a lot of new players right now from Giant Bomb, you guys should play together.

@Benny: Add me on Steam, there is a link a few posts above.

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@Mr_Skeleton: I think that's an excellent idea, honestly the community aspect of this game is the biggest barrier to entry for me.

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@Mr_Skeleton said:

Seeing as there are a lot of new players right now from Giant Bomb, you guys should play together.

@Benny: Add me on Steam, there is a link a few posts above.

Yes! Get together, play bots, ask questions. Everyone go read before even installing the game! I am always willing to teach / answer questions so look for me in the GiantBomb chat channel or the DotaInsight chat channel.

But as far as the announcer pack, so excited! Now if we can only get a Glados one sooner or later.......

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Now I have to go back on my promise to never play Dota 2 until Pit Lord is released.

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