Lookin' For Sweet Dudes to Play Dota 2 (Who Aren't That Hardcore)

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Sup, dudes?

I just started getting into Dota 2 recently and I've been playing a bunch of pub games and havin' a blast. I'm by no means awesome, but, I'd like to elevate my game by playing with a team. Teamwork and ganking situations can get kind of spotty on public games, so, I'm basically lookin' for people who are willing to play, talk on the mic, communicate, and then "pwn" some jerks. I figure, what better place to find sweet dudes than on GB?

Does such a league of amateurs who can't farm a zillion gold per minute but who actually enjoy cooperative team play exist?

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There is a chat channel for Giant Bomb called "Giantbomb" in Dota 2. A bunch of dudes congregate in that. There is also that house league thread where you might find some dudes. Other than that you'll probably have to settle for whoever posts in here. I'm a relative newcomer myself, so you're welcome to add me. I'm Subs on Steam. I'm not a rager like a lot of the guys who make the game less than fun to play.

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I'm [F2B] own3d.tv/TheFreepie on steam (yes very long)

Someone who can speak English would be a nice change

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I have the game but have not played the game to any extent at all. I played tons of LOL but not much DOTA2 yet. I am hoping to change that, though. My steam Acc is a private affair.

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Just joined the GBdota 2 group, just started the game myself. Although I am new, I'm not an idiot. Played a fuck ton of Star Battle in SC2 where its basically Dota with ships and only one life, so if anything my flaw is not being aggressive enough for fear of death.

Still trying out heroes to find my fit, and still seeing lots of wtf stuff that I have no idea how to handle other than run.

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That is actually what you want to do. You want to enter the first skill level ascension that I like to call "Well at least I'm not feeding." Once you learn to observe your enemies and not die the second you get into their vision you can learn when to be aggressive.

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How many of you guys are in Europe?

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Definitely down for this. Just started playing a few weeks ago and play casually. Little over 20 games so far. Still learning, but I'm not retarded.

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@cfb: I'm in Europe and looking for people to play with. My Steam name is NaturalMongoose if you want to play.

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