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#101 Posted by Fallen189 (5060 posts) -

My friend and I are looking for some people to play with actually. We're both of beginner to average skill level, and are looking for more people to get down and play with on a more regular basis.

Steam name: http://steamcommunity.com/id/fallen189/

Location: England ( So we're on a GMT timescale)

Experience: We play a LOT of mobas.

Hero/Role: Our setup is usually either Keeper of the Light/Drow ranger or Tidehunter/Undying, but we're branching out a bit into trying random people.

If you're interested in some games, over skype, with two friends who just love playing, holler at your boy via a PM or something.


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SteamID: HaroldoNVU

Location/Time Zone: Brazil / GMT -3

Experience: Beginner. As I write this I have about 20 hours of game, most of them agaisnt bots.

Heroes/Roles: Mostly Support but I can play Initiator or Jungler if needed. Favorite hero is Enchantress and I have some experience with Crystal Maiden, Tidehunter, Centaur Warrunner and Tiny.

Still need to work on: Written communication. I often fail to read the text chat but I almost always use a headset and ping my intentions. Not that good with last hits/denies but working on it. I usually forget to put wards after the first ones expire. My escape tactics are still very poor and while I'm almost always the leader of assists in public matches I'm often killed in teamfights when Initiating.

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Your steam name sith_mog

Your location and what times you are available to play: Austin, TX, Central time, 7-12

Experience: Beginner (I have 10 wins)

Favourite Hero/Role Tidehunter, Zeus and Lifestealer

#104 Edited by ill_communication (12 posts) -


US East, weeknights and weekends

somewhere between intermediate and veteran

I'll play pretty much any hero

#105 Posted by TheFatWarrior (1 posts) -

Steam name: TheFatWarrior

location: Europe(Germany),but I can also play on any US- servers

Experience: Intermediate+ (600 hours of gameplay)

Favourite Hero/Role: Dragonknight and Juggernaut / Semi-carry , support-utility

#106 Edited by GnsDemon (115 posts) -

Steam Name: Bo-Bandy

Location: Us West Us East

Experience: Beginner

Fav/Role: Messing around with every character.

#107 Edited by avn111 (14 posts) -

steam name: avn111

Your location: US east | nights and weekends

Experience : New/beginner

Favourite Hero/Role: No Idea yet

#108 Edited by Swick (223 posts) -

Steam: Swick

Location: United States - West Coast

Experience: Intermediate

Favorite Role: Support/Tank (anything really)

Favorite Character: I generally enjoy Jakiro, Tiny, Silencer, Chaos Knight, Treant Protector, Omniknight, blah blah blah

#109 Edited by moondogg (244 posts) -

Steam: {DT} SunCat (http://steamcommunity.com/id/asunnydisposition/)

Location: Australia, East coast.

Experience: 130 hours, mostly against bots in coop matches. I'm up to roughly trouncing medium bots every time, depending on hero selection, and team mates. But a loss is rare.

Role: Support

Favorite Hero: Undying, Kotl, Dazzle, Batrider, Omniknight, Outworld Devourer.

I don't like random pick, of any sort.

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Your steam name: s7evn (http://steamcommunity.com/id/s7evn)

Your location and what times you are available to play: USA west (mountain time zone), Nights (any time atm)

Experience (beginner/intermediate/veteran): Beginner (Couple of games)

Favourite Hero/Role (Support/carry/any/etc): Any

#111 Posted by c_pokey (1 posts) -

Your steam name mookid.

Your location and what times you are available to play US East. Just whenever I have free time.

Experience (beginner/intermediate/veteran) Beginner. Roughly 20 hours with bot matches

Favourite Hero/Role (Support/carry/any/etc) I've been randoming every game just getting a feel for all the characters. I like carries...I guess. Slark is pretty dope.

#112 Posted by xpogox (48 posts) -

Your steam name http://steamcommunity.com/id/xpogox

Your location and what times you are available to play US East. Whenever I'm online

Experience Intermediate 255 hours

Favourite Hero/Role (Support/carry/any/etc) Carry/ Range Carry

#113 Edited by Tsukatchi (12 posts) -

Your steam name : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Ruaniamh/

Your location and what times you are available to play : Eastern Canada, Weekday evenings and weekends

Experience : Beginner

Favourite Hero/Role : Support, jungler or initiator. Favourite Hero's at the moment are Jakiro, Earthshaker, Tidehunter, Dark Seer and Nature's Prophet.

#114 Edited by gogosox82 (428 posts) -

Steam Name : gogosox82

Your location and what times you are available to play: Midwest US. Usually afternoons or evenings and weekends.

Experience: Beginner

Favorite Hero/Role: Support. Don't like playing carries and I haven't played any tanks yets. Favorite heroes right now are Lina, Windrunner, and Crystal Maiden.

#115 Posted by CrimsonNight (13 posts) -

Steam id: crmsonnite

Location: Canada -6GMT

Experience: intermediate

Role: I prefer semicarry/ganker/carry but I can play any role.

I am willing to teach people if they are willing.

#116 Posted by schreiberty (208 posts) -

Steam name: http://steamcommunity.com/id/schreiberty

Location: US West. afternoons and weekends

Experience: lots of Lol experience but a dota2 begginer

Role/Hero: I like carry, been playing sven mostly

#117 Edited by deadno0b (10 posts) -

Steam name: deadno0b

Location: US Central, maybe 1-2 games weeknights after 5pm, anytime on weekends

Experience: Beginner, just started yesterday

Role/Hero: I guess carry? I played Drow Ranger. I like something with range.

#118 Posted by MrOldboy (870 posts) -

Steam Name: MrOldboy

Location: US

Experience: Beginner, just started

Fav/Role: Willing to take advice on how I can help a team out

#119 Posted by Nasos100 (727 posts) -

Steam Name : Tarkus

Location : Europe ( connection is good can play in US )

Experience : Intermediate

Fav/Role : Whatever pretty much

Feel free to add me

#120 Posted by Nosche (14 posts) -

Steam name: Dirty Olive

Location: US Central time, not working now so when ever someone wants to play a game.

Experience: Beginner dota, Veteran LoL so I know the basics

Favorite roll: In LoL I ran jungle and mid mostly which would translate into Initiators/Tanks and Nukers.

#121 Posted by Kyelb22 (294 posts) -

Steam ID: Kyelb22

Location: California, Eastern Time. No job currently so i can play whenever

Experience: Beginner. I've done the tutorial and played a few bot matches

Favorite Roll: There are rolls?

#122 Posted by Foo (20 posts) -

Your steam name BoomShanka Foo

Your location and what times you are available to play: UK usually 6pm onwards

Experience beginner

Favourite Hero/Role (Support/carry/any/etc) still learning but had practice with Nyx, dwarvern sniper and Lina

I am still a noob but I think in order for me to progress I need to start playing some real matches and not against bots

#123 Posted by xErotic (2 posts) -

Your steam name: χєro (http://steamcommunity.com/id/xErotic/)

Your location and what times you are available to play: US EAST, anytime (whoo for being recently unemployed and post grad)

Experience: Beginner

Favourite Hero/Role: Lich

Still trying to get into the groove of things and learn all the heros. I've got the mechanics down (at least as far as I understand it) and would like a decent group of people to play with.

#124 Posted by MX (247 posts) -

Your steam name aromarood

Your location and what times you are available to play Europe Mainland after 7 pm

Experience beginner, played bot matches never match made

Favourite Hero/Role haven't really put in a lot of time with one hero, played warlock and really enjoyed shadow demon the other night.

#125 Posted by PrivateMalarkey (2 posts) -

Steam name: PrivateMalarkey

Location: US Central afternoons and evenings

Experience: beginner on the verge of intermediate

Favorite Hero: Support

#126 Posted by Sidewalkchalk (122 posts) -

Steam Name: Revengineer

Location: MST. Nights, weekends.

Experience: Beginner - quite a few botmatches and some matchmaking

Favorite role(s): Support and semi-carry

I'd like some friendly people with voicechat capabilities (Skype or ingame, whatevs)

#127 Edited by domsalvia (23 posts) -

Your steam name domsalvia

Your location and what times you are available to play: UK, variable times but working during week days, usually a game or two from 4pm, then again after 9pm. If I end up repeatedly teaming with a usual crew I can set time aside to suit.

Experience beginner to okish maybe? 61 MM matches in according to dotabuff (33/28 so even split really), I think I have the basics down(ish) and looking to improve. Would really like to find a group to play semi regular with and who use voice chat.

Favourite Hero/Role Will play any role. I like Death Prophet, Venomancer and Crystal Maiden, but I am still experimenting

I play for fun and laughs - I still like to win, but the fun always comes first. So serious idiocy? ;-)

#128 Posted by TallSkydiver (1 posts) -

Steam name: Bulbasaur

Location: CST, I'm free most of the day, work wedsnedays and weekends at night

Experience: beginner

Favorite Hero: Tiny, Vengeful Spirit, Pugna (I usually play supports)

#129 Edited by zathell (1 posts) -

Heya guys! Im looking for a team of causal players beacuse i can't play after 9 in the evenings, I'm quite experienced with leading a team and i have a good game sense.

Steam name: Flamerz. GriN

Location: Sweden, any EU

Experience: Got about 500 hours into Dota and got around 200 wins

Role: I have played mostly mid, but im good at farming so carry would not be a problem.

#130 Edited by vinone (141 posts) -

Your steam name: vin_one

Your location and what times you are available to play: CDT, pretty random, somewhere evening into night.

Experience: beginner

Favorite Hero/Role: Total beginner, played a little League, and Dota 2, but still totally lost.

I'm really just looking for someone to help me get into the game, I'm still pretty lost. If anyone wants to play some games so I can get some footing and not be hated by everyone, I'd love it. Message me on here or Steam.

#131 Posted by Azurath (310 posts) -

Steam Name: Spacebux/ZigglyPuff (I'm completely new to Steam and I don't know which name you would need to search to add me....)

Location: EST whenever

Age: 17 (looking for people of similar age)

Experience: Complete Beginner

Favorite Hero: I have only played as Life Stealer and Dragon Knight

#132 Edited by Kratch (368 posts) -

steam name: kratcheroo

USA-Midwest, whenever I get free time

Experience: I've played a bunch of League of Legends, but am a complete beginner at DOTA. Also, I kind of suck at these kinds of games, but enjoy playing them with cool duders and duderettes.

Favorite Hero: don't really know yet

#133 Edited by HiScores (42 posts) -

Steam Name: Carraway

Location: Europe (UK - Scotland). Available - Evenings and Weekends (Sometimes first thing in the AM).

Experience: Beginner

Favourite Hero: Lich/Zeus - Ranged, Support/Lane Support.

#134 Posted by Netrunner2k2 (1 posts) -

Your steam name: Jeremiah Peacekeeper (right now, but mostly it is Netrunner2k2)

Your location and what times you are available to play: Orlando, Florida. Available most Fridays and weekends

Experience: Played LoL for about a year, but am a noob at DOTA2.

Favourite Hero/Role: I am still trying to find my way, but I enjoy playing Luna and Keeper of the Light

#135 Edited by Shock (7 posts) -

Steam name : ShockSA

Location : Europe West and US East

Experience : 2400 games played , good enough but not on a pro-level

Favorite Hero/Role : anything , anywhere, but I like Mid the most

up for coaching if anyone want to.

#136 Edited by dubs (43 posts) -

steam name: monsieurwinks

USA-Midwest, whenever I get free time

Experience: a little bit, getting my feet wet

Favorite Hero: don't really know yet

#137 Edited by Thetheroo (13 posts) -

Steam: Rakeman Enterprises

Location: Raleigh, NC. But it's the summer and I have copious free time.

Experience: Beginner. Have never played a PC MOBA.

Roles: Flexible

#138 Edited by killergermel (1 posts) -

Steam Name : KillerGermel

Your location and what times you are available to play: I live in Israel (GMT+2), and I am usually available to play mondays to thursdays 19:00 GMT to midnight GMT.

Experience: Beginner, although learning fast :)

Favorite Hero/Role: I usually like going support, they are more challenging and fun for me. I really like Leshrac and Lion, maybe Dazzle too.

#139 Posted by lawkim (1 posts) -




centaur bounty hunter

#140 Posted by cwerner421 (1 posts) -

Your steam name: Lord Helmet

Your location and what times you are available to play: Indiana, 11pm - whatever

Experience (beginner/intermediate/veteran) Beginner / Intermediate

Favourite Hero/Role (Support/carry/any/etc) Any

#141 Edited by Drshuu (1 posts) -

@sweep: Hello ...Veteran here. . . I play dota 10 years... I have alot exp and CW-s ... Im looking for good team .... Im support and my favorit heroes is DS,AA,Lina,Lich,Puck,Cryks,Warlock,KOTL,CM,Enigma,Krobelus,Silencer... Also play Tide,Lesh,Dazz,Ench,Lion,Rhasta,Pugna,Necrolite,Thrall,Venomancer,WD,Venge,Mirana,Bane,Rubic

Btw... Time is not problem for me ... Im for Serbia IF U NEED ME INVITE ON STEAM ... TNX

Steam : drshuuu

#142 Posted by davidwitten22 (1708 posts) -

Steam name: ΦrιבּΣ [Good luck typing that, you should be able to find me under ignaciousbro as well I hope).

Location: East coast, can play USE/USW/and EUW

Experience: beginner/intermediate (~60 games played, normal-high MMR bracket)

Favorite Hero/Role: Support all day, with Shadow Shaman, Jakiro, Tree, and Skill Magi being my current favorites. [Shockingly, I can play some decent Chen and Enchantress, don't expect Puppey level micro but I do a decent job controlling some creeps :D]

#143 Posted by lucas_marley_ (1 posts) -

Steam name: Marley

Can play both on US East and West

Experience: Veteran (3 years of dota) 1000+ games of dota 2 and experience in CM

Role: Mid (carry, ganker, iniciator, like TA, qop, NS, Viper, pudge, Magnus etc.) and Hard Carry.

You can add me for some Team Matches whenever!

#144 Posted by monkmeh (2 posts) -

Steam name: Thatsoccernerd

In the United States.

Experience: New! Trying to learn.

Role: Still searching that out

Other beginners feel free to add me and maybe we can figure it out together.

#145 Edited by Diminuir (1 posts) -

Steam: (Diminuir) feel free to add me

EUW EUE Live in Finland (GMT+2)

Experience: (intermediate)

Favourite Hero/Role: (Any)

#146 Posted by manny_serna (1 posts) -

Steam name: Manny

Location: PST, nights and weekends

Experience: beginner

Favorite Hero/Role: Drow Ranger/ Carry

#147 Edited by swagatpan (1 posts) -

Steam name: Swagatpan

location: india

Experience: I am not exactly a beginner, i mean i know all the basics , i am able to create my build while playing with hard bots...... i am just not being able to win in matchmaking mode and i dunno what am i doing wrong.....

Favorite Hero: nyx assasin, magnus ,death prophet

Favorite Role: mostly support and initiator

email: skp9292@gmail.com

plz add me.... i really dunno how to add someone in steam...... desperately need some friends to play dota with...

#148 Posted by Sackmanjones (4763 posts) -


Westcoast: set for US servers

Experience: still a beginner but moving into intermediate Id say

Heroes/role: I enjoy playing mostly anything but I so have a few favorite characters:

Night Stalker



Earth shaker



#149 Posted by DerBrick (229 posts) -

Steam Name: DerBrick

Location: US East. I'm free to play after my daughter goes to bed. Which is around 8 PM est.

Experience: Beginner

Favorite Hero: Chaos Knight or Batrider. I'll play any role. Willing to learn new heros also.

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