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#251 Posted by TheMeat (67 posts) -

Steam name: TheMattV1

location: Wisconsin

Experience: 130+ hours played

Favorite Hero/Role: Any

#252 Posted by reiden4 (2 posts) -




SE Asia


beginner - intermediate

Favourite Role:


#253 Posted by DillonWerner (1603 posts) -


Times are pretty random. In the night forsure, sometimes during the day; depending on when my classes are.

I'm pretty new, only played a handful of games, but I'm honestly not that bad.

Lich is probably my best character (I told you I'm new), but I like rocking support classes.

#254 Edited by Mindozo (3 posts) -

Steam: Mindozo

Location: Europe

Experience: 600hrs higher intermediate

Favorite role: Carry, but my best role is support lol, Hate offlane never will play it

Im looking for some people to play with doesn't matter if you are beginner or intermediate I just wanna play with a group :) sick tired or random Russian people

#255 Posted by ashura525 (2 posts) -

Steam: agunggg

Location: S.E Asia

Experience: 2k+ hours higher intermediate

Favorite role: Carry, Pusher, Durable

Im fine playing with anyone even if they are beginner. Just do me some favor, dont feed and speak english. Got really tired of some random f**gots who speaks nonsense and keep fed like crazy. Oh and i usually play at midnight since i got classes in the morning till afternoon.

#256 Posted by Hunkadunkasaurus (234 posts) -

Steam Name: Bearhardt

Location: USA, Pacific

Experience: Extreme Beginner, very curious but practically no experience.

Favorite Hero: So far I enjoy supporters/healer types.

#257 Posted by Pingu44 (117 posts) -

Your steam name Pingu44

Your location and what times you are available to play Netherlands, evenings/nights during the week

Experience I would say intermediate (I know how to play, I just can't physically always do it fast enough lol), 355 hours

Favourite Hero/Role Support ass support. The hardest of supports. Jakiro/Bane easily my best two, followed by Ogre Magi/Lich/Lion in no particular order. Venomancer if I'm feeling daring.

#258 Posted by tariqari (478 posts) -

Your steam name tariqari

Your location and what times you are available to play U.S. East Coast. Pretty random times but always weekends, usually nights during the week!

Experience Very new - played less than 1 hour so definitely need a bit of mentoring. I love strategy games. I've put probably more than a thousand hours into the Civilization franchise. I've played and won at least five games on Deity...I know that pretty much means nothing for this game since MOBA is a bit different than strategy.

Favourite Hero/Role See above. No clue.

#259 Edited by dirtydebutant (23 posts) -


east coast (night and often during the day since i have some down time at the office)

intermediate, around 200hours in

support or random

#260 Posted by PatVB (358 posts) -

Steam Name: pat4327

Location: Central US Time, availability varies

Experience: Hella beginner

Favorite Hero: I like Zeus, but I'm trying to keep an open mind.

#261 Posted by Makula (64 posts) -

Your steam name LazyMak

Location US Eastern Time (NYC), availability varies

Experience beginner

Favourite Hero/Role Dazzle (support) Razor, Queen of Pain, Antimage (carry?), open to try other heroes.

#262 Posted by RaspberryRumba (13 posts) -

Your steam name hattie_jacques

Location UK (Available most of the time.)

Experience Beginner

Favourite Hero/Role Windranger/Drow Ranger/Omniknight

#263 Edited by Mooks (72 posts) -

Looking for dota folks from the UK/EU to have a laugh with, prefferably no kiddies!

Your steam name


Your location and what times you are available to play UK

some weeknights and weekend



Favourite Hero/Role

Support or Ranged

#264 Posted by johncallahan (732 posts) -

Well, finally bit the bullet and decided to try out this DOTA thing.

Steam Name: jonny126

Location: Central Time (Availability Varies but usually free most nights)

Experience: Very definition of Beginner

Favorite Hero: Don't have one yet

#265 Posted by entangledvyne (16 posts) -

Only profile level 6, just looking to team up with people who aren't going to try and face tank towers immediately. The random people i get matched up with are bonkers.

steam name entangel

Location eastern time, usually available 12am-5am and weekends (sometimes)

Experience beginner (good 30ish games played) Familiar with moba's, pretty new to the dota's

Favourite Hero/Role Venomancer lately, Support/pusher

#266 Edited by cbarnes86 (615 posts) -

I'll have to reinstall the game and get patched up, but I really want to get back into this if I can find a group of 4 other duders that could play together all the time. I played for about 2 hours and realized the game wouldn't be fun without a group of friends communicating with one another. If you want to be one of these 4 duders, send me a message/friend request on Steam. It would be nice to have at least 1 or 2 "good" players at the game so they can help people like me...

Steam Name: Maverick0819

Location: Eastern Time (Can be available on most nights after 9-10pm)

Experience: SUPER beginner

Favorite Hero/Role: Don't have a favorite hero and not super familiar with roles yet

#267 Edited by Lozz (375 posts) -





Looking to play for a few hours in the evening after work, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. Have played 30 - 40 hours or so, fairly new. I like support.

Hit me up!

#268 Posted by Grimluck343 (1177 posts) -

@cbarnes86 Sent you a steam friend request.

Steam: yellowdart2

Location: US EST (Available most nights after 6pm)

Played about 200 games and still terrible, coming back to the game after a long break.

#269 Posted by RaspberryRumba (13 posts) -

I added a few of the UK people from this thread. I am hattie_jacques on steam. Two have accepted so just need about two more people for a team.

#270 Edited by timepants (11 posts) -

Steam: same name as on here

Your location and what times you are available to play: Central USA, usually play week nights but randomly play other times as well

Experience: Beginner- know the basics

Favourite Hero/Role: Haven't played enough to know yet

#271 Posted by pubbles (153 posts) -
#272 Edited by hxcaleb (105 posts) -

Steam Name: HxCaleb

Location: East Coast, Nights, and Weekends sporatically. I'm a student, so my gaming is all over the place.

Experience: Beginner, just got into the MOBA genre in 2012, and even then I barely cracked the surface of either Dota or League.

Favorite Hero/Role Juggernaut

#273 Posted by tastypotato (6 posts) -

Steam Name: thetastypotatoes

Location: PST - after midnight to about 3AM then mornings until around 1PM.

Experience: I have plenty of LoL experience, but am sick of that game. Trying to learn a more complicated game, it's not easy right now but I'm getting there slowly. Really want some people to play with to learn right now. I will play whatever you need me to play.

#274 Posted by randombattle (87 posts) -

Steam: randombattle

Location: Seattle

Experience: Like 3 games!

Favorite Hero: No clue!

#275 Posted by fishstickz (5 posts) -

Steam: fishstickz

Location: Washington, DC

Experience: Played DOTA for 10 years. Know every hero like the back of my hand. Looking for some others to play with / help!

Favorite Hero: Windrunner & Bounty Hunter

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#277 Posted by Rrang (84 posts) -

Your steam name - Rrang

Your location and what times you are available to play - EST, nights on weekdays, usually anytime on weekends

Experience - beginner (although I've played 50 games already haha)

Favourite Hero/Role - Venomancer and Sniper... but I'm trying more out still. Generally like carrying/support

#279 Edited by heavybolter (2 posts) -

Steam name: kknd_heavybolter

Location: Australia, AST (can play 7pm-11pm every night

Experience: Veteran

Favourite hero/role: any I really don't care I can play pretty much every hero on any role

#280 Edited by YoThatLimp (2067 posts) -

Man, just had a 75 minute game that went 75-35 even though it was 4 vs 5. Was great to win that one. We should have closed early but we weren't playing well together and they really started leading team fights near the end so there were no more towers on the board. Had my best record to date 17-3-27.

When the game is good, it is so damn good.

#281 Posted by Disembodio (24 posts) -

steam name: Alexk315

location: Brooklyn

Experience: Beginner, like super beginner (like 5 or so games) I would love to have someone take me under their wing or just some newbies to play pVe with for a while.

#282 Posted by Bipa (152 posts) -

Just started down the dota 2 hole.

Steam name: Bipa

Location: East coast Australia. 5pm-12 weeknights, almost anytime weekends.

Experience: Very beginner. Played a few coop matches but only 2-3 real matches.

Favourite Hero/Role: So far Sniper, but I really want to try every hero out.

#283 Edited by diz (1003 posts) -

Steam name: dizGB http://steamcommunity.com/id/usernamepending

Location: London, England, UK; play mornings, afternoons, late evenings and weekends.

Experience: Beginner; 1500+ in game hours; 16 wins; 22 defeats

Favorite Heroes: Death Prophet, Alchemist, Tinker, Storm Spirit, Shadow Shaman... (I mainly play random bot matches to get to know all the heroes)

I have far too many in-game hours and only 40 matches played, so think I really ought to find people who can work as a team in a friendly and fun atmosphere. I don't mind losing, warding, or learning from mistakes, but can't abide bad attitudes from other players in the same team.

I would love some more Steam friends to play matches with, so please add me for some mild-mannered Dota!

#284 Posted by Thurmy (10 posts) -

Steam Name: Thurmy

Location: Wisconsin

Experience: ~50 hours, beginner

Favorite Heroes: Crystal Maiden, Death Prophet, mainly supports, sometimes soft carry, just learning characters.

I would love to add more steam friends, been only on sporadically, mainly playing on Mac, but hopefully to build new gaming PC soon.

#285 Posted by AlchemistZer0 (66 posts) -

Steam name: AlchemistSwag

Location, Availability: Eastern Time, varies due to work schedule usually at night around 10pm or so.

Experience: Intermediate? 200 something hours played.

Favourite Hero/Role: Zeus, Slark, Riki, Sven, Drow Ranger, Disruptor, Juggernaut.

Add me I dont have many steam friends anyway : )

#286 Posted by jfried12 (24 posts) -

Hey All. Brand spankin' new to Dota and looking for other dummies to play with while we figure this stuff out!

Your steam name: Jfried12

Your location and what times you are available to play: USEast (New York). Any time after 530

Experience: Beginner

Favourite Hero/Role: No idea yet still messing around

#287 Posted by drstrawberry (123 posts) -

Allô everyone! I am extremely new to Dota and was looking for some self-described knuckleheads to learn to ropes!

Your Steam Nam: Le medecin de la pomme de terre

You Location And Which Times You Are Available to Play: EST - After around 3? to about 7? IDK Times Can Very. My corporeal form is located in Erie, PA

Experience: Early, early Beginner

Favourite Hero/Role: I've barely played, so I have yet to form any opinion on the subject!

#288 Edited by VeggiesBro (170 posts) -

Your steam name: Veggiesbro

Your location and what times you are available to play: Mountain time (Alberta, Canada). It depends, usually after 7pm

Experience: Beginner - I've played a ton of games against bots, done some reading and done the tutorials. But I imagine that translates differently to an actual game.

Favourite Hero/Role: I like a few characters from what i've played. Venomancer, Lina, Luna, Viper, Legion Commander, Terrorblade, Drow Ranger.... I feel like i'm missing one or two. In any case, it seems like a mix of support and carry.

#290 Edited by TimeLeap (49 posts) -

Hey guys! Super new to Dota but I'm looking to learn, hopefully in a relaxed atmosphere :).

Steam name: Jonny Sniper (Here)

Location, Availability: UK (GMT), most evenings.

Experience: 7 matches? Played league for a while.

Favourite Hero/Role: Haven't the foggiest.

#291 Posted by bemusedchunk (842 posts) -

Returning to Dota after taking a 8-9 month break. Realized that Dota is the pinnacle of gaming at the moment.

Your steam name: bemusedchunk

Location: Eastern USA

Experience: Super Beginner

Favourite Hero/Role: Warlock/Witch Doctor/Tusk

#292 Posted by shadowwolf9 (182 posts) -

steam name: shadowwolf9 (Royal Duder)

location: EST, usually available

experience: Beginner (over 150 hours on LOL)

Favorite Hero: Currently playing Bane/Sven

#293 Edited by Itwongo (1546 posts) -

Your steam name: Itwongo

Location: Western USA

Experience: Beginner, Bronze League Superstar

Favourite Hero/Role: Hell if I know! I had fun with Bounty Hunter, Legion Commander, and Naga Siren recently....

#294 Posted by Kirmint (2 posts) -

Your steam name: Kirmint

Location: Europe

Experience: 300 games, intemediate, http://dotabuff.com/players/126142864

Favourite Hero/Role: support, semi-cary

#295 Posted by AlexanderTheDavid (9 posts) -

Steam Name: Alexander The David

Location: US East Coast 1PM- 4AM

Experience: Beginner

Favorite Hero/ Role: I've been doing well with Drow Ranger but I'm open to anything.

#296 Posted by Devlinator94 (2 posts) -

Steam Name: Devlinator94

Location: England UK, online nights and weekends.

Experience: Intermediate. 300+ wins with 50%+ win rate, been playing since the Greeviling! xD

Role: Support or Carry, although can play all hero's.

Would like players with similar experience, also skype or ts! :))

#297 Posted by SirHotWings (2 posts) -

Steam Name: Sir Hot Wings

Location: EU,GB GMT

Experience: Beginner, barely any wins since I'm always stuck with crap players.

Favorite hero: Havn't really found one yet, probably Ursa.

Favorite Role: Playing Mid as Melee or jungle

#298 Edited by MarkR (55 posts) -

Steam name: Moshtly

Location: EU, Slovenia (GMT+2)

Experience: Beginner, I have about 1700 games played in LoL but I've only played a few games vs bots in DOTA

Favorite hero: Only tried Jakiro and Abaddon so far

Favorite role: Support, Mid or something tanky

Basically I'm just really curious about DOTA and since I can't get any of my friends to try it out with me, I thought I may as well try to find some easygoing teammates here :)

#299 Posted by superfiasco (56 posts) -


Your steam name :SuperFiasco

Your location and what times you are available to play 8pm to 2 am ET

Experience beginner

Favourite Hero/Role Sniper

#300 Edited by dXJensen23 (2 posts) -

Your steam name dilenshah23

Your location and what times you are available to play: France/Evenings

Experience intermediate

Favourite Hero/Role Any

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