Looking for a Dota 2 group? Form a Giant Bomb team here!

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steam name: swedishfrog

location: GMT+1 (Sweden). I usually play week ends. I speak English, French, Swedish (a bit)

Experience: beginner/intermediate (I can play pretty much whatever you need, but my twitch reflex is not all that)

Favorite Hero/Role: Support (because no one else ever picks them in solo queue). Earth Shaker is a favorite of mine, but Omni, Lich, Disruptor etc... I like supports.

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Steam: solidlogic

Locale: Central USA

Experience: Not good but not a noob.

Roles: Any.

We the people!

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Steam name: silverfunk

Location: Colorado, U.S Mountain time

Experience: beginner (I know moba basics, but have zero playing experience, really want to get into it though!)

Roles: Any

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steam name: Deadeye Dowdy

location: Oklahoma, US Central Time

Experience: beginner

Favorite Hero/Role: Carry/Nuker/Tank

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Steam Name: CorruptedEvil

Location: Ontario, Canada (GMT+5)

Experience: About 100 games but only a 1/5 win rate

Favourite Hero/Role: Terrorblade, Dragon Knight, Crystal Maiden and Lich.

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Your steam name Sniipe

Your location and what times you are available to play Minnesota, Central Time

Experience Beginner

Favourite Hero/Role Support? only found any success with Lich, maybe Vengeful Spirit, Warlock, and Sven, but I've only played 5 bot games and 5 games vs humans.

I REALLY want to get way into this game and am super super excited to play with you all. It's ridiculously fun but crazy complex, but god I have such a passion.

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Your steam namePerson

Your location and what times you are available to play UK, GMT evenings really.

Experience Beginner (I have about 240 hours played, but I'm just really not very good at all!)

Favourite Hero/Role My best role is probably support but I do enjoy playing more ganky roles. Disruptor, Prophet, Tidehunter.

Haven't played in about 5 months, but looking to get back in a bit. Would like some fellow crap players to mess around with.

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Steam name: thatdudeguy

Location: Colorado, U.S Mountain time (GMT - 6). I'm generally available after 9:30pm weeknights and sporadically on weekends.

Experience: beginner (I was gently mentored in LoL and have dabbled in the Dota 2 bot matches and holiday games, but I'm totally terrible.)

Roles: Any

The recent TI4 games have gotten me really excited to play. I'm interested in finding other beginners who are good duders.

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Steam name: Monosukoi

Location: UK (GMT) - I'm sometimes around the computer any time from noon to midnight, honestly, although I'll probably be on more in the evenings (~10PM GMT)

Experience: I've played 9 games, won.. 3 of them.

Roles: I really don't mind since I want to learn as much as possible.

Just looking for some people to play with regularly, really. The more cooperation, the better.

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Steam name Relkin

Location Washington State, USA (6PM-2AM PST)

Experience A fair amount, although most of it is against bots. My first hundred or so hours were spent in the original DotA. I'm rusty against people.

Roles I'm pretty good at any character, but I suppose I'm weakest with any hero who requires some micromanagement.

If possible I'd like to find a single, stable group to play with.

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Steam name beardy (search for themightybeardy)

Location California, USA (~5 PM - ~2 AM)

Experience I've been playing DotA for 11 years (since 2003).

Roles I play all roles, but for competitive PUGs/scrims, I usually play 4 or 5 (Support).

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Your steam name FuriousJodo

Your location and what times you are available to play WA, USA - Generally at night (6-10PMish Pacfiic but only one or two nights a week)

Experience - Intermediate? Played a lot of LoL, and understand DOTA but haven't played it a whole ton.

Favourite Hero/Role Generally like to play support classes, though right now I just do Normal mode and pick one of the three heroes as I try to get more comfortable in the game.

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Your steam name killerwithin

Your location and what times you are available to play CA,USA I am on later on in the day. Best bet would be after 9pm until whenever I sleep

Experience - Intermediate. I have a set of heroes I tend to rotate through that I am familiar with

Favorite Role I prefer a carry that can solo mid, but I don't mind support.

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Steam: sionweeks

Locale: UK

Experience: Beginner, played about 30-40 games

Roles: I will try any hero, but i like Witch Doctor the most.

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Location: AB, Canada. GMT. Can play from 2pm till late night almost everyday.

Experience: Newbie, played 3 games vs. human. Many hours of bot matches..

Favourite Role: I lean toward support but I am willing to play any role.

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Steam Name: Storm T Phoenix

Location: East coast of the US. I could be online and available to play Dota 2 anytime between 11 AM and 7:30 PM, you'll have to keep an eye out.

Experience: I'd consider myself a newcomer. Haven't actually done PVP because of my paralyzing fear of being persecuted by randoms. I figure playing alongside fellow duders will help circumvent that.

Favorite Role: Prefer support over all others. My support hero pool is limited to those that don't actively require micro (which means no Chen, Enchantress, Enigma, etc.), but I still would like to think that I have a decent support hero pool to my name. Favorite heroes include Sand King, Tidehunter, Earthshaker, Lich, and Abaddon.

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Steam Name: Shotgunmantis

Location: Georgia, US. So EST. I'm typically availible from 11PM-2AM Wed-Sat but Sun-Tues I'm off work and can more or less play whenever but regular daytime hours are best with a latest of around 2AM.

Experience: Very little. Just got into it last weekend and have never played a MOBA before or much RTS games in general. It's my first gaming PC after a decade+ on solely on consoles. I've got around 20 team vs. bot matches under my belt but looking to learn.

Favorite Role: I have done a lot of Drow Ranger and that's currently my favorite. I'm trying Juggarnaut too but ranged seems so much more effective than melee. Also dabbled in Broodmother, Tidehunter, Doom and Undying.

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Steam: mordex

location: netherlands (gmt+1)

experience: beginner, mostly play some bot matches at work during lunch and the occasional game on the weekend

role: support/offlane, favorites are skywrath, phoenix, venomancer, kunkka and death prophet but i like playing what ever as long as it doesn't involve micro ;)

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Steam: caderade21

Location: California, USA (5pm-11pm)

Experience: Beginner, have been playing bot matches and watching guides for about a week

Role: Support so far. Favorite heroes so far are Lina, Ogre Magi, and Warlock.

Just looking for people to play with. None of my friends play this game yet (I am trying to convince them to give it a try).

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Steam: MaSTeR|V!P3R

Location: EU East - West


Favorite Hero/Role:well i mostly play support but i play carry too

feel free to add me on steam to play public match together!!!

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Steam: logan1223 (or Lo-Fi, I'm not sure if Steam looks for your steam account name or whatever you have your username as at the time)

Location: Pacific Standard Time (Washington, USA). I usually play anywhere from 7pm - 11pm

Experience: Intermediate (used to play League all the time, then played quite a bit of DOTA 2)

Favorite Hero/Role: I honestly try to play a new hero every match, but if I had to choose a role, it would be support, or any hero that can go invis.

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I don't know all this bull shit... but I'm on everyday and love to help people.

Look for my name and ask anything or invite to any match... bot, all pick, all random, or 5k bullshit.

I would love to teach people on voice chat if you need me. I know and have played LoL and others so I can help you migrate over. ( I've turned off messages in GB cuz humans suck... XD So leave it to steam in Dota )

Steam name: LeonAwesome

Location: US-E

Experience: Day one Dota till now.

Roles: Canned food.

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Kind of just started but would love to play in a regular group.

Steam name: ThaMilkMan

Location: Washington State, USA

Experience: Beginner (only played a day so far)

Roles: My favorite so far is Zeus/ not sure what his best role is, so...whatever is needed?

#325 Posted by PistolPackinPoet (224 posts) -

Steam Name: Pengin

Location: CT-USA

Experience: Few bot on bot matches

Roles: Feeding, possibly support.

#326 Posted by zlo2 (44 posts) -

Steam name: http://steamcommunity.com/id/bluesky90210

Location: EST, nights, weekends

Experience: beginner/intermediate - I have around 200 games in Dota but I still feel like a scrub. I'm not a great player, I will make mistakes but I'm always willing to learn and I never rage at people.

Favorite Hero/Role: I only play supports. Love me some Lich, Shadow Shaman, Lion etc

I'm looking for some people to play the game with after work. Dendi skills not required, just a chill attitude. I'd love to be part of a regular group at some point.

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Steam Name: poompow

Location: EST, Evenings and Weekends

Experience: Beginner.

Favorite Hero/Role: I have concentrated on the support role with Lich. He's by far my best since I've used him the most. Lately I've done games with Lion and he's growing on me. Death Prophet is also another one I've started using. I'm not so great with her yet. Also been playing bot games to improve my melee heroes.

I'm not the rager type. Just looking to get the occasional game in if some folks are online. Over time I would like playing with a more regular group though if possible.

#328 Posted by pubbles (153 posts) -

I'm always interested in playing with GB folks!

Steamname: Pubdles

Location: PST - I have an 8 day cycle (4 on / 4 off) at work so whenever I'm off I can play and it's never set in stone what days I have available

Experience: 400 Wins / Mid level dotabuff: http://www.dotabuff.com/players/184241

Favourite Hero/Role: Meepo. Carry.

#329 Posted by StealthySob (2 posts) -

steam name: StealthySob

location: CST, night, through the am, weekends

Experience: Amateur (lvl 10)

Favorite Hero/Role: WD for support, Blood hunter for carry

Yooyoyoyoy! I'm looking for people to play with that are willing to use mic. It would be benefitial to strategize with other people, plus ranked is on the horizon.

#330 Posted by LunatiCT (8 posts) -

Steam Name: LunatiCT

time: EST

Experience: a little over 10 years worth lol. I got a lot of experience, but i'll play with anyone, newbies or pros.

my fav characters are most of the ones with skill shots

#331 Posted by beardySA (5 posts) -

sn : lawdawg86

locaition : texas, cst, most late nights (10pm-3am)

experience: completely and utterly inexperienced

fav char: played as razor a few times and he seemed pretty cool

#332 Posted by GamingGrunt (2 posts) -

Steam name:Grunt

location: SEA

Experience: Intermediate

Favorite Hero/Role: Void, Nyx, Axe, generally do carries well!

#333 Posted by therealnelsk (359 posts) -

Steam name: nelsk


location: US-East

Experience: Beginner (30 wins, 50% win rate)

Favorite Hero/Role: Viper, sven, WK, trying to learn some other mids like OD

I played a bunch a few months ago and loved the game, but kinda got over it since I was pubbing everything. Looking for a group of players to regularly play with and hopefully learn more about the game. Pretty much open to anything, I'm usually available 7-12pm ish Mon-Fri and around all weekend.

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steam name: deadstorm7 (dota name sick motherfucker)
Europe, czech republic. Time every day if you tell me before we are going to play.
Experience : Intermediate / veteran
I master mid as Invoker thats my main know all his builds well i choose just based on teams.
I master much carries which i play if mid is taken like -Slark, Sven, Viper, Void
Also solo lanes Tiny, Abaddon, Slark. For jungling i only use Ursa (level 4 smoke roshan)

#335 Posted by Acura_Max (107 posts) -

steam name: Entire Population of Denmark

location: EST, Mondays and Fridays mornings

Experience: Amateur (lvl 11)

Favorite Hero/Role: Crystal Maiden, Abaddon and Shadow Shaman for support; Tiny, Bloodseeker, and Clinkz for carry

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Ladies, gentlemen, I need a regular group of players. Good players. I have 1000 hours and I just cannot deal with pub games anymore. I win maybe 1-25. I want to win more. PLEASE. I've been a duder since the beginning and would love to play with some fellow duders. Play every day, can be on 11-midnight EST but especially play at night.

Steam Name: Eloheim

Location: EST, 11 AM - MIDNIGHT, but I play a lot more at night.

Experience: Moderate, 1000+ hours

Favorite Role/ Hero: I've played everyone. I can play supports, carries, mid, anything. Favorite hero? Lina or Outworld right now.

#337 Posted by rav (15 posts) -

I've got about 150 games played so not quite new but not quite experienced. I'm tired of winning and losing based on who I get paired with in pub games and being forced to pick support because the other 4 all pick hard carries and want to go mid. I'm mostly interested in having a good time but also getting better at the game. I play a few times a week with a coworker but I want more people to play with.

steam name: ravlan

location: EST, 7pm-10pm weekdays, any weekends

experience: about 150 games

role: mostly support (skywrath, lick, shadow shaman, ogre magi necro), I'm learning more initiator/(semi)carry(tiny, necro, OD, centaur). I've got about 15-20 heroes I can play with some proficiency and about 8 that I feel really comfortable with, but I'm actively working to learn more.

#338 Posted by simian11 (2 posts) -

Steam profile : http://steamcommunity.com/id/ecstacyforever

Location : Asian , available in PST timezone
Experience Veteran , been playin since 2003
Hero /Role - Support/Offlane/Semi Carry

#339 Posted by HypnoToadBrwowrowrow (1503 posts) -

Hey guys, so I'm brand new to DOTA and want to understand the ins and outs... I'm a very competitive person, so when I get into something I want to really understand it and be good. I need some people to help me get started. Who's up for the challenge? =]

steam name: ScarletStreak/ChakaRage (UserName/DisplayName.. not sure which I'm suppose to share)

location: PST -8 (West Coast USA)

Experience: None

Favorite Hero/Role: Don't really have one.

#340 Posted by nophilip (562 posts) -

@hurricaneivan29: Hey duder, I'd be willing to show you the ropes if you want. I'm far from the best DOTA player, but I've been playing MOBAs on and off since 2004-ish, so I at least have some idea of what I'm doing. Steam name is nophilip and I'm on the east coast. Shoot me a message if you'd like to play!

#342 Posted by YaphetS (2 posts) -

steam name: YaphetS( in dota2) or oshinomeimei ( i dont know which one)

location: US east

Experience immediate maybe

Hero/role: always carry . seldom support. most time shadow field.

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Steam: steamcommunity.com/id/el___senor

Location: US West...though if I get some friends I'll upgrade my internet. Available pretty much any time Thur-Sat, especially if you give me some prior notice.

Experience: Beginner, but I definitely spend my share of time reading, watching pros, and actively trying to get better...what's the point of playing something this complex if you don't aspire to improve? Trying to learn the arts of creep control, jungling, and multitasking a la lone druid/illusion heroes.

Hero/Role: I tend to like Initiators and Roamers best. I like Carries least. I like Centaur as much as anyone else. I also like Bane, Nightstalker, Nyx, Bounty(too squishy but I try), Treant, Tide(been a while), Sand King. I'm currently trying to learn Lifestealer, Lone Druid, TB (Gotta learn SOME carries so I can fill my team out), BeastM, and BloodS. I've also dabbled in pushers such as DP and Leshrac. I definitely think DotA is like MTG/Jazz in that in order to be truly good you have to have a pretty encyclopedic knowledge of the basics/standards.

#344 Posted by AngryHobo321 (19 posts) -

Steam Name: AngryHobo321

Location: United States, Minnesota

Experience: Newish. I understand the phases of the game and definitely know how to play multiple roles, but I am still trying to learn more heroes.

Role: I will play whatever.

#345 Posted by ChristmasUnicorn (10 posts) -

Name: Confuseddad

Time I can Play: Monday through Friday after 6 pm. And Sundays. US West/East

Level: Intermediate

I enjoy playing mid whatever. But I'm mostly a carry player. I can pull of some supports though.

#346 Posted by KennonDOTR (1 posts) -

steam name Dynamic Cookie

Location and times Denver, Colorado 8 PM to 9 PM on weekdays 12 PM to 4 PM weekends

Experience Lots of experience with bot matches on harder difficulties

Favourite Hero/Role I usually use Ancient Apparition as a pusher or Pugna as a support

#347 Posted by CupcakeKingV (1 posts) -


UK, Most evenings and weekends GMT

Played a couple hundred hours, so I'd say Intermediate

Play any role really, though I do enjoy CM and Drow

#348 Posted by Noricon (16 posts) -

Steam name: Noricon (http://steamcommunity.com/id/Noricon/; http://www.dotabuff.com/players/16793406)

location: PST -8 (West Coast USA)

Experience: Veteran-ish? Still can't really roll with the ixdl.

Favorite Hero/Role: I'll play what is needed (Prefer position 1,2,6[!])

I'll play with anyone. Have a voice server if you would like to communicate via voice as well.

Willing to teach but to be honest not that good myself D:

#349 Posted by George_McBain (44 posts) -

Steam name: Georgemcbain (http://steamcommunity.com/id/george_mcbain/; http://www.dotabuff.com/players/39033468)

location: EST (East Coast USA)

Experience: Novice?

Favorite Hero/Role: I typically like any position, though I prefer carry or support. I like playing Treant Protector, Ursa, Lifestealer, Enchantress, to name a few)

I am looking for a nice, fun group for weeknights between 8-11 PM EST because I hate randos. I have mic, but prefer to keep talking to minimum. I don't want to be super serious in game, just have a good time.

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Steam name: KingPorkbun

Location: MDT -7:00, Edmonton, AB

Experience: Been playing since the mid 2000's but never really progressed beyond an intermediate skill level.

Favourite Role/Hero: My favourite hero is Clockwerk at the moment but I enjoy playing most any hero/role. All Random is my favourite game mode.

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