Looking for DOTA 2 duders to team up with

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Hey duders. I'm looking for Giant Bomb dota 2 players that would like to team up. My steam and giantbomb name is Majinace. I have 500+ dota 2 games under my belt now and an exactly 50-50 win rate (check out my dotabuff.com profile). I feel like i'm reaching the peak of my ability and the only way to improve now is to find reliable teammates. Who better than the giant bomb community?

I saw this spreadsheet that everyone added themselves too, I'll hit some folks up on here:



#2 Posted by rb_man (494 posts) -

@majinace: I think you should check this out

#3 Posted by majinace (56 posts) -

thanks I joined this, but it would be nice to have a pool of duders to roll with during the week.

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I'll play with you sometime if you don't mind getting streamed. Steam: !twitch.tv/Levolent

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