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#1 Posted by exole (6 posts) -

Hey everyone, been seeing a few people post here that they've received beta keys and have spares to give away, so I just wanted to get known a bit here and maybe pick up a key. I have been so close to getting a key 3 times; the first time "tunaburn" said he'd give me a key and he had my steam info but after an hour he gave it away.... second time I was scammed out of $50 and third time I spent an hour writing a 300 word essay to someone who apparently didn't want to hand out a key in the first place.

So yeah it's pretty rough lol, a little about me; long time DotA and HoN player, and have led a clan to help new players before. I would be 100% devoted to Dota 2 if I receive a key, that means streaming daily, uploading youtube videos and even offering help to players in my games. I'm not gonna lie it's pretty frustrating to see people get keys and then play for less than 5 hours and complain about the "mana pools" or "you die too quickly". If anyone would like to be my godsend and supply me with a key, or even just to talk or play some HoN, you can add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/exole

or skype: ethan.deleon

Have a nice day! ~Exole

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This is too sincere to flag. ;(

Still this really isn't something you should use the forums for. I hope you get a key somehow. But this will get locked eventually.

#3 Posted by exole (6 posts) -

Alright no worries. It was worth a shot though.

Should I just delete this thread then?


#4 Posted by TobbRobb (4848 posts) -

@exole: You could rewrite it to a blog. I think that should be ok. if you delete it yourself, the mods get less to do. I think theey appreciate it.

I can relate though, still waiting on a key of my own. :P

#5 Posted by Marz (5671 posts) -

get in line like the rest of us.

#6 Posted by exole (6 posts) -

How do I delete my thread? D:

Sorry I'm new to this site


#7 Posted by Seedofpower (3949 posts) -

You don't. A mod will come along and lock it.

~Seed of Power

#8 Posted by exole (6 posts) -

Ok thanks, sorry for the inconvenience


#9 Posted by yorro (558 posts) -

Beta keys are not handed out, you have to take it from them!

#10 Posted by Gamer_152 (14110 posts) -

As the OP seems to want this thread locked...


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