Missing the daily dota?

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If you are bummed out that the daily dota is an hour late jump over to my twitch page me and a few Giant Bombers are playing league of legends! www.twitch.tv/nickydubz Then switch to dota when that comes on

#2 Posted by Finalcell (26 posts) -

Why would anyone want to watch League of Legends instead of Dota?

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I know you're bummed you didn't get your Audi like you expected, so here's a 1999 sunfire.

It's got a spoiler.

#4 Posted by Syndrom (363 posts) -

get out of here.

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The thing I think most fail to realize about "The Daily Dota" is that the charm is due to the personalities who are amateurs at play. You don't get that by going to some other Twitch.tv channel let alone LoL.

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If you're missing the Daily Dota and you want to watch a good game (Kappa) then check out my twitch and catch up on the GB Dota 2 Community Tournament by watching the VODs of our casting of the first few games. There should be another game tonight in about half an hour, and we have two games confirmed for Sunday as well. Check out the tournament thread for more information.

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