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Looking for a suggestion to two for a n00b friendly hero. I have been having some success with Zeus but I was wondering what you guys would suggest?

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Skeleton King has 1 button to press. He's as simple as it gets.

Granted he gets more buttons as you get items, but that's all heroes.

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I would say a Lich, Venomancer, or a Viper are all pretty noob friendly

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@Hef said:


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Thanks guys, reading that guide now.

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I would say Skeleton King and Lich are pretty noob friendly. Also many of the support heroes can be easy to play but people may get mad if you don't provide much support to them.

The welcome to dota you suck article is really useful for new players as well. If you have the time watching someone who knows what they are doing play can be helpful too.

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Skeleton King as others have said is very simple, but I wouldn't recommend playing a carry role right when you start out. Maybe someone like lion or crystal maiden would be pretty simple.

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Skeleton King - one active, tanky

Tide Hunter - all aoe or on target skills, tanky

Lich - on target skills, ranged

Drow Ranger - Right click to win

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I've got a little over 100 games in, and I still consider myself a noob. And honestly, I haven't played too much lately. But here's what worked for me!

Tidehunter is probably your best bet to learn the idea of tanking and melee characters. Just watch a video or two on how to use his ultimate, first! Otherwise you're going to get verbally raped for a few minutes by your other teammates. But I think that's bound to happen in most pugs in dota2.

Lich is great for learning to how to play the support class.

And just as a personal preference, I'd say give Bounty Hunter a try, if you're into stealth play. He's kinda tricky on the early game farming and buy order, but he can become a fun late game force if done right :)

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I'd stick with a support character. I've been learning the game through LIch, Crystal Maiden, Lina and Venomancer. They're pretty forgiving characters. The real challenge will always be your teammates who may get angry if you're not playing a support character properly. Remember to buy the courier, protect the carry your partnered with in your lane, deny last hits on your creeps, give the carry the last hits on enemy creeps, and harass the enemy heros in your lane. Plus remember to ward in the later game.

I just finished playing a game where I tried playing as a carry. The team consisted of 4 carries and 1 support. After 5 minutes of asking, I had to purchase the courier and later do the warding in the late game. Never got to built up my carry properly. Gave me new perspective into the importance of support characters to the entire team. Also made me realize how much last hits are critical to carries in the early game.

So, you might want to think about playing some bot matches with your friends exploring some of the other characters just to get a sense of how all the pieces fit together.

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If you pick one of the carry characters (Skeleton King, Drow Ranger, Chaos Knight, etc.) and are a totally new player, I would recommend at least playing a few games against the AI to work on last hits. Carries have to be super well farmed so they can destroy in the late game. I wouldn't spend all your time doing that, since you presumably want to have some fun, but you don't want to go into a game with the internet totally unfamiliar with the concept and basic mechanics of it (it's tough to do, especially early on, speaking from experience).

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I've had great success with Skeleton King, he's a great way to get familiar with the game & he's hard to kill. You don't have a lot of hero managing to worry about so it lets you get a feel for how to use items and what to pick.

Make sure you use a guide for whatever character you pick (just google <hero name> Dota 2 Guide) and the first results should be fine.

I'm currently playing with Tidehunter right now and really enjoying it (IMO the natural step up from learning with SK).

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I used Luna a lot in the beginning, but really just keep testing heroes until you find one with a set of skills that you like and then try to win some bot matches! It all goes from there!

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Naix (Lifestealer) is a nice introduction to jungling due to his lifesteal.

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Thanks again for the all the replies people :)

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