Need a decent headset for Dota 2. Any recommendations?

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It's about time I got a decent headset for Dota. Did a quick look through Amazon and realized I really don't have a clue what I'm looking for. Do any of you have any good suggestions for a first time PC headset?

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I just bought the Logitech G230 for the same reason. So far so good, the speakers sound really nice and balanced, and its pretty comfortable. I bought them recently and watched the international all weekend, so I haven't actually had a chance to play a game with them yet and test the mic. So far though its $50 well spent.

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Save money and just mute the in client voice chat :D, but for a more serious answer I have found the plantroics stuff that I have bought has worked well, even after I split that fucker in half

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Depends how much you plan to use it and for what else. I take my iPod headphones to LAN with as they are not closed and can yell at teammates through them. Also light and easy to transport. If you plan to do extensive gaming with them get ones that are comfortable. I would imagine any headphone that is accurate and good for music would be ok for dota.

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