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For a while the Dota 2 inhouses set up through the Giant bomb Dota 2 steam group went pretty well, but inhouses of normal games have some inherent problems.

So with this we'll go try an alternate route. So Maybe try some alternative things to spice up the game, make it less competitive and somewhat even out the playing field so it isn't a complete stomp for one team.

So without further ado, a short list of things we could do. These ofcourse can be discussed or changed by the people who show up on teh events in question.

Divine Courage

In this we use a site that generates a random hero and an item build for you. You have to pick and build the items that were randomly given to you, good or bad.

Divine Courage

Pick sides

With a d6 generator we find online we will determine out of which pool your team must pick heroes. Be it Radiant strength or Dire Intelligence. Or Radiant strength vs Dire strength or everyone picks out of just one pool exhausting the heroes.

Mid only

Self explanatory, 5v5 in only mid lane. Potentially 10 pudges or 10 invokers.


I was not able to participate in the last things i set up on Saturday, so for now i will put them on Friday on the same hour as the previous events (9o'clock Central European time).

But once again i am open to time and or day suggestions, so if people prefer and hour earlier or later, or another day. It is pretty useless if no-one shows up.

And ofcourse always open to suggestions for fun stuff to dick around with.

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