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#1 Posted by Blur_Fan (158 posts) -

Sound good? This would also be a good place to pool up some "extra invites" that are clogging up the boards.

I can start - I have a Frostivus mask for Bounty Hunter; Mask of Dark Ferocity

#2 Posted by valrog (3741 posts) -

H: Determined Greevil with one Unusual Essence

W: Egg with Unusual Essence (Green or Purple, can be without colours as well)

#3 Posted by SirPsychoSexy (1367 posts) -

I have got a rare, 2 uncommons, and 2 new eggs that I will trade for 1 unusual essence

#4 Posted by Blur_Fan (158 posts) -

I have a Wex Essence if anybody just straight up wants it

#5 Posted by Rattle618 (1504 posts) -
@Blur_Fan said:

I have a Wex Essence if anybody just straight up wants it

Ill take it if you still have it. 
I have a bunch of chests that I cannot open, I dont know if they are tradeable or not, but if they are Im willing to part with some.
#6 Posted by valrog (3741 posts) -

Any traders still out there?

#7 Posted by Sweep (9770 posts) -

[H] Mirana's Lunar Dragon

[W] Batmeleon

Willing to trade for keys, also.

Moderator Online
#8 Edited by Blur_Fan (158 posts) -

H: Naga's Riptide Blade (rare)

W: accepting any equal Rare offers for other heroes :D

#9 Edited by KeV1989 (7 posts) -

[W] Mirana's Lunar Dragon

[H] Big Bad Bandana (Batrider Hair), Werebat (Batrider Mount), Horned Mother (Centaur Axe). You may choose one of those (Mythical) items.

Feel free to add me and we'll make a trade happen

#10 Edited by EgoPoisoning (39 posts) -

[H] 1x Feral the Werebat (Exo, Batrider)

2x Ancient Crasher (Rare, Anti-Mage)

1x Ambinderath's Jaw (Rare, Skeleton King, it's a goddamn jawbone)

1x Fishy Frillhawk (Rare, Slark)

1x Scepter of the Grand Magus (Rare, Rubick)

1x Battle Banner of the Masked (Rare, Juggz)

3x Catalyst Cap (Uncommon, Lina)

1x Castor's Spaulder (Uncommon, Nature's Prophet)

1x Legion's Wrath (Common, Phantom Lancer)

2x Treasure of the Silent Grove (Drow Ranger shit, chance of pirate announcer)

4x Treasure of the Hunted Dragon (Dragon Knight shit, chance of Dr. Kleiner announcer)

5x Treasure of the Twins (Bloodseeker shit, chance of Death Prophet announcer)

If you're a greeviler, the chests also contain a chance for essences.

I like Weaver, Visage, Huskar, Clinkz. Interested in seeing what people have put together for those guys.

However, I'm willing to at least consider items for most any other character of similar rarity, assuming someone WANTS these ones for a guy they actually play.

#11 Edited by Prismatic (61 posts) -

[W] - Elemental Ice Infusion for Tiny

[H] - Wingbelt of the Wildwing's Blessing (Uncommon, Enchantress)

Bow of the Sun Vine (Uncommon, Windrunner)

Fishy Frillhawk (Rare, Slark)

Gramma Sharpie's Smokin' Rug (Rare, Sniper)

Spottin' Goggles (Rare, Sniper)

Strange Bracers of Profound Perfection (Strange Uncommon w/ Kills tracking, Invoker)

Double Vision (Uncommon ward)

Salvaged Sword and Board (Uncommon, Skele King)

Wheel of Fortitude (Uncommon, Tidehunter)

Would be willing to trade like 5 or 6 of them for it.

You can check them out @ my inventory.

#12 Posted by captain_max707 (538 posts) -

I have a Ring of the Storm hat for Storm Spirit for trade, if anyone is interested.

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#14 Posted by captain_max707 (538 posts) -
#15 Posted by EXTomar (5041 posts) -

I've got a Whirling Mind Slicer (Rare Glaive-Silencer) for trade if anyone is interested.

#16 Posted by Wuddel (2316 posts) -

I have an Ancient Crescent for Anti-Mage and will trade against another rare I do not have.

#17 Posted by Fallen189 (5346 posts) -

I've got an Ambinderath's Jaw (Skeleton King), a Whirling Mind Slicer (Silencer) and a Strange Cape of the Dark Magic for Invoker (It's one of ones that tracks kills, currently at 1)
I'm looking for things for Tidehunter!
#18 Posted by Rayeth (1125 posts) -

I don't see it mentioned on here so I thought I would point it out to any duders who are interested.

If you are like me and have quite a few dupes of various items and are having trouble trading them (or simply are too lazy, I ain't proud, I'm pretty damn lazy). There is a website which allows you to "bet" your items on Dota 2 pro matches and win other items if you bet correctly. Dota 2 Lounge also has an interface for trading, but I have never used it.

The betting is pretty straightforward:

  • you pick the team to win
  • you add a bot to your friends list and the bot messages you with a security code that needs to match what is displayed on the website. (security to prevent fake bots stealing your items)
  • If you win you message the bot and receive your bet back with your new items, if you lose you do nothing

With decent knowledge of the pro scene, you can probably get good returns on items, better than recycling anyhow. Worth a look, IMO.

#19 Posted by Spence_5060 (382 posts) -

I know this is kind of a super sought after Item but I am looking for the Bastion announcer. I am willing to trade most anything I have for it. Even complete sets I have.

Mighty Boar (Mythical, Courier)

Tayrnhelm of the Swordmaster (Common, Sven)

Girth of the Swordmaster (Common, Sven)

Fluted Guard of the Swordmaster Common, Sven)

Grip of the Swordmaster (Common, Sven)

Stoic Mask of the High Plains (Uncommon, Juggernaut)

Wolf Cape of the High Plains (Uncommon, Juggernaut)

Aspect Wraps of the High Plains (Uncommon, Juggernaut)

Long-Fang the Grey Blade (Uncommon, Juggernaut)

Juju o' Wicked Badness (Common, Witch Doctor)

Belt o' Wicked Badness (Common, Witch Doctor)

Staff o' Wicked Badness (Common, Witch Doctor)

Mask o' Wicked Badness (Common, Witch Doctor)

Ring of the Storm (Rare, Storm Spirit)

Ormr the Lunar Dragon (Mythical Mount, Mirana)

Encore (Rare, Slark)

Direstone Pauldrons (Common, Morphling)

Radiant Crystal Haul (Rare, Meepo)

Merciless Spear (Common, Phantom Lancer)

The Instagib OSP (Mythical, Sniper)

Spottin' Goggles (Rare, Sniper)

Bracer of the Eleven Curses (Uncommon, Doom)

Ancient Crescent (Rare, Anti-Mage)

Toxic Gaze (Common, Ward)

#20 Posted by Daveyo520 (7386 posts) -

Does anyone want that Witchdoctor set you get for buying a thing? A stone helmet for Axe? Bracers of the Hierophant for whoever has that? I also have 3 treasures of the cursed wood. If anyone has some Windrunner or Drow Ranger stuff I would trade you.

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#23 Edited by AlisterCat (6253 posts) -

Want: HUD skins. Frostivus, hopefully. Really want one.


Wicked Bad Voodoo Set (Rare Bundle)
Axe: Comeand Get It (Rare Taunt)
Silencer: Whirling Mind Slicer (Rare Glaive)
Drow: Sylvan Guard's Dress Armour (Rare)
Ward: Nightmare Beacon (common)

#24 Posted by dogbox (539 posts) -


  • Gloomblade (Mythical Weapon, Phantom Assassin)
  • Radiant Crystal Haul (Rare Backpack, Meepo)
  • "Come and Get It!" (Rare Taunt, Axe)


  • mostly items for Warlock, Sven, Centaur Warrunner, but any trade considered.
#25 Posted by hp123 (3 posts) -

i would gladly give "1 mythtical + 4 rare + 6 common" items for "torchlight 1 + 2" XD

just give me your steam id if you're interested

if you have other games just offer me, i may accept it XD

#26 Posted by Encognegro (40 posts) -


  • Speed Demon
  • Effect: Felicity's Blessing
  • Color: #8232cf


  • Sets (OD's set, Axe sets, Drow sets, I love sets)
  • Keys
  • HUD Skins
#27 Posted by GloomyTangent (225 posts) -

I've got an extra Diretide HUD I'm looking to trade. Feel free to PM me with offers, as I'm not looking for anything in particular.

#28 Edited by Warchief (671 posts) -

Hey everyone I have a bunch of stuff to trade I am looking mostly for Doom / Warlock gear:


Staff O'Wicked Badness

Mask O'Wicked Badness

Juju O'Wicked Badness

Belt O'Wicked Badness

Let me know if you fancy trading items.

#29 Posted by Sammichman (126 posts) -

h: Fishy Frillhawk (Rare)

Strange Hammer of Enlightenment (Uncommon)

Sylnashar the Winged Axe (Rare)

Strange Stormthrasher (Rare)

Molten Genesis (Uncommon)

Iron Bear's Cutter (Common

#30 Edited by AlisterCat (6253 posts) -

I am looking for the Mystical Furion taunt. If anyone has it, let me know. I'll trade whatever for it. It's the last NP item I need.

Edit: Nevermind, got it.

#31 Posted by Neoxit (2 posts) -

[H]2rare,5uncommon,15common,2rare chests [W]Counter-strike:Global offensive

#32 Edited by darkwhitehair (18 posts) -

Seriously guys, i need a goddamn meepo frying pan. I'll suck your dick for it, or trade it for another rare item. SERIOUSLY I NEEDS IT NOW PRECIOUS!

#33 Posted by Sanjeloff (2 posts) -

I got a Mythical pudge taunt. anyone needs it give me your steam id if you're interested.

#34 Edited by domsalvia (27 posts) -

Ok, I have extra copies of:

Hammer of the Skygods

Scythe of Sacrifice

Gloomblade x2

The Cursed Crescent

Taunt: Victory Jig

I want:

That you like playing the dude it is for so you will get some joy out of it. if you want anything above, just message me (domsalvia on steam) and it's yours :)

Much love!

#35 Edited by CheapPoison (841 posts) -
#36 Posted by Shirogane (3595 posts) -

@domsalvia: Oh wow, if you still have that scythe i'd like it, don't know where i'd even find one of those now apart from the market.

#37 Posted by Fredddi43 (415 posts) -

I'm looking for items from the Windrunner Featherfall and the Sparrowhawk set. Got a ton of rares and stuff, add me on steam and you can check my inventory. Steam ID is the same as my name here.

#38 Posted by domsalvia (27 posts) -

@shirogane: still got it, add me on steam and you can have it when we get chance to trade :-)

#39 Edited by Nubikal (111 posts) -

[H] Whalehook (Pudge compendium immortal)

[W] Leviathan Whale Blade (Kunkka compendium immortal)

I hate playing Pudge. Steam ID - Nubikal.

EDIT: Well then, I guess there's little chance of this happening given the gulf in value that's formed since I posted this.

EDIT2: Traded it away now.

#40 Posted by MachoFantastico (5643 posts) -

Okay, so I have another Craniomancer to trade, I'm still new so I'm not exactly sure what to trade for though or how you trade. Any offers I'm willing to listen to for those interested.

#42 Edited by Wuddel (2316 posts) -

[H] Tribal Megadon Mask [W] Rare 1:1

#43 Posted by Fallen189 (5346 posts) -

I have the following things I want to get rid of:

Corruptor (New Axe Weapon)

Radiant Clave (Sven Weapon)

Spine Splitter (Skeleton King Sword)

Morok's Mechanical Mediary (Courier)

Whalehook (Pudge Immortal Hook)

Aghanims Basher (Brewmaster Weapon)

Craniomancer (Dark Seer Face)

Evildoer (Phantom Assassin Weapon)

Strange Fashion of Yoskreth (Kill tracking Anti-Mage Face)

I'm after:

Tidehunter's Bit of Boat

Any Templar Assassin Gear,

Lone Druid Gear,

Shadow Shaman Hat,

Silencer Gear,

Rubick Gear.

I'd be open to Couriers/Huds or whatever.


#44 Edited by GunslingerPanda (5030 posts) -

Got a spare Vengeancebound Wings. Looking to trade it for another Rare. Pretty much any.

Steam name: BM Panda

#45 Edited by Buble (97 posts) -

WTT anything in my inventory for shit that is marketable (taunts, couriers, etc..)

#46 Edited by JpSlam (250 posts) -

[H] cleft hawks call

[W] 1 key

pm on site!

#47 Posted by Pingu44 (117 posts) -

I know this post is old, but new patch: I have inscribed gems for Crystal Maiden and Sven - I REALLY want inscribed gems for Ogre Magi. Steam username is the same as here, pleeeeeeeeeeeease contact me.

#48 Posted by Daveyo520 (7386 posts) -

Does anyone have the Icewrack pack for Lycan?

#49 Edited by JamesValdes (81 posts) -

I've got 2 Rare weapons: Hellfire Edge (CK) and Mattock of Distortion (Void) from the Ember Essence Chests. I would like to trade them for Aethereal Crescent Wand (Skywrath) and Clergy Warhammer (Omniknight) weapons from the same chest. steam name ULTRA\\ Penguin

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