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In an attempt to reduce the number of repetitive & spammy Dota 2 key giveaway topics, from this point on all new key giveaways must be posted here. If you are giving keys away, please keep your posts updated and edit them when you are out of keys so users have an idea of what is available.

Any new giveaways posted anywhere else other than in this topic will be deleted.

note: Selling keys is not permitted.

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Edit: I'm not giving out any more keys. 99% of the people who requested one are 1-or-2-post users who have contributed nothing to Giant Bomb and who spam me on Steam. So, no.

#3 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

I've got a few left. Shoot me a PM with your Steam account name or associated email address. GB users with less than 100 posts will not be considered.

@MB: Thanks for the official thread, sir!

#4 Posted by Midjet (158 posts) -

Just got 3 today! Message me on here or add me at: if you'd like one.

#5 Edited by Mike (15676 posts) -

My current stock is: TWO Dota 2 keys up for grabs. @reply me or PM me your Steam ID if you want one of them.

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#6 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

With all the keys being given away, I'm starting to question why they're using keys at all.

#7 Posted by theveej (922 posts) -

PM me if u want a key, I got a lot of keys but I'm only gonna give out a few. Priority goes to senior members or experienced dota 1 players.

side note, if you are decent at dota 2 and not too bad mannered add me on steam.

#8 Edited by xdaknightx69 (480 posts) -

i have a few keys too, PM me your steam username, subscribers/frequent posters will take precedence.

#9 Posted by Petes (2 posts) -

Just got 5 dota 2 keys dumped on me by steam, send me a PM and I'll decide using random criteria who gets them.

#10 Posted by wakolv (2 posts) -

Hi sir i badly need 1 working key thanks in advance :P

#11 Edited by sasnipes (125 posts) -

Hey everyone, I just saw this thread and wanted to contribute! As of now I have keys for DOTA2, so hit me up with a steam username PM and I'll send one your way.

UPDATE: I have 2 keys remaining, so get crackin!

#12 Edited by CaptainTightPants (2830 posts) -

I have four Dota 2 Keys, just send me a PM.

Edit: Keys are all gone.

I don't really care about seniority; first come, first served.

#13 Posted by BisonHero (9133 posts) -

@Video_Game_King said:

With all the keys being given away, I'm starting to question why they're using keys at all.

I think they're basically ready to "release" (as much as you release a free-to-play game), but I think they're doing this "waves of keys" thing because it allows them to gradually add more players, a few thousand at a time. I assume the end goal is to avoid a Diablo 3 like launch day fuckup of several million people all jumping on at one time and causing all kinds of network problems. Traditional launch days of online games require WAY more servers than you're ever going to need about 72 hours after launch, so they seem to be just dodging that entirely by giving it this ridiculously protracted soft launch.

#14 Posted by BisonHero (9133 posts) -

@MB: If you want to make one master thread for giving away these keys, is it going to get stickied? If not, I'd imagine it will fall to the 2nd or 3rd page of the forums after a day or two and die off, like every other DOTA 2 key thread.

#15 Posted by Mike (15676 posts) -

@BisonHero: It's pinned to the DOTA 2 forum only, I think that should be fine for now. If it doesn't work I'll consider pinning it to all boards for awhile.

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#16 Posted by Breadfan (6803 posts) -

Just got six keys on Steam. It says they can only be redeemed in China, though.

#17 Posted by Stonejackson828 (3 posts) -

Hey all, my debut. Long time browser, first time poster. Anyhow, I got six Dota 2 games to give away. PM me if you want them, priority to established members.

#18 Posted by JoeyRavn (5166 posts) -

@Breadfan said:

Just got six keys on Steam. It says they can only be redeemed in China, though.

Weird. Mine says it can not be redeemed in China.

#19 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5195 posts) -

Got some spare key, let me know if you need them.

@Breadfan said:

Just got six keys on Steam. It says they can only be redeemed in China, though.

Make sure you didn't misread that.

#20 Posted by HoM3R (231 posts) -

I got 8 to giveaway and feel sorry for the people that payed around 20euros. Although I saw, you get some holiday items with your game but not sure if thats worth the 20.

#21 Posted by Tylea002 (2383 posts) -

I have like a billion keys.

@ reply me and one can be yours.

#22 Posted by Aviont (22 posts) -

@Tylea002: hey there, just wondering about getting a key possibly! Was on the fence about buying it when the steam sale was up, but new job has limited my disposable income quite a bit.

#23 Posted by Mike (15676 posts) -

@Aviont: Whats your Steam name?

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#24 Posted by Vitor (3082 posts) -

I have 6 keys to give away, PM me your steam name and I'll do what I can.

#25 Posted by Tylea002 (2383 posts) -

@Aviont: 'Course, PM me on steam, I'm Tylea002, but it looks like MB has you covered. A KEY SHALL BE YOURS SOON, REGARDLESS.

#26 Edited by HaltIamReptar (2038 posts) -

I have six five keys to give away. Don't PM me for them, I hate PMs. @ reply me on this thread. One rule: no creating accounts just for a key or two.

#27 Posted by Atom (250 posts) -

@HaltIamReptar: Can I have one of those? Steam name's AtomicJudge.

#28 Posted by HaltIamReptar (2038 posts) -

@Atom: Added. Get your ass on Steam.

#29 Posted by Midjet (158 posts) -

This is ridiculous; people who already ahve the game or are just making an account for a free key probably shouldn't be getting one. Basically a ton of these people say they're 'asking for a friend' then add the key to the bunch they already have so they can try and trade them for something else. 
That being said, I still have two left and I'm giving them to anyone who actually plans to use it.

#30 Posted by Breadfan (6803 posts) -

@Breadfan said:

Just got six keys on Steam. It says they can only be redeemed in China, though.

Weird. Mine says it can not be redeemed in China.

Gah. That's what I get for posting while tired.
#31 Posted by g00ber (94 posts) -

@HaltIamReptar: Would love a key if you have any left. Thanks.

#32 Posted by HaltIamReptar (2038 posts) -

@g00ber said:

@HaltIamReptar: Would love a key if you have any left. Thanks.

What's your Steam name?

If this guy gets it, four left. If not five.

#33 Posted by g00ber (94 posts) -

@HaltIamReptar: It's my email -

#34 Posted by HaltIamReptar (2038 posts) -

@g00ber said:

@HaltIamReptar: It's my email -


Three left.

#35 Posted by g00ber (94 posts) -

@HaltIamReptar said:

@g00ber said:

@HaltIamReptar: It's my email -


Three left.

Got it. Thank you, sir.

#36 Edited by Forcen (2163 posts) -

I got seven keys, if you want one reply to this with a link to your steam profile without Dota 2 on it.

EDIT: I just got a friend request on steam from someone with just four games on their list, and a account created today. Dont send me friendrequests, link your profile here.

#37 Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles (1834 posts) -

Still got one? steam name bd_mr_bubbles

#38 Edited by Optix12 (657 posts) -

I got 4 keys, whatever their plan is, they have been spamming these keys out so often they may as well go full release. You can barely get rid of these things judging by how many have already been announced in this thread.

Saying that send me a PM with your Steam ID and il add you to send it over (pending you dont have Dota 2 and have 15 forum posts, 15 is not that hard now is it?)

UPDATE: 1 key is now gone, 1 is reserved for 2 days. 2 left

#39 Posted by Forcen (2163 posts) -

I just got a friend request from someone that just own the crysis games, and created their Steam account TODAY. I didn't even link my profile here.

Don't let people bypass this thread, don't get fooled people.

#40 Posted by AP3 (50 posts) -

@HaltIamReptar: Hey, do you happen to have any more? I myself am already in the beta but I was looking to get one for my brother. I can give you his or my own steam ID.

#41 Posted by SSully (4893 posts) -


#42 Posted by McShank (1656 posts) -

6 keys, Must have an account at least older then a month as I an not willing to give away to anyone and I dont care if they sit in my steam inventory. PM me or friend me on steam

YOU MUST NOT have dota 2 already.

#43 Posted by Mike (15676 posts) -

@AP3: I've still got some keys, does your brother still need one?

Moderator Online
#44 Posted by Jimi (1148 posts) -

I have like 8 keys so if anybody wants one PM me on the site with your steam name and I'll hook you up provided you aren't a 1 post user :P.

Everyone I know already has one :/

#45 Posted by RSNZ64 (11 posts) -

I have six keys PM if interested.

#46 Posted by kroonberg (41 posts) -

I have 4 keys, PM if interested.

#47 Posted by Bouke (1400 posts) -

I also have 3 keys, just send a PM.

#48 Posted by slayerjayr2013 (2 posts) -

@MB: hi moderator, can you give 1 dota2 key. i've been waiting for this game my whole life.... thanks

#49 Posted by Revoluus (2 posts) -

@Bouke: My steam ID is Big Buck Baggins. Would love a key! :)

#50 Posted by MyNameisTingles (6 posts) -

Would greatly appreciate a key from anyone!

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