Post your DOTA 2 Key Giveaways here

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i can any one send me a gift?

STEAM ID:cobysofsof

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Hey duders, I would really really love a Dota 2 Key. I've been listening to Brad talk about it for so long now I feel that I just have to try it. I would forever be greatful.

Edit. Figured I should add my Steam ID just in case :) ID: EndlessObsidian

#503 Posted by wingmutter (2 posts) -
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Got 24 keys, pm me your e-mail address and 1 is yours.

#505 Posted by Aaanoukaaa (2 posts) -

Hi, I've got 25 Dota 2 keys to give away! Please PM me your Steam name if you are interested :).

#506 Posted by HellknightLeon (489 posts) -

Hi guys. I could use 2 keys. One for me and one for my friend that I'm going to MAKE play. Thanks guys your all the best.

#507 Edited by zudthespud (3329 posts) -

I have 15 10 invites, none of my friends need them or are interested. My steam profile, friend me and send me a message and I'll send you an invite right over.

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@zudthespud: Sorry to interrupt you but I can't add you as a friend since I don't have a game on my steam(I only downloaded steam for dota 2) hence can you please pm me a code here?

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i have 15 keys for dota 2, just add me on steam @frstam99gaming and message me asking for a key. then enjoy the awesomeness of dota 2 :)

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Hi guys, would really appreciate a dota 2 key!! Here's my Steam ID, if you could Message me a key, that would be fantastic!

EDIT: Got one, Thanks to the duder who sent me it!

#511 Posted by aristos27 (2 posts) -

Hi guys, can you please send me one Dota 2 key on my steam account "aristos27"

Thanks! :)

#512 Posted by ganjaman (141 posts) -

Hi! Would anybody be kind enough to send me "dspicyhot" a dota 2 key? thanks! yitbos

#513 Posted by tbk (171 posts) -

Hi, I got a bunch of keys (10 or so...) sitting around gathering dust. Anyone interested?

PM me your preferred contact information and I can set you up.

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I have Keys to give, add me on steam "zerosas_0"

#515 Posted by rempresent (132 posts) -

I have 5-7 keys for Dota 2 if anyone needs keys.

Add "rempresent" on steam and PM me if you would like a key.

#516 Posted by ElJosh (42 posts) -

i would like one, steam id is eljoshao

#517 Posted by Foo (23 posts) -

I have 12 to give away PM me your steam ID's if you want 1 or them all I just want rid of them

#518 Posted by thatpinguino (2129 posts) -

I would like a key if anyone is itching to get rid of theirs.

#519 Posted by Kaymai512 (7 posts) -

hey i'm new to this but i'd really like to play dota 2. i've never really tried to learn these kinds of games before. i'm a fighting game player so i understand the concept of character matchups and stuff but i don't know this game at all. would really love to have someone to teach me.

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@zudthespud: I would really like an invite if you have any left. My steam profile name is mailbox.

#522 Edited by noreplayvalue (4 posts) -

Hey dudes and dudettes. I wanna show my buddies some DotA 2 action and see if it's something they'd be willing to jump into.

If anyone could toss a key my way, that'd be boss. I'd much appreciate it. My Steam ID is noreplayvalue.

Thanks guys!

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still have 4 keys to give away, pm me your steam name

#524 Posted by silentdeath609 (2 posts) -

Hey i'd be greatful if anyone could send me a key. Steam name: silentdeath609

#527 Posted by MrCosmo (21 posts) -

I have 20 DOTA 2 Keys to give away. PM me with your steam user name. I am on UK time so may take me a day or so to respond.

#528 Posted by Kro (8 posts) -

I have Dota keys if anyone wants a couple just add Ocommie in steam and I'll send em your way.

#529 Posted by MichaelBach (944 posts) -

I have 3 keys to give away, send me a PM if you want one.

#530 Edited by Monkeyman04 (1578 posts) -

Would like a key please. Steam id is neajamron. Thanks!

Don't need one. Thanks to MrCosmo.

#531 Posted by Grelik (176 posts) -

If anyone has an extra key they could send my way that would be awesome! Steam ID: mgrelik or pm me on giantbomb. Thanks! :)

#532 Posted by Winternet (8264 posts) -

Them Dota 2 keys keep on finding their way to my Inventory. Hit me up, if you want one and I may grant you, as a sign of my incredible benevolence, access to one.

#533 Edited by xxkomododragon (2 posts) -

I would like a Dota 2 key if at all possible. Steam id: Gabe Newell.

#534 Posted by ElCount (85 posts) -

If anyone has a DOTA key that they can send my way, that would be awesome. Steam ID: ElCount or pm on the site

#535 Posted by CLouDx (4 posts) -

Hello people,i would be very grateful if any1 could give me a dota 2 key please :),Thanks in Advance

#536 Edited by Morden2261 (283 posts) -

I'd love a Dota 2 key if anyone can spare one. Thanks in advance!

Steam ID: morden2261

#537 Edited by Extreme_Popcorn (846 posts) -

Still got 17 keys.

Steam ID: ExtremePopcorn

Anyone who wants a key must join the GB PC Gaming Hub IRC and ask straight up.

I'm don't won't to give my keys away to one post mother fuckers.

#538 Posted by Forcen (2139 posts) -
#539 Edited by CLouDx (4 posts) -

the problem is that steam wont let free accounts add the dispencer bot :\

#540 Posted by haroic (2 posts) -
#541 Edited by Forcen (2139 posts) -

@cloudx: They do that to prevent spammers and scammers creating accounts and adding people with no cost to them. Now instead we get people creating accounts just to post in this thread.

Also, i feel like the people who don't own a game on steam is a small number of people. By putting in some money into your account you show valve that you are not just another sock puppet account. You could buy the current Humble indie bundle and get some steam codes and pick the price.

EDIT, valve explains it all here:

#542 Posted by Ghostface318 (121 posts) -

I am also one of those lame individuals wqho has a steam account, but no non-free games. I'd be interested in checking this out, if anyone can spare a key.

Account name: chainsaw318

#543 Edited by ectoplasma (1059 posts) -

I have about 20 keys to share. If you want one just add me on steam: gexpectations.

#544 Posted by MisterZ (43 posts) -

I have six and am looking for new people to play with...PM me with your Steam ID and I'll gift them out, first come first serve.

#545 Posted by MrCosmo (21 posts) -

Still Have 9 keys to gift on Steam. PM me with your steam id. Get 'em while they're hot!

#546 Posted by vmoraescastro (2 posts) -

Can you guys please give me one?

My ID:lolkingston

#547 Posted by randomcharachter (82 posts) -

2 of my friends are in a desprate need.

Id: mehmetxx98

#548 Posted by AlisterCat (6253 posts) -

I have 11 keys still. My username is AlisterCat. Add me and ask for one. GB people only.

#549 Posted by Asmundergunderson (33 posts) -

If anybody still has one they're looking to get rid of, could use one (thought I had one already for some reason, totally don't though). ID: aradnom. Thanks. =)

#550 Posted by B_Philip (19 posts) -

I would also appreciate a key!! thanks!

ID: B_Philip

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