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@adamsons: i need one please can you
thnx in advance

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@adamsons: Yo, I would love one as well...

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Would love to get a key steamid is LuckyChance or - Picture is a flag with a bear in the middle

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@adamsons Hi I need one too.. email:

thx mate

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still got 5 left :)

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can i has key please much appreciated steam id is = GOTDxCAREBEARx picture is a subway logo but it says dubstep eat bass

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Can you guy hit me up for one of the key:
Steam: Riko_X

#261 Posted by manuels (1 posts) - please i wanna play this game

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plz give me a key, my email is thanks

steam id: hetior

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@adamsons: Can I have one? My Steam ID is Thanks!

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@heitorz said:


plz give me a key, my email is thanks

steam id: hetior


15 left!


Oh, looks like I got duped out of a Dota 2 key by a sham user.

Woe is me.

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@fattony12000 Can i please have one

Steam id: alphachinooo69

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@fattony12000 Could i get one please?


SteamID: duckfeather1

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@fattony12000: How did you find out? Also, let them add you, don't add them. Accounts without games cant add people.

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@fattony12000: hey can you give me one my email is and steam megasxlr4

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If anyone else has a spare DOTA2 key I'd appreciate it. My steam name is mittmatt and my email address is . I am willing to give arma 3 lite codes for it as well as a thank you. (:

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If someone has a beta key to give away im a massive moba fan and would love to play dota2 so please send one to:

Steam: ChaosTheLegend


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I have a lot of Dota 2 keys.

Add me on steam: Asharib97 for 1(or possibly more) no priority,first come first serve.

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@fattony12000: Can I have one? My Steam Id is Thanks!

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I'd like a key please, steam ID is

Much appreciated!

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can i also have a key please

thank's before

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I'm a player from indonesia.Much Appreciated if One Of You Can Kindly Give Me A Key
Steam User
Thanks Before

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Hey all, i'm new to Steam, so i can't add anyone on it, it won't allow me, so i'd like someone to send me Dota 2 key on mail. Here is adress:

Thank you very much

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someone give me a key

my email :

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key please, my email is my steam name is

#282 Posted by huytruong0 (1 posts) -

@joeyravn: please i do need one :)

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Can someone give me a key pls

steam: wilku2212


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Valve never sended me one key :(

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can i have a key please?

steam: enragedbilly

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If anyone has a dota key (available in china) please send me 1 or as many as u like as I want to send some to my other friends too

Steam: Gochuyosu

if gochuyosu doesnt work try S1RGochu

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I want a Dota 2 key please.

Steam: rshade7

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I need a Dota 2 key for my spring break!!!

Steam: goodbookisgood1983

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Someone please send me a dota 2 key add me on steam knockknock66 or email thank you.

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For the life of me, I can't find any of you on Steam. I'm sure I'm doing something stupid, but people just aren't coming up when searched for in "Search players and groups" in Steam. The sole exception being @addadd2323, for some reason. Friend invite sent. (If there's an easier way to send keys anyone, please let me know.)

Anyway, I have 6 keys. They bug me. I want them gone. Please take them.

Amount remaining: 2 ?

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@viking_funeral I would love a key. My steam is anthonydalby



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@viking_funeral: I'd really like to get one of your keys. This game looks pretty cool! My steam is MagicWhistle

Send one my way! :D

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@viking_funeral: I can give u a link if it might help

#294 Posted by akhimas (1 posts) -

@viking_funeral Hi, I would appreciate a key!

My steam username is akhimas90. Thank you!

#295 Posted by matskosteven (1 posts) -

@viking_funeral Hi, I would like a key if you wouldn't mind wasting your time.

My steam username is matskosteven. Email is Thank you!

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If you still have one left I would appreciate it.

PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!

Steam name = christoff1995

email =

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Please send me a Dota 2 key! ... email: or steam: auttobasa

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This should be re-posted every time someone asks for a Key. Quickest way to get a key. Also if you are feeling generous and have keys to spare, the bot will accept your extra keys to give to someone else.

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