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Any1 got a key for the game i can have ?

Steam Id: djriter

and my name is Hiro.

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Steam id: HumanBird

#354 Posted by ChewEqfp (29 posts) -

@jacdg: sent a friend request im chewbaccalypse have a few keys you're welcome to one.

#355 Posted by The_Grindilow (434 posts) -

Steam: jaws99113

I'd love to have a go after watching unprofessional friday

#356 Posted by ChewEqfp (29 posts) -

AndeibosuThe_Grindilow sent you guys both a friend request im Chewbaccalypse. happy to send this very minute if you can accept.

#357 Posted by Salabrin (42 posts) -

Steam id: Salabrin

Also got that Dota fever that's been going around, would love a key if anyone's got a spare one.

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@cheweqfp said:

@jacdg: sent a friend request im chewbaccalypse have a few keys you're welcome to one.

You're the homie! I think I accepted you, a lot of new steam people so not totally sure.

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Steam id: Madpierrot21

After seeing and hearing all of the dota 2 stuff this past week it's made me really want to try. I tried League of Legends, but limiting the heroes you can chose is a real bummer.

#360 Posted by NinjaPandaGuy (4 posts) -

Steam id: NinjaPandaGuy

it looks great, really keen to give it a go!

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i have like 6 to give away, pm me

#362 Edited by MeanBeans (5 posts) -

Steam id: MeanBeans

PMed you stonepawfox. Saw that unprofessional friday also and got me very interested in Dota 2

#363 Posted by Slay3r1583 (674 posts) -

After all the DOTA 2 shenanigans the past week I'm looking to give it a try too.

I've got a few Red Orchestra 2 and Killing Floor guest passes if anybody wants those for a trade.

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I have 16 keys to give away. Add Schnook on steam.

edit: five keys gone

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Please give me one key! Really want one :-)

My Steam id: viola.93

#366 Posted by bearfield (33 posts) -

@schnoo: added you on steam. please send key when you're able to. thanks!

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I have like 10 keys. Also "Wuddel" on steam please PM me with your GB-username

#368 Posted by NinjaPandaGuy (4 posts) -

@wuddel i added you on steam, could i get a key please. thanks!!

#369 Edited by paparoach (98 posts) -

I have 5. Add me or PM me on sTEAM FOR ONE.



#370 Edited by hellerphant (177 posts) -

I've got six spare keys if someone wants them, just add me on Steam and send me a message.

Username: thehellerphant

#371 Edited by Xeirus (1472 posts) -

I have 6 keys, PM on here for one. Vet members get first dibs.

Edit: 5 keys left

Edit: 4

EditL 3!

#372 Edited by DrHawking (218 posts) -

I'd really appreciate it if anyone could spare me a key. All the livestream coverage lately has been giving me the itch to try it out.

Steam ID: drhawking

Edit: Scratch that, just got a key!

#373 Posted by NinjaPandaGuy (4 posts) -
#376 Posted by BrandoCommando (2 posts) -

Anyone got a spare key? I would be so grateful! Steam id : BrandoCommando or Thank you!

#377 Posted by alekan (4 posts) -

please if any1 have a key. my account name is FaswnwMontela

#378 Posted by BZgoesPro (2 posts) -

Hello..Would love to have one key..Im competive player @ LoL and want to try this dota 2 :)

My Steam : BZgoesPro


#379 Posted by George_McBain (43 posts) -

I would love a key ... Have always wanted to try a MOBA and this seems like it might be the one ...

Steam username: georgemcbain

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need a key. want to really play this game. steam "ChicagoJR" no quotes

#381 Edited by HB (129 posts) -

Could anybody spare me a key please?

Steam ID: henbob25

Thank you :)

#382 Edited by LGJ (43 posts) -

Would love i a kind soul could spare me a key :)

steam ID: lgjunior

Thank you!

#383 Posted by Forcen (2122 posts) -

You can all get a dota 2 key if you add the Dota 2 bot, it would also help if you linked your profiles!

Just use the bot, you have no excuse.

#384 Posted by Fooms (17 posts) -

@forcen said:

You can all get a dota 2 key if you add the Dota 2 bot, it would also help if you linked your profiles!

Just use the bot, you have no excuse.

Thanks for the tip, got a key right away from the bot

#385 Posted by Shasam (494 posts) -

@forcen: Thanks for the advice! The bot is pretty good. Got a code right away.

#386 Edited by v4vivekss (2 posts) -


Dear joeyravn.. i am very new on online gaming on steam and especially DotA 2 ... i am a student and have no money to buy a key... can you please send me one, just one key to me ??..

my email id is:

steam id is: vbros1

#387 Posted by Psyklon (51 posts) -

@forcen said:

You can all get a dota 2 key if you add the Dota 2 bot, it would also help if you linked your profiles!

Just use the bot, you have no excuse.

Thanks! That was too easy.

#388 Posted by Mr_White (4 posts) -

Pm me :) i need some Key's..

Account on Steam is Sabor250

#389 Posted by r3k200911 (2 posts) -

Looking 4 a dota 2 key:( i want to play this game... but i found this site .. steam id: r3k20091

#390 Posted by Triumvir (533 posts) -

I wouldn't mind giving it a try with some of you duders.

#391 Posted by alekan (4 posts) -
#392 Posted by KanathosGammer (2 posts) -

Someone can give me a key ? im a old player of moba, and want play this new game :).. thanks!

#393 Edited by correntes (2 posts) -

Hi guys !

Can someone offer me a key ? Would love to play DOTA2

Thanks in advance

#394 Posted by TannerSmith (7 posts) -

I would love to give this game a shot if anyone can spare a key!

Steam ID: xToxicAvengerx

Thanks in advance!

#395 Edited by Cptanimal (6 posts) -

@tannersmith: Accept my friend request on steam (Cptanimal69), i got a key for ya. After xToxicAvengerx i have 4 keys to give away. Add me on steam and I'll send you what I have.

#397 Posted by kelvinftg (3 posts) -

Hi, my first time installing Steam. Found some Dota2 dispensers but I can't add those people. Just realised that I need to buy a game before I can add people.

Any chance one of you can pass me a Dota2 key? I'm keen to try. My details are below.

Account name: MrPoppyplants

Steam ID (not too sure about this, I'm just copying from some steam id finder) :

Hope you guys can help! Thanks in advance!

#398 Posted by antivirus_ (2 posts) -

would appreciate a key from anyone!

email to


#399 Edited by Triumvir (533 posts) -

Let me clarify: I don't have a Dota 2 key. If a community member could pm or gift me a Dota 2 key, I would much appreciate it, although there seem to be a bunch of people who are probably more desperate for it than I am. As you can see from my account, I'm a fairly active community member, and would love to get involved in the current surge of interest in the Dota 2, here.

EDIT: Got one! Thanks.

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