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@triumvir: You are able to use the Dota 2 bot with no problems

As for the rest of you, some one of you may be a legit person that has never used Steam before and registered today. But most of you probably just need more accounts to sell to uninformed people or need smurf accounts.

If you are legit, and need a dota 2 invite and can't add the bot, buy a game! Prove that you are legit! Portal 2 is on sale, its pretty good.

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@forcen: I hope not all of you see things that way =/ Since this seems to be the only way to play Dota2.

Because 2 nice people just added me on Steam after my request here =). And a friendly one even went through the trouble to help me with the process.

Turns out I gotta buy a game to trade, and now after buying a game, I get the message below.

"You must have had Steam Guard enabled for at least 15 days before you can participate in a trade."

#405 Posted by thisisdell (55 posts) -

Anyone have a key for this?

#406 Posted by Skytylz (4035 posts) -

@thisisdell: Add me on steam and I'll send you one.

Steam ID: Skytylz

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Still got plenty of gifts. To my knowledge there are no key serials I could mail or PM, but you need to send them through steam. So guys add me on Steam (username also "Wuddel") and send me a message THERE that you are from GB. I will NOT be monitoring this thread. (only keys for people with >=2 posts :P )

#410 Posted by Yodasdarkside (291 posts) -

I would like to get into this with the community; I'll be honest, my sole experience with MOBAs is with Guardians of Middle Earth, but I liked the gameplay so much, I can see myself getting serious with the genre.

Anyone with a Steam key to offer, I'd be most grateful. :o)

Steam ID: Yodasdarkside

#413 Posted by GaspoweR (3359 posts) -

Ey for those who are still looking for a key PM me. Got 2 more.

#414 Posted by jackobelion (4 posts) -

pls anyone can send me a dota 2 key? im mr.dark on steam, or u can send me an e-mail

Please i rly need *-* all my friends playing and i get the game but...cant play ;O

#415 Posted by jackobelion (4 posts) -

@gaspower: i need broo, want to help me out?: xD

#416 Edited by dragonno22 (1 posts) -

Can anyone send me a key? if possible XD thx

Steam ID: dragonnno22

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I have a couple keys sitting in my inventory I'm willing to give out. PM me if interested.

#418 Posted by Stormy95 (2 posts) -

Is there any key left for me ? thx

steam id : Stormy

#419 Posted by wimpieegj (1 posts) -

Steam name...StaalWolHol Key Plz!!!!!!!!!

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I have 0 keys left now, gave em all away to some duders!

#421 Posted by Stormy95 (2 posts) -

Got mine thanks to Valiom :)

#422 Posted by RuiCastilho (1 posts) -

Can i get one beta key ? i really want to try dota 2 it looks loot better than all the others Moba's games out there...

If someone can add me on steam: castilhoo

thanks anyway people ;)

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I would love to get a key if some kind generous duder would be willing to part with one..

feel free to add me on steam: Randomize


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@mb: Hi! Mb, I would like to ask for Dota 2 Key from - I hope you will accept my request. Thank you.

My Steam Account Name: Pheak_Sho or email me:

Kindest regards,
Pheak Sho

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I'd like a key, if anyone is willing to give one away. Thanks so much if you do!

My Steam name is Ozuar, or you can email me at



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If someone still has some keys, I'd like one =D

My steam name is jv_pinto and my e-mail is


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Steam id: Sorasha

I have 6 keys up for grabs.

Edit: All gone!

#429 Posted by FinalDasa (1977 posts) -

Looking for a key please!

Steam: FinalDasa

Thanks! :D

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Hello Giant Bombers. I've been playing League of legends for a few months now, and I'd like to try out dota. If anyone has any spare keys they don't need to hold onto, I would appreciate it. Thanks. Here is my email:

Oh and also, my Steam account is demonblade55, if that is how they are shared.

#432 Posted by Jrinswand (1711 posts) -

Looking for a key please!

Steam: FinalDasa

Thanks! :D

I've got one coming your way. I have added you on Steam. Also, @randomize, I've got one for you if you still need it.

#433 Posted by Randomize (7 posts) -

@jrinswand: Thanks duder for the offer much appreciated, though I got a key from another person. I'm sure you can find a good home for that key here in the GB coumminty.

#434 Posted by Hahehahoo (2 posts) -

I'm looking for a Dota 2 key, Could anyone please please send me one and show me the ropes possibly...? I came from Lol so i'm not a complete "noob"

Steam name is "hahehahoo" email

#435 Posted by retromax222 (2 posts) -

I need to key please give me to one key p

Steam ID : M5A97EVOR2_0

thanks :)

#436 Posted by N968771 (3 posts) -

Could a kind-hearted soul send me a key?

Steam ID: N968771

I will try to give you something in return like maybe a tf2 item.

Thanks in advance!

#437 Posted by jackobelion (4 posts) -

i really need a key pls anyone can send me one for my e-mail pls guys help me whit this question T_T

ill be gratefull if anyone help me

#438 Posted by jackobelion (4 posts) -

hey brother i need a key to play dota 2 and be happy *-*

steam name: mr.dark

Thank You Very Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!A lot of muchs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and a much of lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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#440 Posted by alkaseltzerplus (3 posts) -
#441 Posted by Artamy_28 (2 posts) -

I really want a Dota 2 Key to play before the Official Release, I can't wait until then :P. Please consider my Dota 2 Key request. Btw my Steam name is : Victorung28.

I will be VERY thankful to anyone who gives me one :)

#442 Posted by DystopiaX (5352 posts) -

I posted here before but will post here again- I still have a couple keys left to give away. PM me your steam name or steam account email and I'll give it to you. Priority to those who are active users/didn't sign up just for a key/have been here awhile.

#443 Posted by Artamy_28 (2 posts) -

Dystopia I know you only give keys to active members but I am struggling to find one and I would be very grateful if you gave me one :-) (Btw I sent you a Ms, please consider reading it :D)

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hi, im new here and new on steam either.
plss give me beta key, i would apreciate it.
my steam ID is : taxi.rider


#447 Posted by darkguhl (1 posts) -

steam id: darkguhl

thanks very much in advance!

#449 Posted by GuerillaTaktics (3 posts) -

Does anyone on here still have a beta key currently? I recently started playing and my girlfriend who is also a gamer thinks the game looks so cool I paid for my admission but we are pretty broke so if anyone has a key I will invite you from her steam account and you can send it and we would both greatly appreciate it. Thanks guys (:


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If people are still looking for "keys"(they never were keys, actually, ever) to this then there are so called "Dota 2 Bots" or "Dispenser" like this guy on Steam who just gets "keys" from people like me (who had like 31 of them at one point -.-) and just hands them out to people who want one. That one is where most people I know have gotten in to the beta. So try there

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