PSA: Chat with other Giant Bombers while watching TI3!

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If you're a part of either the GB chat channel (giantbomb) or the Giant Bomb guild, you can chat with other GB'ers in-game:

1) Spectate a game

2) Hit Enter (to bring up the chat)

3) Underneath the text entry field, there should be tabs

4) Switch to the appropriate tab (GiantBomb chat channel or GB guild channel).

5) Gab on about the game while watching the game!

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Cheers for this. I'm sure I'll jump into the chat at some point. I am a bit of a noob still, so have kept quiet in chats while watching TI3 so far

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Unfortunately typing out "black hooooooole!" isn't as dramatic as screaming it. I can't imagine how that is at a pubstomp. :)

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@matt said:


DENDI DENID DENI. I can't wait for Dendi and Loda to kiss.

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No DOTA GB steams setup today :( I feel out of touch with you guys.

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I find this appropriate as to how I feel about words...

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There are multiple GiantBomb chats. Which one? There's one with like 450 people but no one chatting. =/

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i need to be invited to the GB guild! I've been waiting for one for a long time! I even tried the chat, but no one was there.


Are any of you apart of the fantasy league?

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