Share your most glorious (or most embarrassing) war stories!

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I think one of the things that impresses me most about this game is how drastically different every match can be. This gives room for some great stories, moments (Black HOOOOOLE!), and memories. Smoke 'em if you got 'em. This here is the thread to share all your glorious escapades.

The one I'm starting off with happened last night and is equal parts embarrassing and awesome. Let me just preface everything by saying that I'm incredibly new. Like "just found out the game has in game character guides" new. But anyway, last night I'm playing a match and it quickly becomes apparent none of our team is either willing or able to communicate. That's fine, I've encountered worse. But then I notice no one is going mid because Nature's Prophet has decided to jungle, but when I offer to swap from top to mid I get refused in broken English. At least he spoke up, so I just let him have at it. Anyway, early game went about the way you might expect for better or worse. A few careless kills, but on the whole pretty uneventful. It was about this time that I went to go buy some items and boots that the goddamned store glitches out on me and an icon attaches itself to my mouse, and other store icons are now stuck to my screen. Along with this odd obstruction comes the revelation that I can't properly buy ingredients to items, and I can't sell from my inventory. I thought about restarting, but since I knew I couldn't communicate a pause, I decided to stick it out instead of risking it. It was around this time when things started taking a turn for the worse. The other team started racking up a lot of kills, and long story short snowballed out of control. I mean at one point they had three times the amount of kills as us, and the levels and items to show it. The game was ours to lose, there's no way around it. The only problem was that for whatever reason they found themselves either unable or unwilling to make the big-play. They were wrecking us in team fights, so they really could have ended it just whenever. Personally I think it was just straight hubris, but whatever. The point is, they gave us time to somehow coordinate a plan based off of a broken series of pings and chatwheel directions that we then proceeded to execute flawlessly. We wiped their entire team, put them on a 70 second respawn, marched our happy-asses into their base and won the day. Was it pretty? Hell naw, but I'll be damned if it wasn't fun. Comebacks are never out of the question in Dota!

Edit: Also I forgot. Post your Match IDs if you got them/want to. Mine for this story is 256331639. One hour mark is where we make our glorious stand. Everything else is shameful and ugly.

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