So is there a Giantbomb team or something?

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If I have any suggestion about Dota 2: Don't play matches with friends at the start. :) It is fine to create lobbies and bot machines playing with friends but I would never build a team with friends unless I knew for sure we all had a similar mmr and all would be okay with winning or losing. It isn't a "blame thing" but the chances for a better, more evenly matched game are much better if you let them play at their level.

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@CheapPoison: Unfortunately, I didn't end up getting on my PC to see that announcement until two hours after it had started. I will definitely try to be at whatever comes up next. I think this will help a lot since it will actually notify everyone when we are playing instead of people having to dig through this thread or try to find people at random times.

EDIT: Just to be clear, the steam group converts event times to your local time zone correct?

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@Th3irdEye: yes

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Hey duders, I added myself on the google doc (majinace) but I just wanted to post that I'm looking for some new friends to play dota 2 with. The giantbomb folks are always friendly and who better to go to first? My friend Josh and I play Dota 2 all the time but we're frustrated by the inconsistency of our teammates ability. We're looking to roll with the same people on a regular basis. Like I said on the google doc, I've played over 500 games and I'd consider myself a 'veteran' skill level even though I seem to have a 50-50 win rate. I played Dota 1 a ton too, so that's helped my memorization of all the heroes and their abilities.

my steam name is also Majinace, just identify yourself as a giant bomber and we'll be fast friends.

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