"The trails will run red" - Alternatively, "WE CAN BE LYCANS!"

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So, if you're one of the people who hated Anti-Mage, prepare for Lycan to take you to a whole new level of hell

His abilities:

Q - Summon Wolves: Summons two wolves to fight for Banehallow. Level 2-4 wolves have Critical Strike, and level 4 wolves have permanent invisibility.

W - Howl: Grants bonus damage to Banehallow and all allied heroes and all units under their control.

E - Feral Impulse: Increases the damage and attack speed of Banehallow and all units under his control.

R - Shapeshift: Banehallow assumes his true form, increasing his combat capabilities. During Shapeshift, Banehallow and his wolves move at maximum speed and cannot be slowed.

In Other News

Valve has added a Hero Performance Rating to your Dota 2 profile

And they've sent out a lot more invites, so check your inventory!

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You really hate Lycan more than AM?

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I love Lycan. However, he undeniably stomps way harder than AM. Any reasonable Lycan will have Vlad's and BKB by 20 minutes, and from there it's all nigh-unstoppable tower pushes.

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Luckily most Lycans I run into haven't figured him out yet. However in the few weeks once people do, All Pick is going to be a scary place.

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