Valve's Bringing $1 Million (and Dota 2) to Gamescom

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#101 Posted by Bouke (1402 posts) -

Cool, i'll be checking the Valve booth for sure!
#102 Posted by cikame (1054 posts) -

Showing a game the first time with a $1million tournament is pretty cool.

#103 Posted by gwave23 (14 posts) -

Not sure what to think of this game yet

#104 Posted by picklecannon (265 posts) -

Again, I'm sure valve is aware of the stigma surrounding the community of the game and is probably going to ease new players into the game.

#105 Posted by admanb (226 posts) -

@NissanSkyline said:

I can only hope for good ranking system so i can play without fucking noobs and whiners. Thats the main problem in original dota for me.

Well, you're an asshole.

but yes, good ranking and matchmaking is vital for playable MOBA games. DotA is a disaster, by necessity, but any game that tries to improve on the model needs to put work into it.

#106 Edited by Kyle (2324 posts) -
@Phonics said:

@buft said:

@RsistncE said:
As long as DoTA is the home of all nerds who take out their sexual frustration on new players, this will actually be the first Valve game I haven't bought on release...
you're not wrong, the communities in these types of games are fucking atrocious. 
The DotA community is just fine once you get good and stop playing the lowest level of players who think they are good. Oh nvm that would actually require skill, better stick to consoles and talk shit about things I know nothing about.
Player dislikes anything about a PC game = console gamer babby 
Gimme a fuckin' break, man.
#107 Posted by Pakorn (183 posts) -

If I was able to convince my relatively casual-gamer girlfriend to play LoL with me (and she really enjoys it,) then the community is not all that bad. Just as a point of reference, most of her gaming consists of the Sims, Farmville, and the occasional Minecraft session.
And I even got her to play some player matches with me, so it isn't all bot co-op. 
If DOTA2 is even close to as accessible as LoL is, we might give it a go!

#108 Posted by Jokers_Wild (214 posts) -

Comments on how bad the DotA community is always amuse me. The Xbox Live community is easily every bit as vile as people make DotA players out to be.

#109 Posted by mbr (43 posts) -

@picklecannon said:

Again, I'm sure valve is aware of the stigma surrounding the community of the game and is probably going to ease new players into the game.

You mean like in HoN where they had the 'Noobs only' games where you in the first 20 seconds of the game get verbally harassed because you didn't buy the "right" item from the item shop. Fuck this world.

#110 Posted by Jimbo7676 (720 posts) -

It will be four year this year since episode 2 came out...

#111 Posted by Aus_azn (2224 posts) -

I hope DotA 2 and Blizzard DotA kick LoL and HoN into the grave. I haven't had fun with those two, but classic DotA was good times.

#112 Posted by RedShanks (13 posts) -

Hope Dota 2 have a good matchmaking system so I don't have to play with noobs or bad players. Nothing more infuriating than losing a match because one guy can't play.

#113 Posted by AdMordem (465 posts) -

@babblinmule: I never played DOTA, but tried HON. Worst community ever. Mate convinced me to try LOL a year later, and im loving it. There is a meta game where you level as well, with 30 as cap - and they use that to match people. Found the community friendly and helpful, and the changes they have made from the typical DOTA clone make it much easier to get into.

#114 Posted by Bloodgraiv3 (2713 posts) -

Dat sum mad cash yo. 
#115 Posted by sandwich_adjustment (685 posts) -

@Bloodgraiv3 said:

Dat sum mad cash yo.
#116 Posted by MachoFantastico (4855 posts) -

Credit for Valve for going big with this.

#117 Edited by MeatSim (10925 posts) -

Value trying to get in on the E-sports scene hard.

#118 Posted by yorro (558 posts) -

If you guys have a huge problem with the Dota's default community, why not just build your own? I heard Giantbomb has a forum!

#119 Posted by Sign (293 posts) -

Anyone know if these matches are going to be streamed anywhere? I would love to watch these.

#120 Edited by Jokers_Wild (214 posts) -
@Sign: They'll be streamed at and the English stream will also be up at
#121 Posted by Sign (293 posts) -

@Jokers_Wild: Awesome, I just hope those sites aren't blocked at work. Thanks for the info.

#123 Posted by raiz265 (2242 posts) -
@KaboomzZz said:
@Wright said:
1 million dollars for playing dota blows my mind.
yeaaaaaa.... I.... don't really understand, either.  I work 60 hours a week and I'll never win a million dollars, clearly I'm doing it wrong.  I need to play elitist nerd rage enthralled warcraft mods from 2003 80 hours a week.
Or kick a ball across a field of grass all day..  

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