Weekly Patch 3/27: Bristleback edition

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It's Wednesday, that means a new test client patch and a fucking hero release finally.

Full Notes Here

- Added Bristleback!

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- Broodmother: Fixed Insatiable Hunger cooldown on level 1 and 3.
- Dragon Knight: Fixed Dragon Blood armor bonus not carrying over to Illusions.
- Dragon Knight: Fixed Elder Dragon Form frost slow getting dispelled when target initially becomes Magic Immune.
- Doom: Fixed Doom damage being blocked by Pipe.
- Enchantress: Fixed Nature's Attendants lasting 1 second less than intended.
- Huskar: Fixed Life Break leap moving too fast.
- Magnus: Fixed Shockwave hitting units behind you.
- Mirana: Fixed Mirana's Leap range being slightly too short.
- Nyx Assassin: Fixed Impale traveling too far.
- Phantom Lancer: Fixed being able to have 1 juxtapose illusion too many
- Razor: Fixed Static Link break range being 25 too short.
- Shadow Shaman: Fixed Shackles doing a little less damage than intended.
- Slark: Fixed Pounce not initiating an attack order on the leashed target.
- Templar Assassin: Fixed Meld buff getting dispelled.
- Visage: Fixed Familiars not getting affected by Chronosphere.
- Weaver: Fixed being The Swarm units being unable to Latch onto sleeping units.
- Weaver: Fixed The Swarm getting permanently dispelled if the enemy is invulnerable .
- Weaver: Fixed the Swarm units not doing their initial attack immediately upon latching.
- Added Psuedo Random chance for Roshan's Bash.
- Fixed Eye of Skadi frost slow getting dispelled when target initially becomes Magic Immune.
- Fixed Diffusal Blade proccing multiple damage instances.
- Fixed heroes flickering on the minimap when walking by Sentry Wards while under Smoke of Deceit.

- New Vengeful Spirit model.

- Added in-game models for when the following items are dropped from inventory into the world: Gem of True Sight, Observer Wards, and Sentry Wards.

Aside from the obvious importance of a new hero release, this patch is actually pretty significant as there are numerous gameplay fixes that should have an impact on the metagame. Nyx's Impale was shortened, Diffusal should be doing less damage, and Razor's static link is finally the mother fucking range it is supposed to be.

Bristleback though takes precedent over all of these. For those who don't know, Bristleback had the honor of being one of the only heroes to be banned out completely from competitive events. You just couldn't play him, he wasn't even in the pool. He was that ridiculous.

Bristleback is a strength carry who, unlike most strength heroes, relies on spells to get his damage done. Two of Britstle's abilities are on very short cooldowns, one is a nuke the other is a slow/armor reduction, while his ultimate, Warpath, grants him additional attack damage and movement speed every time he casts a spell.

And it stacks.

You gettin it yet? Is it sinking in?

And you guys thought Drow was bad.


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