Weird item allotment at the end of games

#1 Posted by Vitor (3079 posts) -

So, sometimes I'll finish a game and have 3 chests. These won't make it into my backpack.

I just won a new item for Tide and NP and then there's nothing in my inventory. Can I only take one item per match? Do I have to select it? Very confused.

#2 Edited by blueduck (964 posts) -

You didn't win them someone else did. Look at the name under the item.

#3 Posted by Vitor (3079 posts) -

@blueduck: Ah, got it. I thought I'd won it from that person. Very confused.

#4 Posted by IndieFinch (252 posts) -

Your items will fall to the left, other peoples items fall to the right. Then as Blueduck said, the name of the recipient is under it. They do this because they want to promote trading among players if you see someone won an item you have been looking for.

#5 Posted by bomberman294 (7 posts) -

it's someone else with the name under it... next time trade a stuff to one you like if someone has won it...

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