What do you think about Brad's "Daily Dota" Content?

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Poll: What do you think about Brad's "Daily Dota" Content? (1597 votes)

Great! 24%
Good! 22%
Meh 12%
I dislike it 4%
I don't watch it 38%
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If Brad has so much disposable time at the office, why can't he devote more of it to diverse content? I would happily re-up my subscription if the premium content didn't consist almost entirely of the archived live shows. :/


#302 Posted by insane_shadowblade85 (1602 posts) -
#303 Edited by Cleron (32 posts) -

I like it, but from time to time it would be nice if they could throw in a few LOL games.

#304 Edited by bemusedchunk (791 posts) -

I get that there aren't many games coming out now, so I don't think the argument of "If he has so much disposable time, can't he do something else?" holds up much.

Personally, I'd rather see some more Bombastica stuff or just random/old stuff like Bioforge.

If I wanted to watch Dota streams, I'd be on Twitch more.

Also, Dota ain't really my bag...It's like if I started up daily content just to watch dungeon runs in WoW. I'd enjoy it, sure. But not many others would...

#305 Posted by MideonNViscera (2252 posts) -

Never played it, so never watched it.

#306 Posted by Matt_F606 (324 posts) -

Great, I watch a few of the archives as i'm not online when it's live. Wish I understood more of what was going on, i've picked up some stuff over the weeks.

#307 Posted by ToTheNines (902 posts) -

Wish it was starcraft, but thats just me.

#308 Posted by MikeLemmer (645 posts) -

I watch it occasionally. I'm a LoL fan myself and would prefer it if they did LoL because I think it has cleaner graphics that would pop better in the stream, but DOTA2's fine. It has the same niche as reality TV for the site: content that is quickly produced which a sizable chunk of the viewers enjoy. (I wonder how the Daily DOTA's apparent 45% viewing rate compares to other content they put up.)

#309 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (3948 posts) -

It's cool he does it but in in the LoL camp so I personally don't find it all that interesting. I can't comment on how it plays as I've never played it but the actual champions are sorta boring. LoL had more personality but hey that's just my opinion.

#310 Posted by Grillbar (1950 posts) -

i love it, granted i rarely watch it i just listen to it while im doing something else. its only when crispy is yelling something that i switch over to it. like the black hole part. or any courier part. but mostly its just entertaining background noise

#311 Posted by kishinfoulux (2590 posts) -

As someone who knows jack shit about Dota, I've watched a few and they've been entertaining enough, especially when they just decide to dick around.

#312 Edited by davidwitten22 (1708 posts) -

I still don't understand why people watch it. It doesn't really matter what game he's playing to be honest cause I'd imagine very few of the people who watch it are actually watching it for DotA as there are many, many more and better places to get it. People who watch it I guess are just watching it because its Brad, he could be doing LoL or HoN or Sc2 and the viewership would probably be the same.

I love DotA but I have my hands full playing it and watching the tons of content that comes out in the form of tournaments, and when I decide to actually watch a player stream the last thing I want to watch is someone who is equal in skill to me.

@thesoutherndandy- I don't understand why LoL people say this, especially since half the heroes in LoL are just copycats of heroes that originated in DotA. I mean we have a dude who can summon trees that he can control, teleport all over the map on a 20 second cool, and launch his ultimate which hits 20+ units globally. We have a guy who spawns a blackhole. We have a guy who is actually up to 5 guys once he hits a certain level and buys one item. We have a guy who can steal ANY spell in the game from any guy on the opposite team. There's a lot of reason LoL people don't like dotA, but calling the heroes boring compared to LoL heroes who all follow the same pattern doesn't really make any sense.

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