What's your rankled MMR

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I figured it would be fun and informative if we got a sense of the communities MMR and see if it seems to match up better than the regular matchmaking system. If you feel up to it also post your W/L ratio for the 10 games of matchmaking placement. I'll go first.



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Has anyone gotten their ranked MMR yet?

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Sigh. I was on the road to 5000+, but then the shitshow that is today happened. (sample)

Started the day as 4-1. Ended up 5-5, at 4549. Everything is terrible.

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@crispy: Hahahaha. I feel your pain. Holy shit. And potm was just fighting a Legion Commander when it got down to 29. Amazing.

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I went 0-10 and ended up with 3623

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I'm sitting just below 2800 :(

I hope to be able to improve to 3000+ though.

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I went 6-4 and started with a 2749 solo rank. I won the next two games and am now 2802. Still need 5 more games for a party rank.

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5326 party rating, 7-3.

#9 Posted by Kyelb22 (298 posts) -

All of my solo games were horrible, so I came out with a 3044 rating. Even in ranked games, people still pick really bad picks (My last prelim game, the first picks on the other team was a Legion and a Medusa. The last pick on our team decided to, instead of getting a support, which we needed, to go with a Phantom Lancer. /facepalm).

#10 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5195 posts) -


Sadly I had 2 "troll" games where someone decided to feed the other team.

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