Who wants a beta key?

#1 Posted by kingofpeanuts (479 posts) -

I got invited to the beta and have 2 keys to give away, but I want them to go to people who know dota. So, tell me who is your favourite heroes and why.

#2 Posted by azrailx (457 posts) -

I Would like a key plz

but i dont know dota u big meanie

i know lol and play ashe and morgana does that help? (yes i know its a noobs moba)

#3 Posted by kingofpeanuts (479 posts) -

@azrailx: Since you are the only one who responded I will give you one. add me on steam, my Id is kingofpeanuts

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I want one. :(


(Stupid reply got erased)

My favorite hero is pudge because he has a hook.

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Tiny is my favorite hero, probably since he was the first hero I played.

Big ass rock man and irony, whats not to love? And I kinda enjoy being a d bag and insta-gibbing squishies.

Honorable mentions go to any other hero I can get blink on and do good with.

#6 Posted by Giantstalker (1728 posts) -

@kingofpeanuts said:

I got invited to the beta and have 2 keys to give away, but I want them to go to people who know dota. So, tell me who is your favourite heroes and why.

Well back in the day I loved Tiny, Kunkka, and of course Sven. Generally leaned towards strength heroes as a rule, as STR gave hitpoints as well as tons of damage which I liked. But it has been a long time since I played War3 DotA, it would be interesting to see the new one for sure.

#7 Posted by BlueStriped (101 posts) -

I always seemed to play huskar alot just due to his high health you can set people on fire and and be able to support the team with his ultimate.

#8 Posted by SirPsychoSexy (1331 posts) -

I do not have a favorite hero because I have never played a DOTA type game. By giving me this key you will open my mind to this wonderful world and give me the opportunity to experience hero worship.

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Sent if u still got, its the monkeylove request should show as azrail

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Please....please save me from LoL....I like storm tide and morph because those dudes are broken. Mained furion because global teleport lololol.

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If you still have it i'll want it! i love playing Centaur!. cuz everytime i make him move or do anything he makes those silly groans which sound hilarious. Also, he's a hilarious tank. since he kills by almost doing nothing! :D then again i also like the Tauren chieftien, cuz cairne was my favourite hero In wc3 :3

#12 Posted by fishmicmuffin (1044 posts) -

I'll take a key.  
I once played Centaur WarChief in a TDA game before they made denies still give experience. I was solo-ing bottom lane against witch doctor and SA. I denied the first 5 waves of creeps (every single creep) so they got no experience and I was level 6 with my 12 extra strength shitting all over their squishy faces. Because of that, Centaur is my favorite. I also really liked Tiny because his combo move was hilarious once you got a blink dagger. Could almost always get first blood when solo-ing middle by tossing the enemy hero into my own tower and then landing the stun.

#13 Posted by rb_man (451 posts) -

yo key me plz!

#14 Posted by kingofpeanuts (479 posts) -

I gave them all out!

#15 Posted by Mechwing (265 posts) -

aww darn :(

#16 Posted by Kodo_Beast (131 posts) -

Hard to say what my favorite heroes are. I usually fixate on one or two heroes for a few weeks then find some other hero(es) that I want to incorporate into my drafts. Dirge was one we used pretty often this year and was a great counter to trilanes (particularly when Necro'lic was a top pick).
From a design perspective, ranged heroed with pseudo-Blinks / Blink are some of my all-time favorites. Puck with Eul's, Blink Dagger, Force Staff, Ghost Scepter, etc. is great for toying with your enemies.

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i have 2 keys to give away as well.

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@tunaburn: I'd be down for one of those! Do you have any criteria for who gets it, or do I just have to shower you in praise, and compliment your avatar?

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@tunaburn: I LOVE burning tuna! Hey, I also love DOTA 2, what a coincidence! But in all seriousness, I would totally cherish a DOTA 2 code and it'd be awesome to get one.

#20 Posted by tunaburn (1891 posts) -

i replied to those 2 guys. the first people to PM me with thier steam info and promise to actually really want to play the game and wont waste the free beta ill send it to.

#21 Posted by CheapPoison (742 posts) -

Also, you guy's are saints.

#22 Posted by tunaburn (1891 posts) -

sorry guys i sent both of mine

#23 Posted by Akrid (1356 posts) -
@tunaburn: Thanks for your generosity, I appreciate it!
#24 Posted by tunaburn (1891 posts) -

@Akrid: youre welcome

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#27 Posted by Abigailnn (52 posts) -

i would do bad things for an invite

also 1700 in heroes of newerth if that means anything lol

#28 Posted by Demyx (3237 posts) -

Give out more keys Pl0x

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