Is a QL even worth it?

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#51 Posted by MideonNViscera (2252 posts) -

@damnable_fiend said:

no. if they really wanted to, there are a fuckton of great pc games out there to be covered that are more important and more well-liked than this piece of shit

Eh, I have a better chance of playing this piece of shit than the greatest PC games of all time.

#52 Posted by Genkkaku (738 posts) -

How can a QL of this not be a great idea!.. Also it's in the 'Coming up' so get ready

#53 Posted by Freshbandito (689 posts) -

I think they should at least show it, I was doubtful that a beat 'em up would be entertaining at this point but playing co-op was great fun and we played more levels than originally intended because it grabbed us. A quick look might let people see what's there and make up their own minds through the hail of scorn being thrown through the speakers.

Jeff's tastes have always been something to take with a pinch of salt, I mean they are his opinions but they often seem like he's purposefully going against the grain in an effort to put forward a kooky internet personality. The crew are however entertaining so I tend to come here for the entertainment value rather than their reviews and value judgements on games.

#54 Posted by TeflonBilly (4713 posts) -

Well, after watching the Quick Look I was happy to see that Ryan and Jeff didn't go in with too negative preconceptions. I'd daresay they were, perhaps begrudgingly, enjoying it by the end of the QL.

They never bothered trying to get into any of the systems or try out several of the magic abilities. I mean they stuck to regular punches and kicks. No knee strike launchers, duck-dodging to Gleam into a parry or any of that.

Also Jeff seemed to take the irreverent tone of the game as a slight towards the Double Dragon franchise when nothing could be farther from the truth. The game is chockful of great homages and in-jokes which are squarely pointed at people who are familiar with the previous games.

I hope Ryan does take a closer look at the game as he alluded to by the end. I'd love for him to see just how crazy Skullmageddon gets or see the majesty which is Marian II.

#55 Posted by vikingdeath1 (1006 posts) -

Just watched the QL and now I actually wanna give that game a try! so yes, the Quick Look of Double Dragon Neon was a good idea and the game did in fact need one.

#56 Posted by kindone (2833 posts) -

Are we so simple that Jeff's opinion is absolute? I'm not going to say his words don't hold power through his experience, but I think anyone with a bit of sense will separate the two and look for other options to make their decision. The game feels like the game it should be, and that's good for some, and bad for others. Jeff is just expressing his opinion and is smart enough to understand a visual demo is a lot more informative and legitimate than online ranting.

So yes, the Quick-Look is worth it. As much as I've been hearing the reviews from Jeff himself, the visual demo they gave was the evidence I needed to not make a purchase.

#57 Posted by Zippedbinders (1034 posts) -

@TheHBK said:

How many of us will play it knowing it is a piece of shit? Sometimes, we just want to see it for ourselves and don't want some lame ass Youtube guy giving us his opinion, we want professional opinions that only Giant Bomb can offer.

Because I'm more interested in someone's opinion when they're genuinely enjoying the game they're playing, rather than a grumpy and slightly disillusioned vet like Jeff. I also happen to agree with Matt (the guy who says DDN is awesome in the youtube videos you are presumably referring to) a lot more on games than I ever do with Jeff.

#58 Posted by ajamafalous (12161 posts) -

Game actually looks pretty neat. I'd pick it up if I had a console and someone to play it with.

#59 Posted by bybeach (5000 posts) -

I watched 1/2 the QL, the game seemed to be okay and the guys were giving more opinions than judgements...Maybe downright fun for someone into what it was presenting and it's genre.

I myself thought it actually looked pretty good. Moar whip ladies! Do they have a GIANT one?

#60 Posted by Icemo (659 posts) -

@newmarcom: Thanks for the link! Now I own this awesome soundtrack.

#61 Posted by huntad (1958 posts) -

I get that it isn't a good Double Dragon game, but it's still fun. I get the disappointment, but the disgust/hate? Come on.

#62 Posted by Phatmac (5728 posts) -

Ryan liked it and the QL wasn't that bad. I liked it.

#63 Posted by Labman (288 posts) -

@adz117 said:

The quick looks of terrible games are often the best ones.

That's for sure! Just look at the Trains Vs. Zombies QL. Hilarious!!

#64 Edited by SaFt (390 posts) -

I were ready to dismiss it after seeing the first video. It looked incredibly sluggish and not all that good looking.

But i tried the demo and actually really liked it, it played better than i had expected. The backgrounds are still really ugly though.

EDIT: Oh and that ending song was pretty great.

#65 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2411 posts) -

Wow that turned out better than I expected, it's just a really dumb (good dumb) brawler. It just goes to show you that just because one person has a voice doesn't mean that his opinion is end all be all.

#66 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

Is everybody here watching the same quick look? I have never played a Double Dragon game before, this look really really good.

#67 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1669 posts) -

@adz117: need we bring up the flying train?

#68 Posted by BirdkeeperDan (400 posts) -

I thought the game looked pretty good other than it being a brawler. They want to leverage the Double Dragon name and I think looks better than a hypothetical remake that was "true to" double dragon. That said they should have done a better job with abobo, that moon face sprite is iconic.

#69 Posted by phantomzxro (1583 posts) -

Well it depends i feel its a balance between if they feel the game is bad but are having fun with it joking around than cool. Or when they just crap on the game and do nothing but complain about how bad it is. When they do that i don't feel like it serve a purpose unless the game truly is broken or something. I can't even have fun with that and laugh.

The only counterpoint is people can still see the game and judge for themselves if they think the game is cool.Only hearing Jeff talk about how bad a game is may scare some off but when seeing it some may not care what Jeff says and think the game looks alright to check out.

#70 Edited by handlas (2760 posts) -

I bought the game last night based on what I saw from the QL... so theres that....

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