This song is so catchy...

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Yeah, the soundtrack is so dope. I really like this song too. Makes it easier to replay that level over and over again.

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You can download the soundtrack for whatever price you want at his bandcamp site. Even $0 if you're poor.

It's pretty goofy.

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The soundtrack seems like the ONLY good thing about this game.

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@Demoskinos said:

The soundtrack seems like the ONLY good thing about this game.

Thanks for the input, Jeff.

I love this damn song, but the end credits music is even better if only for when the trophy pops during it. Really any song with vocals is so amazing that it overshadows all of the tracks that don't have vocals (aside from the absolute final boss music).

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@Demoskinos said:

The soundtrack seems like the ONLY good thing about this game.

I'm digging the hell outta it actually. It's dumb fun and has some pretty interesting systems to it, what with the tapes and the Gleam and so on.

It's still a brawler, but I still enjoy those so hey. It's charmingly funny and has some great style to it.

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@TeflonBilly: I just didn't like how the controls felt. Possibly I'd come around If I spent more time with it but with Tekken Tag 2 and Dead or Alive 5 can't say I have time.

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Yeah, the music overall is pretty great, but this one stood out for me too. Sounds like Laura Branigan/Bonnie Tyler/etc.

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Oh man he did the soundtrack. I'm slightly tempted by this terrible game now. Jake Kaufman did the amazing music in Mighty Switch Force and Milky way also.

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Oh MAN, how did I miss this soundtrack? This is amazing, so perfectly 80s.

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The music in this game is amazing, but the ending credits music is the proverbial cherry on top.

Honestly, this game grows ALOT on you when you get into the mechanics of it. And the sheer amount of great easter eggs and amazing little jokes are fantastic. Skullmagedon may be the best new villain in ages.

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I ended up giving Jake Kaufman more money for the soundtrack on Bandcamp than I did when I bought the game on XBLA. It's just that damn great!

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Oh man, is the soundtrack available for download? I should probably play this it at work...

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@TeflonBilly said:

Skullmagedon may be the best new villain in ages.

Dude is such an amazing jackass. It's great!

And so is the soundtrack. Really, this game is just filled with a great sense of charm and atmosphere that really gives Neon its own personality beyond just being a Double Dragon remake/sequel nostalgia-fest.

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