Anyone else regret purchasing?

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#51 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1824 posts) -

@mfpantst said:

@EarlessShrimp: You don't like the fireworks? Really? Have you tried it with two people yet(a)? and have you looked around for the fireworks on the ground(b)? If you haven't done the former, there's a bit more fun there for you. If you haven't done the latter, then I could totally see why you don't like it, but you haven't played enough for sure.

Oh yeah, I just hopped on for about 20 minutes by myself to see some of the things that weren't in the Quick Look, so I didn't spend too much time with any one activity. I think when I've got more than just myself I'm going to play with this in earnest, since it will be a lot more fun. Fireworks will be one of the first things I try!

#52 Posted by mfpantst (2651 posts) -
@EarlessShrimp: Yes you must.  My wife and I accidentally discovered the best part about that mode (it's not the fireworks on the ground btw) and that mode is now totally a fav.
#53 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1824 posts) -

@mfpantst: aww you can't hype it up like this! I have to wait another whole day for this, I will have to simply sit and wonder...

#54 Posted by Napalm (9230 posts) -

I saw all I needed to thanks to the quick look.

#55 Posted by mfpantst (2651 posts) -
@EarlessShrimp: Must. Resist. Spoiling. The. Surprise.
#56 Posted by skadave (260 posts) -

I played this the other day with my four year old daughter and we had a great time. Usually kinect games with very small children can be a stressful experience, this was not the case.

#57 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5314 posts) -

My girlfriend and I cannot wait to get this for her three and one year old nephews. I can just see them having an amazing time with it. They'll probably be smarter too. 
We're also happy that their parents say that the boys cry the whole way home because our place is so awesome.

#58 Posted by onceler (6 posts) -

The only thing I regret is there is no integration. Screens to share (especially the Monsters Attack! newspaper cover) would be great to share out.

#59 Posted by phish09 (1114 posts) -

Wow. You guys need to loosen up a bit. I had a really good time with it last night, granted that half a bottle of tequila helped, but yeah...out of every game that's come out so far this year, I'd go so far as to call it GOTY.

#60 Posted by rawrsair (836 posts) -

If I had a kinect I totally would have brought it for my 5 and 7 year old brother and sister, I reckon they would have a blast with it

#61 Posted by Driadon (3125 posts) -

Already got a good time with it with my roomate and my girlfriend. Can't wait to throw this on the next time we host a party; I may have to pad the room to avoid TOO much awesome stupid.

#62 Posted by Getz (3653 posts) -

If you don't understand how it could be fun in theory, then I'm guessing your theory is wrong. I can totally see myself getting wasted with some friends and messing around with this. And it's what, 10 bucks? That seems pretty reasonable for what it is.

#63 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19302 posts) -

You probably bought it because Ryan enjoyed it during a short quick look.

#64 Posted by YoThatLimp (2117 posts) -

@ModerateViolence said:

Pretty funny mental image of just a lone dude morosely going through the motions of this game, maybe taking pictures of himself sitting with himself, half heartedly punching a zeppelin…

Something that seems to need to be said more and more on the internet these days is not everything is made for you or for your situation, don't just consume everything in sight and expect to be pleased 100% of the time.

God, where is my gun? that is the saddest mental image ever.

#65 Posted by Kombat (2291 posts) -

@mosespippy said:

I felt like that after playing Brutal Legend. I don't waste my time with Double Fine games since then, even the ones I got for free from PS+.

Do you hate fun games? Costume Quest and Stacking were fantastic.

#66 Posted by mosespippy (4746 posts) -

@Kombat said:

@mosespippy said:

I felt like that after playing Brutal Legend. I don't waste my time with Double Fine games since then, even the ones I got for free from PS+.

Do you hate fun games? Costume Quest and Stacking were fantastic.

I have 19 games that I have not played because I don't have the time. Double Fine's products are at the bottom of my priorities given how terrible Brutal Legend was. I don't give a fuck if they're fun or not. I have other fun things to play from developers who didn't waste my time.

#67 Posted by BPRJCTX (749 posts) -

Yeah, you know what, i played the demo yesterday, played it with my 6 year old sister, and it was really fun, and i was gonna buy it, but didn't have enough points.

Then today, i got the points to buy it, started up the game again, and it didn't work anymore, i mean the buildings weren't there, building, and the same thing for the lava, no lava...

Glad i pressed play trail, instead of purchase full game.

It's probably my fault though, i have it in my bed room, lot of stuff, and not that bifg of a space, but, it was working yesterday, and now it's not, shame.

Well, Dance Central works, that's what matters

#68 Posted by senorfuzzeh (424 posts) -

I have no kids, nor any family coming over this weekend. But me and my best friend bought it and have never had so much fun.

Of Course we were drunk half the time, but its still great.

But then again I am a sucker for Double Fine games.

#69 Posted by Jackel2072 (2509 posts) -

i want to buy it. but i really dont have/go to parties anymore. id be perfect thing to just have on in the background. maybe someday. because regardless i 100% support this product.  
quick side bar. in the quick look when all the bombs in the ball mini game had the giant bomb logo/ will smith cum face. was that just for the quick look or did actually put that in the game? 

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